Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop

What is the Best Outdoor Roof Mount Basketball Goal?

Who said you couldn’t enjoy basketball in your home? If you enjoy playing the game, then you would agree that the fun doesn’t just end out in the court. With a good roof mounted basketball hope, you could be making jump shots at the comfort of your home in no time!

We may all not be able to participate in competitions; some of us even aren’t interested. Sometimes, you can just have fun without caring who wins or who loses. Whatever your reason for playing basketball wherever you do, a roof mounted basketball hoop could serve you just right.

Where will you use it? Well, if you have little space, then you should be glad to know that roof mounted hoops are designed to make it possible, and easy to play within a small area. You can get a few friends and have some fun!

But aren’t there plenty of brands available? Indeed, there are. Choosing the best or what will work most suitably for you may not be easy. In this article, we’ll try to help you choose the best from the available brands. We will also discuss the things that you should watch out for when shopping.

Why don’t we start by checking out some of the top products?

1.First Team

One of the notable features of this hoop by First team is that it mounts to both angled and vertical walls/roofs. This is because it is easily adjustable. It has a tempered glass backboard measuring 36” x 60”. The mount’s safety setback distance, which changes when the system is lowered, is 38” at 10I rim height. 

It also features a heavy-duty flex rim. Its weight is 258 lbs. and is an important consideration to make before purchasing the product. You may find First Team to be of high quality, and durable; it should last you a good duration of time. Generally, this is a great product with value for its price.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Heavy-duty flex rim
  • High quality & durable


  • There is little information about this product

2. katop

If you’re looking for an easy system to install and thus use, then you may have in this product by katop. What does it have to offer? Let’s find out. Its installations are recommended to be done directly from the roof, which should be easier, taking only three steps to its completion.

This hoop provides superior stability, thanks to its clear Acrylic backboard and Aluminum frame, measuring 60” x 36”. It has a double spring breakaway rim, which you’ll find to be heavy-duty. Its frame is also adjustable, with a unique telescopic feature; it’s pretty easy to mount on roofs.

With this hoop, you should enjoy some basketball practice within limited space. Generally, this is a high-quality hoop that is easy to install.


  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty breakaway rim
  • Adjustable telescopic frame


  • A user reported that the brackets didn’t have proper parts attached


Here is another hoop that you may find to be great for use within limited space. What does it have to offer? Just like the previous product, PROGOAL has an adjustable frame with a telescopic feature, which makes it pretty easy to mount on roofs.

All installations are recommended to be done from the roof, not the attic. It should be a pretty easy and smooth process with only three steps. What’s more about this product is that its brackets are heavy-duty and allow you to adjust the rim at 10′; this is irrespective of your roof’s angle or height.

The acrylic backboard is huge and heavy-duty, making it more suitable for the roof-mounted system. it measures 60” x 36”, and comes with a double-spring rim with nylon net. Generally, this system is as the previous one, high-quality, and easy to install.


  • High-quality
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty brackets


  • There is very little information about this product

4. Lifetime

While there isn’t much information about this product by Lifetime, I was able to analyze customer reviews and feedback and established what it is that it’s good for. So, what does Lifetime have to offer? Let’s find out. 

Do you have kids that would thrill at playing within the little space in your garage or driveway? Then this product may work well for you. Most customers were satisfied with its delivery and set up, although there were mixed feelings about its installation.

While some users felt that its installation went smoothly, others reported difficulty and the absence of mounting instructions. A user also reported receiving a faulty system, with not only missing parts but also others not in good condition. Generally, however, you may enjoy using this product.


  • Fairly easy installation
  • Good quality
  • Great value


  • Some users had installation challenges
  • A user reported receipt of a faulty system

5. Spalding

What does the Spalding have to offer? First is its 52-inch Acrylic backboard. What’s it good for? Unlike a bow-molded or polycarbonate backboard, the Acrylic provides a great rebound. You may not, therefore, fail to enjoy playing with the hoop.

If you’ve been thinking of working on not only your jump shots but also angled floaters and layups, then this hoop may serve you right. It has been designed for outdoor play and should deliver the best within the little space you may have to spare.

How do you mount it? This system works well on pre-existing in-ground or portable pole systems, roofs, walls, and even the garage. You may or may not need an additional mount, depending on where you install the system.


  • Designed for outdoor play
  • Great rebound
  • Easy mounting


  • The acrylic may not withstand rough play

For many reasons, basketball always retains elements of fun that will often overcome any enthusiast. You don’t have to enjoy the game out in the court, though; a mountable hoop can bring the game closer to you.

