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What is the Best Women’s Basketball Ball (Size 6 – 28.5″)?

Women can play basketball too! Pretty well for that matter. Male chauvinism has for years seen women forgotten or disregarded where activities and even sports are concerned. If you have been keen on the screens, however, you must have noticed how this has changed gradually.

What a man can do, be certain that a woman can do better. Where sports are concerned, it’s always a matter of skill, how much time you accord practice, and how persistent you are with it. Among the most difficult parts of any competition or game is the preparation phase.

This is where everyone has to put in a little extra than they would out in the court, because doing a perfect practice will deliver desirable results in the long run. While women now have a chance to participate in all the fun and challenging activities that men have access to, a few things remain undeniable.

We were all different. Basketball is not as much a physical game as mental, but it does require a player to stay fit, eat well and if possible, put in some pounds of muscle. This is having in mind the dunks that are expected, the dribbles which don’t all go well when facing a tough opponent, and the required stamina.

Besides what is expected of any player, comes the gear used in a match, and how would you perform in the court without a ball that suits you well? Indoor basketballs could range from cheap to expensive options, all offering different feel and results.

Depending on the make, an indoor basketball will serve you differently. With among other important factors in mind, quality, basketballs best-suited for women could come in a wide variety, each offering something unique for your next match. How do you make the right decision on what to go for?

In this article, we’re going to look at the top women’s basketballs out there, and the features that each offer. The following is our recommended list:

Wilson NCAA - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Spalding TF-10004.8 out of 5 stars
Wilson Evolution4.7 out of 5 stars
Baden Elite4.6 out of 5 stars
Adidas All-Court4.5 out of 5 stars

1. Wilson NCAA 

An official product of the Wilson, this basketball has for years offered the most thrilling experience in NCAA Championships and NCAA March Madness. Taking innovation and performance to a whole new level, it is an authentic and dependable product, delivering great playability and grip.

Ideal for indoor use, this basketball is a top-performer with its moisture absorbing cover, which suits every playing condition in an ultimate grip. If you’re looking for better control, then what better way than with the Wilson’s composite laid-in channels, which offer a great feel and unmatched control?

This ball’s feel does get better with its cushion core carcass, which delivers softness around the rim, taking touch and grip over a desirable level. Its intermediate size comes at 28.5”, and the ball has a recommended inflation level of 7-9 PSI. 

Designed for every clutch free throws and rebounds, to Cinderella stories and buzzer beaters, this 1.4-pound ball is nothing less of a go-to. Since this product is recommended for indoor use, nonetheless, it would be best to avoid using it outdoors. It is also a perfect women’s size, which you should have in mind.


  • Great grip
  • Consistent bounce
  • Moisture absorbing cover


  • You may be disappointed if you’re looking for something bigger
  • It is best for only indoor use

2. Spalding TF-1000

If you like to consider yourself one of the best, or work on getting there, then the Spalding could be your best companion. It is the official NJCCA, or otherwise, National Junior College Athletic Association basketball, also used in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, NAIA.

You are perhaps a top-performer if you’re looking for great builds in a basketball, and the Spalding may leave an impression on you. Its butyl bladder comes in a rotational balance, which allows for good air retention, while the nylon windings deliver a top-level structure.

This ball bounces off beautifully, thanks to its cushioned carcass, and it also offers a great grip with its deep channel design, giving it an instant recognition. Its grip only gets better for any match, with the microfiber composite cover, which is great for wicking sweat away, offering a game-ready feel.

Ideal for only indoor play, the Spalding comes in a size 6, with 28.5” and a recommended inflation PSI of 8. You may also like that it has been approved for NFHS, besides its state adoption for CT, ME, NY, MN, MO, among others. The ball comes weighted at 1 pound, and ships at 1.8 pounds.


  • Good quality
  • Good air retention
  • Consistent bounce


  • A few customers were disappointed with its inflation

3. Wilson Evolution

You may come to find this ball to be the number 1 indoor basketball out there, delivering great performance as compared to any other. Its cushion core carcass gives the ball its prominent signature feel, which is quite soft to touch, and thus easy to grip.

That’s not all with the Evo’s grip, which due to its microfiber composite cover, gets even better! You will not only find it easy and enjoyable to play with this piece, but will also use it for long due to the durable cover. 

What’s more to its laid in composite channels, is that they offer a consistent texture all over the ball, thus allowing for unmatched control, also enhanced by the moisture-wicking cover. These deliver excellent performance.

Approved by the NFHS, the ball’s intermediate size comes in 28.5”, with a recommended inflation level of 7-9 psi. It comes weighted at 1.2 pounds and ships at 1.5 pounds.


