Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

What are the Top Basketball Shoes for Under 100 Dollars?

It’s the start or middle of the season, and you need a new pair of basketball shoes. Your old pair may be worn out already, its traction gone, the outer sole loose, and its cushion bottomed out.  A new, affordable pair could come quite handy.

Basketball is fun when you have all the right equipment. Shoes are a priceless piece of any match, as besides being a requirement, they also offer comfort and a smooth, thus, easy maneuverability. You may find it difficult or impossible, however, to perform optimally with a ragged pair.

You need something new! But do replacements come easy? Basketball shoes could come at all prices, superior models taking the higher price tags. If you can afford a pair for $100, however, then what should you do? Will you walk away with something less in quality?

No. There are various available brands in the market that despite their affordable prices, offer excellent quality and performance. But how do you choose the best from what’s available? This becomes the tricky part.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the top basketball shoes Under $100. We will not only look at what they have to offer but how to sieve what will work for you best, then finally recommend what you can go for. 

1.Adidas Harden Vol. 3

From James Harden’s signature sneakers, comes one of his best, the Harden Vol. 3. You may find it to have one of the best tractions, a traditional herringbone pattern. Its performance on all courts, even dusty ones, is exemplary.

The shoe also has great Boost cushioning. It is low-to-the-ground and quite comfortable. You may also find it to be quite responsive; conclusively, an excellent and incomparable Boost implementation.

What about its materials? Well, they feel not only comfortable but also premium, which is great for performance in the court. What’s more, is that the shoe’s support is better than that of Harden’s past models. Generally, the Harden Vol. 3 is in all aspects a major improvement.


  • Great traction
  • Great Boost cushioning
  • Premium & comfortable materials


  • Break-in may be required to get rid of heel slip.

2.Under Armour 3Zero3

This shoe is a good performer for its price, which runs under $100. One of the things that you may come to love with this Under Armour model is its traction; it’s excellent on clean courts, and on dusty courts, may not require much wiping.

The shoe’s synthetic leather offers a supportive and comfortable 1:1 fit, by nicely breaking in. If you are a light player and are looking more for responsiveness and the court feel, then this product may serve you just right.

If you are a heavier player, however, and thus need more impact protection, then you may not be impressed by how firm this model’s Micro-G cushioning is. Generally, however, the Under Armour 3Zero3 is a great performer.


  • Great traction on clean courts
  • Comfortable & supportive fit
  • Ideal for light players


  • Firm cushioning

3.Nike PG3

Nearly everything about the Nike PG3 received an appraisal, but for its looks. Why don’t we find out what it has to offer? It has a “moon crater” traction, which you may find to perform well on all surfaces. It may, however, take some time to break in.

The shoe has a responsive Zoom Air forefoot cushion, which delivers a great bounce, in addition to the foam in the heels, which are great for impact protection. For the price, its materials may feel cheap too, but does this compromise on the shoe’s delivery? No.

You may still find it to e comfortable, and get the job done. This shoe may work for a variety of players; it is generally a great performer.


  • Great traction for all surfaces
  • Responsive Zoom Air cushioning
  • comfortable


  • Long break-in period

4.Nike KD 12

This model is a huge improvement, in comparison to its predecessors. Why don’t we have a look at what it has to offer? Underneath the feet, the shoe provides a full-length Zoom, for a great response and an even better bounce.

KD 12’s cushioning, however, received mixed feelings from users and reviewers. While others loved it, others also noted its inconsistency on dusty courts. For its price, you may not find the shoe’s look and feel to be premium; does this compromise on its performance? No.

It remains to deliver top-notch performance, with a great fit, which is an advance from previous models. You will generally find the KD 12 to be a great performer.


  • Great fit
  • Responsive
  • Great bounce


  • Cushioning may be inconsistent

5.Adidas Dame 5

A Damian Lillard’s signature shoe, the Dame 5 has proven to be at the top of its league. What does it have to offer? Let’s find out. The shoe’s traction, on clean courts, performs great; you may, however, note, on dusty courts, that it becomes slippery.

The shoe delivers a Bounce cushioning, which comes full-length and is responsible for not only the excellent responsiveness but also taking up impact. What about materials and comfort? You may find the Dame 5’s materials to offer extreme comfort and also support.

Critics and users have not, however, been impressed by the felt that some colorways have—it has been noted to get dirty easily, besides feeling cheap. What is the overall verdict for the Dame 5? It is a great product, costing a little over $100, but within the most affordable rates.


  • Great traction on clean courts
  • Full-length Bounce cushioning
  • Extreme comfort & support


  • Slippery on dusty courts
  • Dead space in the toe box

If you’re looking for basketball shoes under $100, then it’s probably because you’re running low on finances, or have a set budget that you’d not like to exceed. At times, it could be the middle of the season, and you just cannot buy a more expensive pair. What do you do?

