Powerhandz Basketball Review

Power Handz Basketball Gloves Review

Some people have problems holding basketballs properly – from dribbling, shooting, and even working the ball to maneuver between your opponents. Fortunately, there are training programs out there that can truly help you in terms of dribbling. You may have heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect.” This is something that is true, but finding a good program to help you develop and hone your skills may be a little more difficult. Some people don’t want to take the months or even years it takes to learn – others are naturals and have excellent hand-eye coordination for dribbling. We’re going to review one of the most popular dribbling training programs out there called Powerhandz and see if it really works or not.

Introducing Powerhandz Gloves

Powerhandz are a special glove that you can use to help you feel the ball better, and increase strength in your fingers and hands. While they’re stylish and helpful, you need to know that the gloves are meant to give you proper grip strength and help you get a big improvement if you need a LOT of help when it comes to catching and dribbling. However, these aren’t meant for everybody!

If you’re already a halfway decent basketball player, these gloves aren’t probably going to do much for you other than look cool though. While some people think that just because they don’t play sports on an academic level that they’ll benefit from these gloves. If you’re an average amateur player and play more than a few games a week, then no matter how bad you are, these gloves may not work either. However, if you are in desperate need of improving the way you handle a basketball, you can use these gloves and as long as you get the right size, you can get a decent glove that can help you get a better feel of the ball.

How do PowerHands Work?

These gloves are pretty essentially basic – they have weight in them so you can’t really just rely on muscle memory to completely use and maneuver with the ball. Of course, you can’t wear these gloves during a game as they’re against the rules to use (due to the weights). However, since you can use them to practice, they’re a genuine advantage to just learning how to dribble a basketball alone. They’re meant to improve your performance, not improve your muscle memory. That alone is a good thing. However, there are downsides to them as well. 

You don’t want to use these gloves if you’re going to work on your shots, either. They’re pretty pointless in that regards and do nothing for you other than add weight to your hands. However, if you’re wanting to learn how to dribble and handle the ball like a true pro, then using these with your dribbling workouts can definitely help you. There are both good and bad things associated with these, and there may be better gloves out there too. Here are some of the good and the bad:

The Positives

These gloves are extremely comfortable, and they allow your skin to breath so you don’t end up with sweaty palms every day.

Rather than focusing on one area of your hand, the Powerhandz gloves distribute the weight inside of them over your entire hand.

They are pretty darn cool looking. That’s something you can’t actually say about a lot of sport gloves, which are often pretty standard.

The palms are made of leather, and they are extremely tough. This helps to also aid you with your ball handling.

The Negatives

Many users don’t like that you can’t actually add to the resistance of these gloves. That means they’re a one size fits most in terms of actual application.

If your hands start to sweat, then these gloves aren’t going to work right. Many people complain that they will slip off during these times, making them not the best alternative.

Sometimes the weight will shift inside of your gloves, and this can make for an uncomfortable feeling. Of course, this is part of why and how they work as mentioned above.

So, What Do They Actually Do?

The gloves do feature numerous benefits that can help you. You’ll get strength improvement in your hands, and each glove is a pound, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but over time, even that much resistance will give you strength to your hands. They also help you with increasing your speed, because when you develop your speed when you’re not wearing them.

You also learn how to catch, dribble, and swing the ball like your proverbial leather round nunchaku. Of course, this course won’t necessarily make you a Harlem Globetrotter®, but it will give you a bit of additional improvements to how you handle the ball overall. The fact that they also make practicing more comfortable is an added bonus. The gloves are rather snug, and they offer numerous sizes as well, which can help to ensure that you get a good proper fit. You’ve heard the term “like a glove”? Well, that’s what these offer!


Of course, these gloves wouldn’t be anything without a good endorsement deal. Fortunately, NBA star Isiaih Thomas is the man behind the wheel driving it home. His commercials for the glove feature him using them to look like a total bad-a$$. That means that it gives the impression to those who need to work on their dribbling that they’ll be able to kick the teeth out of other players with their dribbling skills alone and become a basketball ninja.


While these gloves have some definite positives, it’s uncertain on whether they actually help you with your game or not. And if you’re more than someone who has never played basketball before, then you may want to think twice before wasting your money on these. The way they work is actually pretty nice though, and if you’re wanting to greatly improve your ball-handling skills, these can actually help. That’s something that can’t be said about many other magic gloves that exist on the market.

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