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Top Arm Sleeve Elbow Pads for Basketball

If you watch a classic NBA game now and compare it to a modern game, one thing is likely to strike your clarity: speed.

Professional basketball championships are gaining speed and unparalleled athleticism owing to the marvels of advanced technology each passing year.

Nonetheless, the improved speed or fluidity you notice in modern games poses a considerable safety risk to players.

As we know, injuries do not add value to any player. If you suffered a critical injury, you could miss between five to fifteen games.

Being out of the game for such a long time can affect your performance.

The decline in performance is often highlighted by a poor head-start when transitioning from recovery.

Many players try their best to either avoid or protect themselves from injuries.

However, they sometimes experience difficulties finding the right protecting gear. Those who find the equipment frequently make poor selections that offer them minimal protection or barely last in use.

If you are experiencing difficulties as well, there’s no more need to worry.

In this piece, we’ve saved you the time and resource you’d have wasted in the uncertain search for the right equipment.

Here is a list of the best arm sleeves, in both quality and protection.

McDavid Compression - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Under Armour4.8 out of 5 stars
Nike Pro4.7 out of 5 stars
McDavid 65004.6 out of 5 stars

1. McDavid Compression

Any professional basketball player has either used a McDavid protecting gear or heard of the durability and protection that comes with the equipment.

The brand is well known for the production of all sorts of quality gear, ranging from all kinds of braces to compressing pants.

When purchasing this arm sleeve, ensure you’ve procured two for the protection of both your limbs.

The primary materials contained in the McDavid compression arm sleeve are spandex and nylon, in 20 and 80 percentages, respectively.

Nylon and spandex are quality materials that are comfortable and tight to provide excellent compression around the arm.

Besides, the sleeves will preserve heat for a long time to keep the arm loose and warm.


  • The arm sleeve is available in five colors. You can choose the color you prefer.
  • It’s affordably priced and thus a budget-friendly option.
  • It’s the perfect sleeve for outdoor use as the design offers full protection from UV rays.
  • The sleeve reduces ingrained pain around the elbows.
  • Nylon and spandex are quality materials that provide lasting protection for the arms.


  • The fabric is thin and loose around the arm.

2. Under Armour

The Under Armour Men’s shooter sleeve is specifically designed to offer protection for men players.

Under Armour is a reputable brand in the gear industry. This particular arm sleeve is earmarked with HeatGear composition that keeps the arms under cold temperatures when competing or in practice.

Besides, HeatGear protects the arm from the Ultra Violet rays of the sun hence the perfect accessory for any outdoor game in the heat of summer.

The unique composition of the protecting sleeve wicks off the moisture that results from sweat to keep you not only dry but also relaxed.

You should choose a size that fits correctly, as this warrants total coverage and muscle support from the tight compression.

You must order two armbands for the protection of both arms.


  • Designed with moisture-wicking abilities, this band prevents sweat buildup around the arms to keep you fresh throughout the game.
  • HeatGear composition gives wearers protection from UV rays.


  • In cold practice sessions and seasons, the arm sleeve hardly guarantees warmth around the arms.

3. Nike Pro

At first glance of the pricing, you might think the Men’s Nike Pro Combat Elite sleeve is an expensive armband.

It’s pricier than most other sleeves, but with a good reason. Whereas different designs come delivered individually, the Nike Pro sells as a pair.

When compared to single-item shipping, this one is cheaper.

In terms of design, the Nike Pro sleeve has a unique block imprint that runs from the bicep and halfway toward the armpit.

From the bicep to the wrist runs a straight dark line, which meets the common Nike trademark.

The sleeve protects players from injury and complements your attire to perfection.


  • Materials used to make the arm sleeve wick off moisture. The technology keeps the sweat from getting stuck between your arm and the sleeve.
  • Dry hands are prerequisites for precise shooting. With this armband, you are assured of dryness and comfort while in the court or gym.
  • Unique imprints on the sleeve give it a fantastic design that can complement any of your outfits.
  • The sleeves ship in pairs. This type of delivery makes a convenient and affordable acquisition.


  • Some players still find the sleeves expensive.

4. McDavid 6500

The McDavid 6500 sleeve is designed just like the McDavid Compression arm sleeve.

The only distinction with this design, however, is the extra cushioning that’s added to the elbow area.

The padding is thick to provide protection and comfort when falling or in collision with the court surface.

Some of the world’s best players like John Wall recommend the sleeve for any player who needs more confidence driving into the opposition.

Hex patterns are forged around the elbow to provide maximum room for motion and flexibility.

Besides, the cushioning on the elbow is so light that you can barely feel its weight.

Aside from providing excellent protection in outdoor courts, the armband makes the perfect accessory for players recovering from injury. With this sleeve, you are guaranteed safety for the longest basketball career of a lifetime.


  • Thick padding is reinforced around the elbows to protect them from injury, particularly on asphaltic grounds.
  • Hex patterns on the outer padding warrants the user more flexibility and mobility.
  • It’s the perfect acquisition for any player who is recovering from injury and determined to play safe basketball for a long time.
  • The sleeve is affordable.


