Best Outdoor Basketball

What are the Top Basketballs for Outdoor Playground Courts?

There are different types of basketball; some are specifically made to be used indoors while others to be used on outdoor courts. Using an indoor basketball in an outdoor court may not give you the best experience. To get the most out of a ball, you need to use it in the right specified court.

Not every player has access to an indoor court, and most of them will game and train from the outside court.  The sturdy leather balls that are usually used in the indoors are not fit to be used on the harder surface.

They are prone to wear, puncture and tear. And with time the grip softens. This review will help you to find the best basketball for outdoor courts. Take your time and peruse through the entire article because at the end we have also recommended our best pick.

Best Outdoor Basketball

Mikasa -TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Spalding Street4.8 out of 5 stars
Spalding Never-flat4.7 out of 5 stars
Spalding Phantom4.6 out of 5 stars
Spalding Cross Court4.8 out of 5 stars

1. Mikasa

The BX1000 premium rubber basketball manufactured by the Mikasa is our best choice. The ball comes in different sizes to fit both gender and age. Outdoor courts usually have a rough surface which may tamper with the durability of the ball. During the design of the ball, such actors were taken into account. It features a highly durable premium rubber.

The ball has a one year warranty although you won’t need any replacement. Grassing the rubber surface is dense pebble design giving the ball an excellent grip. Players with small hands will have no problem enjoying the game.

This is especially a nice feature for passing and controlling. One thing that makes this ball unique is that even when the ball becomes dirty, it does not lose much grip, something that is rare in many basketballs. The deeper channel will come in handy during release.  


  • The ball comes at a pocket-friendly price.
  • It has a superior grip.
  • It is made using high-quality rubber which makes it durable.


  • The basketball doesn’t hold air for long period.
  • Does not come ‘ready to use’ you will need to inflate it before using.

2. Spalding Street

The next ball in our review list is the NBA Street Basketball by Spalding, one of the best manufactures of basketballs on the market. This particular ball is the best-selling basketball currently in Amazon, and this is because it is highly affordable.

The ball has four layers; cover, carcass, windings and bladder, together they make NBA street basketball to have a long product life. The ball cover features a performance synthetic rubber with a pebbling design that will give you a firm grip regardless of the weather, however when the ball gets dirty you may lose some of the grips.

The second layer is the carcass which helps to maintain the structure and shape of the ball. The windings layer is mainly to ensure the ball is durable and structural integrity is maintained. The interior bladder plays a major role in ensuring that the pressure of the ball is constant and stays for longer. 

The nice thing about the ball is the deep black channel design which allows for expert ball handling and control on the court. As far as durability goes, the composite rubber cover of this ball is very durable on all open-air courts. The ball is explicitly intended to withstand the brutal open-air condition from wet climate conditions to sharp stones.

You won’t be required to pump it before use as it comes ‘ready to use’ not to mention the obvious, it stays with air for long. The ball is expected to remain firm and efficient after many years of use in rough surfaces. So why don’t you buy it?


  • The ball has a fantastic grip.
  • Quality rubber basketball.
  • Good price.


  • You will lose a lot of grips when the ball gets dirty.
  • There are plenty of similar generic items, be on the lookout, only buy from trusted sellers.  

3. Spalding Never-flat

Another great product from Spalding is the NBA Neverflat basketball. The manufacturers used the never flat air retention technology to ensure that it can hold air for years. Some statistics show that they stay inflated 10x longer than other ordinary balls.

One thing that makes this ball special is that it is multipurpose; it is not only used in outdoor courts but also indoor courts. It bounces pretty nice in both courts, and this will encourage you to play and enjoy it.

The exclusive technology of injecting naturally large molecules inside the ball is behind the amazing capabilities of long air pressure retention. The larger molecules block the smaller molecules from escaping, which prevents seepage and thus the ball remains with air for longer.

The valve is another critical part of the ball to talk about; it is specifically designed and made with material to resist dirt and leaks. 

The soft grip technology incorporated in the design gives it a soft touch and grip that you won’t find in many balls of the same category. Also, composite leather provides exceptional ball control.


  • The ball is of NBA official size and weight.
  •  The ball retains air pressure for an incredibly long time. 
  • The ball has a soft grip.


  • Some players find the hallow sound produced by the ball quite unsatisfying.
  • Some find the ball to be too bouncy.

4. Spalding Phantom

This ball comes black all-round, and its cover, in neon, makes it quite ideal for the outdoors. You may love how easy it is to handle, thanks to its soft grip, which also eases palming and enhances your hold even with sweaty hands.