A mistake that is easy to make is to go for any brand, as long as it offers an affordable price and looks great. But when the price is on the table, it’s a good idea to consider some other factors too, like the value of the product you’re getting.

Value in this case is pretty important because it covers most if not all the features that a product may contain. Value determines whether, for the product’s price, you’re walking away with something worth it. But how do you determine this value and is it the only thing to look out for?

In this section, we’re going to discuss basketball shoes under $100, and how to choose the best from the available options. To determine value, let’s first have a look at other critical considerations that all come into play.

One of the most important ones is comfort. What does this entail when talking about basketball shoes? First, it would be how you feel when wearing the shoes. Are they cozy, do they fit well, are they easily breathable? As you can see, other factors have come up, that are worth understanding.

For a shoe to feel cozy, it would have to do with its materials. Materials used to manufacture the available brands could vary. What is more unique, however, is each brand’s delivery. Every manufacturer has an idea of how to offer comfort, and this will mean different designs.

For a pair to fit you well, it’s going to have to offer not only a suitable design, but a make that will accommodate the set foot size, and hold it perfectly in, without pressing on the toes, or causing any discomfort when moving.

Indeed, a shoe’s fit would affect its maneuverability. If it’s too loose, then you may have trouble moving from one point of the court or playing area to another. If the shoe feels too tight, then it may press on your toes as you move, which as aforementioned, can feel uncomfortable.

Breathability is another important factor that greatly affects comfort. How? Breathability means the ability to circulate air in and out of the shoes. If your pair can do this easily and well, then you should be good through a match, or more. If not, then you may be in for some discomfort.

When playing a basketball match, heat build-up is expected every step of the way. The game involves a lot of activity and exertion, which may get your feet hot and sweaty—they’ll need to breathe. If air circulation within your shoes is poor, then they may not “breathe” thus causing burns, blisters, or more discomfort.

As you can see, comfort covers a lot, and besides what we’ve discussed, it could entail a lot more. But it’s not the only thing you should be looking out for, is it? Cushioning is another factor that may stand alone, or move along with comfort. Why don’t we have a look at it?

A shoe’s cushioning helps with taking or reducing the impact which comes from landing, jumping, and even bouncing while at play. Such activity could deal plenty of pressure onto your feet, and if you’re a heavy player, then you may face a pretty rough time.

Cushioning is usually there to help. Just like any other cushion, which is meant to reduce stress and pressure on the relevant area, cushioning for basketball shoes not only affect how comfortable you’ll feel but also how well you’ll perform, and how easy you’ll move.

With varied cushioning types available, it is important to determine what will work best for you. Light players may have different cushioning requirements from heavier players. Consider your options, then go for something more desirable.

Support is quite important for any pair of shoes. When moving at high speed, making sudden stops, dribbling, and even jumping, parts of your feet, besides the ankles, may require some extra support from the shoes. Get a pair that offers adequate support.

You may find materials to be another important consideration when dealing with basketball shoes. Different brands could use a variety of materials; each could mean something different to your comfort, and the shoes’ durability.

Finally, you could consider the general performance of your pair. What would performance entail? Look at what the shoe delivers generally, and if it’s what you’re looking for, or could work for you. Here, you may also want to consider the traction and responsiveness of your shoes.

From the products we’ve discussed, traction surfaces as an important consideration. What kind of traction would you find to be suitable? Some shoes have excellent traction for all courts, while others only perform optimally on clean ones.

With all these factors in mind, you should be able to determine your desired shoe’s value. Does it deliver? When looking for basketball shoes under $100, the important thing to hold with you is to never compromise on quality. I hope you find what you’re looking for; happy shopping!

Bottom Line

It is not only our financial abilities but also timing, among other factors, that would draw us to more affordable options, when looking for basketball shoes. But does affordable mean less in quality or performance delivery? That is not always the case.

There are products, as we have seen, that even at an affordable price of $100 or less, still deliver the best for any basketball player. You don’t have to keep on with an old pair that is probably disappointing by now, with affordable options available in the market.

With many options to choose from, however, how do you determine the best? We have discussed some factors that should help you make an easier choice. I would like to leave you with my recommendation. Get the Adidas Harden Vol. 3. Why?

You may find it to have one of the best tractions, a traditional herringbone pattern. Its performance on all courts, even dusty ones, is exemplary. The shoe also has great boost cushioning. It is low-to-the-ground and quite comfortable. You may also find it to be quite responsive

The shoe’s materials feel premium, and comfortable, which is great for performance in the court. What’s more, is that its support is better than that of previous harden models. Generally, the Harden Vol. 3 is in all aspects a major improvement.

But the Adidas Harden Vol. 3 today!

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