  • The sleeves don’t hold their grip well. They slide when in use.

Factors to keep in mind when choosing the best arm sleeves

Basketball arm sleeves, just like any other protecting gear, are designed to keep users safe by protecting them from injury during the game as well as providing maximum flexibility required for shooting.

Without protecting gear, the elbows and knees are the most prone and exposed parts of the body to injury.

Putting on proper sleeves or braces in critical areas is the surest way to survive the jostling and dangerous intensity of a professional game, be it on the soft hardwood of an indoor court or the hard turf of an asphaltic ground.

Aside from offering players protection from injury, arm sleeves keep the elbow areas tightly compressed to enhance the support needed for precise shooting.

When choosing the right sleeve for your arm, ensure you’ve checked the quality of materials used to make the band.

Cheap materials hardly guarantee players the protection they deserve in the game. Besides, bands made of inferior material won’t last more than a few season fixtures. A worn-out sleeve is more than enough reason to renew the model, and the purchase will cost you more.

Arm sleeves that compress tightly around the elbows offer players reprieve from persistent pain that’s common of tendinitis or arthritic infections.

As a basketball player, you have particular needs that ought to get fulfilled in the game. Safety is a common need for every player, and so is precision.

The sooner you get hold of a quality armband, the better your chances of not only improving your game but also playing safely.

You must review the arm sleeves you intend to purchase before procuring them, by checking for features that enhance protection, quality and complement your style of play.


By putting on compressing gear, you are not only enhancing support for the entire arm during dribbling or shooting but also helping the muscles in exploding more energetically for maximum strength.

The condensation of muscles during compression gives them more power to give off energy exponentially.

Sometimes the improvement in muscle explosion isn’t significant. Regardless, the change can help improve your gameplay.

With faster hands, stealing the ball from the opponent can turn out to be surprising. Likewise, making passes and shooting will be improved with the increment in muscular power.

In other research, compressing garments were discovered to help with speedy recoveries.

When affected by injury, users find themselves hindered in terms of mobility and strength.

Muscles around the injured area tend to get far apart. Using the compressing sleeve on your injured arm will speed the condensation of tissues to get you up and running on the court in no time.

Any player who has tried out a compressing sleeve during recovery can attest that the band helps a lot. Besides, sleeves can help restore your accuracy during shooting, especially when experiencing soreness around the elbow.


A perfectly functional sleeve is all you need for a rewarding game. How do you determine the level of functionality of your arm sleeve?

Performance is all about quality. You cannot expect a cheaply designed sleeve to offer you the same advantages as a high-quality band built of premium components.

Therefore, make sure you’ve investigated the type of materials used to design the gear before making the acquisition.

All the sleeves in markets today are designed using fabric. These textiles perform differently. Some are more onerous, others softer.

All in all, the fabrics have different breathability options.

Some textiles offer better ventilation compared to others. The designs that have poor ventilation properties, however, preserve warmth around the arm. They also keep arms loose for longer periods than breathable designs.

Aside from ventilation, sleeves function differently depending on the degree of movement.

Some fabrics offer better room for mobility while others compress too tightly around the arm to hinder movement.

You must choose the armband depending on the level of comfort and mobility achieved by wearing that particular sleeve.


Cleanliness is a big concern when dealing with arm sleeves.

When practicing or playing in the game, players tend to sweat a lot. Some sweat will evaporate almost immediately, but most of it will trickle into the sleeve, where it gets accumulated for the rest of the game.

Rubbing yourself against other players will also get the sleeve sweatier and dirtier.

Whereas most sleeves tend to get smelly after the game, some bands have sturdier fabrics that have improved resistance to sweat and smelly bacteria that comes with it.


How does the arm sleeve look? Does it complement your other outfit with befitting designs and patterns?

Some players prefer standing out from the crowd by fitting in colorful armbands with unique designs.

Those who barely find the need to create attention will go for black designs with one or two highlights of white or grey.

You are free to choose the color that intrigues you the most. Nonetheless, some leagues don’t advocate for shouting colors during the game. In such circumstances, it’s better to go for designs with mild colors and lesser prints.


Remember, performance determines the effectiveness of any arm sleeve.

When picking the right armband for the game, make sure you’ve taken into account functionality before considering other factors such as color, looks, or cleanliness.

Manufacturers will provide guidelines for cleaning the armband you procured. However, considering many sleeve designs contain fabric, you can clean your band using the washing machine or by hand-washing.

Choosing the right arm sleeve is notably more comfortable if you know what you need.

Some designs keep arms warmer, others wick off moisture to keep you relaxed, while the compressing models will help with support and recovery.

Overall, the McDavid 6500 Padded Shooter Sleeve is the best band for any player regardless of the skill set, experience, the extent of injury and recovery, or playing style.

Many basketball players go for this sleeve.

It has extra cushioning on the elbow that provides protection when falling or when colliding with opponents.

It’s affordable and thus the best consideration for a player on an inflexible budget. With McDavid 6500, you particularly enjoy a long and fruitful basketball career.

So far, the McDavid 6500 sleeve has been a perfect compressing gear for many NBA stars. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t triumph in it as well!

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