Its rubber cover puts the Phantom ahead of its game, being high in quality and general durability. You should be able to enjoy long stretches of practice and play without having to worry about wear-outs. If you intend to use the ball outdoors as well, then its tough cover should serve you well.

So as far as abrasion resistance goes the balls beats other cheap rubber basketballs that are proven to wear and puncture in the first month. It is likewise critical to note that it is NBA official size and weight, so as you will be practising, you will be using the recommended ball.


  • Uncompromised durability.
  • Tactical grip for superior ball control.
  • Arrives ‘ready to play.’


  • The ball is only available in the colour black.
  • Not the best ball to play during low visibility hours.

5. Spalding Cross Court

Are you looking to buy a cheap, high-quality basketball that will not require replacement any time soon? Then NBA Cross Court by Spalding is your best choice.

Just like many other outdoor balls, soft-grip technology has been used in the design, and this is essential as it gives you the maximum grip you to have total control over the ball in terms of handling.

The composite cover is highly durable and will take on any rugged surface; the feel is also at its best; soft to handle. It is the ball has three layers, namely; cover, carcass, windings and bladder, which are made using laminated construction techniques. 

The cover is responsible for the superior and soft grip, while the carcass is responsible for the shape of the ball. The winding layer is for durability, and the bladder is to maintain proper air pressure.

In Cross Court, the ball size recommended for kids is 27.5′ while the size recommended for males and females 9 and up the intermediate size and weight is 28.5′.For males 13 and up official NBA size and weight 29.5′ size is recommended.


  • Excellent grip.
  • It is highly affordable.
  • Highly durable.


  • Not the best ball for a kid to practice with.
  • The air valve is not dust repellant.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Basketball 

Selecting a basketball to use for an outdoor court is not a very complicated task; it just needs careful consideration of several important factors. Needless to say, the court itself is rough and may have dirt on it. So you need to consider that before getting a ball.

Have you ever seen a rubber ball that has been used or long? It gets so soft and slippery that it is almost impossible to use due to wearing out, these are some of the factors that you ought to consider before getting a ball to use on the outdoor court.

There are a lot of features you need to consider before getting a basketball, the size and the weight of the ball, the age of the intended users of the ball, the materials used to make the ball and most importantly, the durability of the basketball.

Most of these factors, if well considered, will help you get a nice basketball that will serve you well.  We hope to help you get some knowledge on how to select the most appropriate basketball for your outdoor court. This will enable you to train and enjoy the game with your sons or peeps.

Size of the Basketball

This is a diverse world, so any market related to any sport is diverse; basketballs come in several sizes from size 7 which is a 29.5-inch ball to a size 3, which is a 22-inch ball. All these basketballs are intended for different people, so it is good to know what group you fall under. 

The use of the correct ball size is the key to the correct building of any basketball career. The basketball sizes are arranged for different ages, for boys at the age of fifteen and above, the size 7, the ball is advisable, and the size 6 is for women or girls above 12 years.

For boys, it’s between 12 and 14 years. For the kids between ages 9 and 11, the size 5 ball which has a 27.5-inch circumference is the best. Some balls are small enough for children of the age 5 so get the appropriate ball because there is a great ball for everyone.

This is very important because if you use the wrong size, it may lead cause you injuries and bad progress. You will find that the size 7 is too large for ten years old to use a size 5 too small for a twenty-year-old player to use.  

The incorrect size will adversely affect the ball-handling and shooting skills of whoever is using the ball.

Grip and Feel

In basketball, you need to have full control of the ball; you need to be able to make the ball move in whatever direction you want it to move in a split second so that you can go through the defense.  

This means that the ball needs to have a good grip, you need to be able to control it even when your palm gets sweaty in the middle of a game. Since you are using the outdoor court, there is bound to be a lot of elements. 

There might be some rain, and you need a ball that will be just fine and for easy to handle even when it is wet. You shouldn’t have to take a break just because the ball has fallen in a pool of water if it has a good grip you should just pick it up and keep on playing without having any problems. 

A good grip on a ball makes it easier to use the ball on the outdoor court even with all the dirt dust and moisture, so it is essential. A good grip also increases your passing accuracy and makes receiving the ball a lot easier; this makes the game more interesting and reduces unnecessary frustrations.

What could possibly be worse than you accidentally passing the ball to the opposing side shooting guard just because the ball was slippery?