Basketball hoops that can be mounted on walls and even poles are just priceless. It means that in your garage or driveway, you could install the system. If you have friends or a family that enjoys playing, then you could share the fun!

A hoop helps save on space. If you’re running low on playing space, then you don’t have to stress, if you have a good hoop. It should fit onto your roof, leaving enough room for making shots and practicing a few more skills that you may want to.

Is shopping for the best of the available hoops easy? It is not. Each product has something similar or unique to offer, and this will mean that you go with your preference. But then, hoops don’t have much to set as preference, so you can look for something that offers value and performs well.

Adjustability is one of the features that will set apart a worthwhile hoop from a disappointment. How easily can you adjust it? Remember that you’re installing it outside; one of the things that you perhaps need most is the freedom to enjoy gaming. But how can that freedom come if the hoop isn’t easily adjustable?

Who will be using the hoop? That’s a consideration that will help more with determining adjustability. If you have kids, for instance, then they may appreciate a little adjustment on the height of the hoop. The case will be different if someone taller will be using it.

Durability is something else to keep in mind. This goes along with the quality of your hoop. A quality system should be able to last you for years, while withstanding harsh treatments, which are expected with any basketball game.

What if your system is not durable enough? Then you may need to do repairs or replacements of faulty parts. This, in the end, will cost you not only more money but also time and effort. Get something that you’re sure to use for long enough. If you plan on installing somewhere at home, then it should stand the test of time.

Mounting your hoop should, of course, be easy to do. You don’t have to struggle with a complicated system. Mounting should be done right, and where confusion is presumed, a guide or manual should be provided by the manufacturer. This should help give directions on installation.

Where do you install it? well, that will depend on the kind of hoop you buy and the space that you have available. Some systems have been designed to go well on walls and even roofs. Match each available design with your preference to settle on something more satisfactory.

What other consideration should you make? We will look at how price and value can affect your choice of product, after doing a comparison of the five hoops that we’ve discussed. This comparison could help point you to what works for you.

Are you looking for a system that you can mount on both angled/vertical walls/roofs? Then the product by First Team could be it. It is easily adjustable and its backboard is made of tempered glass. Its mount’s safety setback distance changes when the system is lowered.

What’s more, is that it is heavy-duty and weighs 258 lbs. This is a high-quality and durable hoop.

Among the systems that you’ll come to find easiest to install are katop and PROGOAL. Let’s have a quick recap of katop first. Besides providing superior stability with its Acrylic backboard and Aluminum frame, this product has a heavy-duty breakaway rim.

This hoop has an adjustable frame with a telescopic feature.

What about PROGOAL? It can be great for limited space. Just like katop, PROGOAL features an adjustable, telescopic frame. It also has heavy-duty brackets and a huge Acrylic backboard. What’s more, is that the system comes with a double-spring rim with nylon net.

The product by Lifetime didn’t have as much information, but for being a great product that was loved by most customers. There were notable mixed feelings, however, regarding the system’s installation. Others found it easy, while others couldn’t agree.

You may, however, find this product to be of good quality and great value.

Finally, the Spalding. We have mentioned Acrylic backboards a lot in this article already, but what does it help? It provides a great rebound, unlike one that is bow-molded or polycarbonate. A good design for outdoor space, this system comes easy to mount.

You may or may not need an additional mount, depending on where you install the system.

With this brief comparison in mind then, how can price and value affect your choice of product? A good product will give value to every cent you spend on it. Therefore, go for one that delivers the best on what you’re looking for, at a reasonable or fair price. Work with what you can manage, but remember that you should never compromise on quality. 

All factors considered; I hope you find what you’re looking for. Happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Your kids could have a better time playing within a constricted area, with a good basketball hoop. If you can mount it on the driveway or garage, then what’s to stop you from joining in the fun? Perhaps the greatest thing about this system is the amount of freedom it gives you.

We have looked at some of the factors that come into play when shopping for the best hoops. We have also discussed some of the top products in the market. I would like to leave you with my recommendation. Get a mounted hoop by First Team. Why?

First, it mounts to both angled and vertical walls/roofs because it is easily adjustable. It has a tempered glass backboard measuring 36” x 60”. The mount’s safety setback distance, which changes when the system is lowered, is 38” at 10I rim height. 

It also features a heavy-duty flex rim. Its weight is 258 lbs. You may find First Team to be of high quality, and durable. Generally, this is a great product with value for its price. Get this product by First Team today!

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