  • Great grip & feel
  • Great quality for its price
  • Best for indoor play


  • Some customers raised delivery authenticity issues
  • A few customers were not happy with its bounce

4. Baden Elite

Among the things that stand out most about the Baden Elite, is its design, which has the athlete in mind with every weave of its premium materials. It has a composite cover, which delivers superior ball control, with a great grip. 

The ball comes with patented CCT, or otherwise, Cushion Control Technology, for not only a good soft feel but also a true, consistent bounce, and longer life. The Baden Elite is able to maintain a perfect balance, thanks to its symmetrical design, which is smooth-edged and takes care of any lumpy-feel.

You can be sure to trust this piece in hours of practice, for excellent throws and passes. Its moisture grip enhances ball control and the microfiber cover comes advanced for not only extra softness but also ultimate playability. You don’t have to worry about touching the valve with the Baden, since it comes undetectable. 

This NFHS approved ball with great build comes in an intermediate size of 28.5” and is ideal for women’s college, besides serving players between 12-14 years of age excellently. It is weighted at 1.15 pounds, and ships at 1.2 pounds


  • Great feel & grip
  • Great, consistent bounce
  • Superior quality


  • Some customers raised air retention issues

5. Adidas All-Court

One of the greatest features that this Adidas basketball comes with is that it is ideal for use in every court. How so? Durability wins in this case! What most other indoor basketballs fail in is their restriction to use only indoors; well, it’s good to be all-rounded, and Adidas proves its worth on that front.

With its great build, you can be sure to enjoy hours of practice with this ball both indoor and outdoor; the fun is never really enough! Made of 100% polyurethane, this ball’s durability also enables you to use it for long stretches into the season.

It comes in a synthetic leather composite cover, which adds more to not only its durability, but also great feel and thus easy control. You may find its butyl bladder to offer amazing air retention, with its superior grip sourcing from the composite microfiber cover.

Available in a size 7, with an official 29.5”, this ball is ideal for any basketball enthusiast. It thus comes in additional women’s size 6, and a size 5 for juniors. To save on shipping costs, the Adidas All-Court is shipped deflated.


  • Good grip
  • Good quality for its price
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors


  • Some customers raised issues with its air retention

Basketball is a game for every individual. Kids play it just as much as adults, and women, having been left out of many activities for long enough, now have a chance to show the world their place in sports. If you have watched enough games, whether live or on television, you must have seen how capable every gender can be.

When it comes to making a choice of the basketball to get for your next match, however, there are a few factors that may come into play. You will have to not only think of who you are but also works for you and the kind of play you’re getting a ball for.

What kind of court you will use your ball on is also just one of the things that you should think about, and the “few” factors when discussed, may not really look so. They are all important and will determine your experience in every game.

We are all looking for a basketball for different reasons. Your reasons could in the end land you on an ideal piece, or end up disappointing you, should you fail to be keen with what is offered. The market has everything for everyone, so it’s okay to take your time to make a choice that works best for you.

You must have noticed a few disappointments from the above reviewed products. Quickly going through them, among the greatest disappointments from previous buyers of the top women’s basketball, was sizing. Some male buyers felt that the balls were too small for their liking or preference, or just wasn’t what they expected.

You will come to find that an ideal women-sized basketball comes at around 28.5”. Some products may claim a 29.5” size, while delivering about an inch less. Not to worry though. 

Taking your time to look at everything else that a product offers, including what previous customers have to say, will help you determine whether a product has indeed fulfilled on not only what you’re going for, but also what it claims.

Another notable disappointment was air retention, which as we will come to discuss in this article, is a factor to consider before purchasing a basketball for women. How long and well a ball can retain air will undoubtedly mean much to how much fun you should expect to have with it.

Authenticity was an issue with one of the products, and the issue came from some verified purchases. What does this mean? As reported by those previous and confirmed customers, the product(s) they received were either not what they expected, or were in their opinion not authentic.

Some felt that they were getting a fake. Others failed to confirm whether or not the product(s) they received were the official products by the manufacturer. Is this a genuine problem with getting the right women’s ball? I would say that in the world today, you should expect all manner of challenges.

While I can’t confirm any of the statements to be true, it is a good idea to confirm what you’re getting to be authentic. How do you do this and avoid getting counterfeits? You may not be a professional or have any prior knowledge in sieving through the available options.

Identifying with the products you purchase is just one of the ways to avoid getting played. In the reviews we did, we looked at what each product offers. Take your time to go through them and get to know what you’ll be going for. This section is also meant to discuss the products generally, and the things you should be watching out for in the course of your shopping.