Ball Deflation

The outside has rougher atmospheric conditions than the inside. So from your Physics, you know that air contracts when temperatures drop and this also applies to the basketball.

If and when it gets cold, the air in the basketball will contract and so the ball will deflate, and this may turn out to be a pretty serious inconvenience when you want to use the ball.

Considering that you are planning to use it outside, you need a ball that has control over the deflation issue. The ball you buy should have very little deflation, even in cold conditions.

It would be unfortunate to get the ball and find it deflated so that it bounces unevenly or find that it is too deflated to bounce at all.

If the ball gets deflated, it will take a lot more effort to get it to bounce off the court which will get you exhausted very fast and the extra effort and frustration of a weirdly bouncing ball will just make the game boring.

It is a good idea just to buy a ball pump when you are getting the basketball so that whenever the ball gets deflated you can just pump it and you are good to go.


Outside, there is a lot of dangers and rough terrain for the ball; even the court itself is rough. There are sticks, rocks, dirt, water, metal rims, backboards and nets which can all be pretty rough on the ball.

Having put that in mind, it is needless to say that the ball you get has to be high quality and durable so that it survives the harsh conditions outside.

A high-quality ball is bound to be expensive, but it is worth it so that you just spend once and use the ball for a long time before you have to replace it.

You should not get a poor quality ball so that you are forced to run to the store or order another one online every few weeks because the other worn got worn out and has become obsolete.

It has been found that many players have an intimate relationship with some of their gear, some have “lucky jerseys”, but for basketball players, it is mostly the basketball to give themselves some confidence when going into a match.

Unorthodox as it may sound, this bond seems to make players better; the only way you get attached to something is if it stays around long enough for you to get attached to it. So a durable ball is the best choice you could make.


The weight of basketball is also a crucial aspect when it comes to buying a basketball. The first thing is that the ball wears out. The weight of a basketball is determined by the material used to make the outer covering.

Friction does its ting when you use the ball on the ball so the more you use a basketball on the rough outdoor court, the more it wears out and so the lighter it becomes. If it gets too light, it will throw your skills in shooting and ball-handling off, which is bad for your career.

The second thing is the weight in relation to the age of the intended users. Players of different ages use basketballs of that weigh different; using a wrong ball can cause complications, especially if kids use a heavy ball. 

The extra weight will cause you to strain, which is not good for them as it may cause muscle aches and joint pains. 

The classification is pretty straight forward; for men and children above 15 years old, a 29.5-inch ball that weighs 22 ounces, women and boys between the ages of 12 and 14 use a 20-ounce ball, boys and girls of ages between 9 and 11 use a17 ounce ball.  And kids between 4 and 8 years old (mini-basketball) will use a 10-ounce ball.

Material Used

The ball material is mostly dependent on the requirements of the league in which you are competing. The material also has a lot of bearing on the durability of the basketball you will get.

The most common materials used to make basketballs are leather, composite leather which is also known as synthetic and rubber.

Pros mostly use leather basketballs. They are very expensive because of their good quality and great grip. The ball is soft and supple, which makes it easy on your hands when you play. The grip improves the ball-handling even if your hands are sweaty or if the ball is wet.

The only problem is that leather basketballs are not good for outdoor courts because they will wear out pretty fast on the rough surface and lose their grip.

The Synthetic basketballs are the ones that kind of provide a middle ground since they are as durable as rubber basketballs but can be used outside. Rubber basketballs also work well outside and are the best for beginners.

The selection of the right basketball is a big step towards improving your skill on the court, and it also makes you comfortable playing which in turn makes the game fun so make sure you get the right ball. 

Conclusion – Outdoor Basketballs

There is a lot of good and high-quality basketballs for use on outdoor courts in the market. The basketball you need to use on your outdoor court is most probably on this list because it is a compiled from the best products on the market made by the best and well-known companies that have made many amazing products in the field of basketball.

There is nothing better than the feel of a basketball in the palm of your hand then the thud as it hits the court, a ball that will still have its grip even when your hands are wet, a basketball that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and also last long is the best ball for an outdoor court. 

 Mikasa BX1000 Rubber Basketball is the product that we highly recommend you purchase, to begin with, is it reasonably priced. It has a one year warranty which probably you won’t need because the ball is made with long-lasting premium rubber. 

The dense pebbling design will give you the perfect grip you need to practice all the moves and skills you want. Lastly, the ball comes in different sizes for both ages and gender. Make sure you order yours today and enjoy the thrills it comes with it.

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