All that coupled together will put you in a better position to make satisfactory purchases. Never fail to report a matter regarding authenticity, should you doubt what you’ve purchases. Reporting will help follow up and determine whether or not your claim is true, and how you can be helped recover from it.

That said, why don’t we help you make a purchase you’ll be happy about? Let’s have a look at some of the factors that you should watch out for while shopping.

The first is grip and feel. A basketball is not much without its grip. If you look at it from the point of a steering wheel, you will realize that you can’t manage to do much if you can’t keep a good hold on the wheel. In driving, you’re not required to use plenty of energy to maintain a steady drive on the road.

You just have to be stable and consistent, of course, among other things. If the wheel would easily get sweaty along with your hands and thus slippery, you can imagine the damages that may arise as a result, can’t you? Well, here, we’re not driving, but playing basketball.

You would like to dribble well and consistently, and make great scores. That may not be easy to do or even possible if you can’t keep a good grip on the ball. You may easily lose it, and thus lose your game. If you’re practicing for hours, then it is mostly just your hands on the ball.

They could get sweaty, and ball slippery. This is where another point, close enough to grip, comes to play—moisture absorbing. Balls that can absorb moisture well are life-savers in any match! The same goes to practicing. If your ball easily gets wet, then you may easily lose your grip, and thus the ball.

But the two factors also require comfort while playing. Remember that you’ll not be carrying the ball in your hands, but rather, dribbling it. If the ball is too rough, then your hands may get tired of the consistency, and you may hurt with time. A soft feel will go a long way in boosting your experience.

Different materials come into play where the ball’s feel and grip are both the subjects of your needs. On mentioning materials, however, it is most important to consider the durability that they will deliver. A basketball’s durability determines further, how much longer you can use it before it wears off.

Some materials are just substandard or low in quality. They may last you a few hours for a few days to even weeks. But what would be the need then to make purchases every other week or month? You need something that can last you for a whole season! Yes, they are available, and waiting for your move.

High-quality materials not only affect how much time you use your ball, but also where you get to use it in, and its performance. Let’s have a quick look at both, starting with the where. You must have realized from our list that a few customers were disappointed with the indoor nature of the basketballs.

Well, if you’re looking for an outdoor basketball, then you may want to go for something more superior. Does this mean indoor balls are poor in quality? No. Most indoor balls have been specially designed to serve you optimally within the indoor court. Their features make them most ideal for use indoors.

The outdoors come with plenty other factors that may affect the performance of these balls, making them deliver less on your expectations. You can still find a perfectly durable indoor basketball, but the same may not last long outdoors. Some basketballs, nonetheless, come in hybrid designs.

What do I mean? They have been made in a special way to serve you optimally in all courts, whether indoors or outdoors. While this deal could seem sweet, it’s a good idea to determine what you want, since it’s what will work best for you. 

If your interest is majorly an indoor piece, then you can rest assured that you will find something satisfactory for your play. If you’re looking for an outdoor basketball, then don’t use the ones meant specially for indoors. Look for an outdoor piece, and you’ll perhaps be more satisfied with its results.

Performance of a basketball could be affected by a myriad of factors. Linking performance to materials and quality, however, I would like to briefly talk about the bounce that a ball delivers on the court. A good bounce is good for any match. It makes dribbling not only easy but also fun.

Of course, no match is meant to be easy, so rather than regarding ease, check consistency. A good indoor or outdoor women basketball should deliver a good, consistent bounce.

I wouldn’t regard these factors to be all that you should have in mind when shopping for an ideal women’s basketball. Be wary, nonetheless, of what other previous buyers have had to say about the reviewed products. Also, take adequate time to determine what works best for you, because that will always carry the day!

Bottom Line

Your next match can be whatever you’d make it. Having ideal gear will put you on top of your game, and a good women’s basketball will go a long way in boosting the thrill in your match. Practicing with a sizeable ball with all the good features is also something to look forward to.

Choose your basketball well, and you will have less to regret, and more to enjoy. Undeniably, making the choice on what best to go for can still be confusing, even with all the information you may need. For a better shopping and gaming experience, therefore, I would highly recommend that you go for the Wilson NCAA basketball.

Taking innovation and performance to a whole new level, this is an authentic and dependable product, which delivers great playability. It is ideal for indoor use, being a top-performer with its moisture absorbing cover, which suits every playing condition in an ultimate grip. 

Its composite laid-in channels are great for control, offering an unmatched feel, which does get better with its cushion core carcass, delivering softness around the rim. Its intermediate size comes at 28.5”, and the ball has a recommended inflation level of 7-9 PSI. It comes weighted at 1.4 pounds.

Get the Wilson NCAA basketball today!

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