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Top Basketball Pumps for Balls

Basketballs get deflated when used. Constant dribbling and intense shooting are common factors that cause ball deflation.

Nonetheless, leaving the ball unused doesn’t warrant a fully inflated hop. A ball that’s not in use loses air, just like the one that’s used on the court daily.

A deflated ball barely responds when bounced. Besides, shooting with a deflated hop is inaccurate and deeply annoying.

Deflated hops don’t meet the required ball size of any game or league. If you are determined to experience the real thrill of a lively game, then it’s high time you took an interest in a quality air pump.

Investing in a quality pump guarantees not only accuracy in inflation but also the safety of the ball.

A poor-quality air pump can cause damage to the air inlet on the ball. If you had invested in a quality ball and a cheap quality pump damages the valve, then you’ll suffer extra costs of repair or re-acquisition in case the damage was permanent.

Besides, there is no precise way to determine if the right inflation has been attained with a cheaply-designed pump. Filling the ball with excessive air can cause the ball to burst.

Here is a collection of high-quality pumps to consider this 2020.

Morpilot - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
SPORTBIT4.8 out of 5 stars
Spalding4.7 out of 5 stars
Franklin4.6 out of 5 stars
Pumteck4.5 out of 5 stars

1. Morpilot

Morpilot is an electric pump that works automatically to fill your basketball with air in only a matter of seconds.

The pump is designed for inflating not only basketballs but also soccer balls and volleyballs.

It comes with micro-intelligent pressure detection technology to provide precise inflation. The system stops when the eighth or ninth PSI is reached.

In terms of performance, Morpilot is quite unrivaled, as it is stable and reliable over time.

The brand is the first company to design a portable electric pump, thus the best option if you need a reliable pump that’s been tested over and again.

Pumping has been made easier with Morpilot. You don’t have to push and pull the pump when filling the ball with air. The process is automatic. All you can do is relax and wait for the required pressure to be reached, and you are ready to battle it out on the court.


  • The pump saves you time. The automatic pumping lasts between one and two minutes.
  • It’s an electric pump that comes with a USB port for charging. When fully charged, the pump can fill 30 basketballs with air.
  • An LED display indicates the pressure of the ball.
  • The automatic pumping inflates accurately and with minimal chances of error.
  • Morpilot is portable. You can fit it in your backpack or pocket.


  • The automatic inflation of the pump is a bit inaccurate.


If you are looking for a conventional pull pump, look no farther than SPORTBIT.

The pump is purchasable at an affordable price of ten dollars. It’s a reasonable price for you, especially if you prefer keeping a portable pump close to the game.

Besides the pump, five needles are includes in the packaging to give the user an easy time when need to inflate the ball arises.

SPORTBIT has an ergonomic design that gives it an upper edge over most of the push and pull pump designs.

It’s very comfortable to hold during inflation. In a nutshell, the pump is designed with its primary user in mind. The handle area is soft and with a better grip to fit in your hands comfortably.


  • With warranted satisfaction of 100%, this pump comes with a three-year warranty.
  • The e-book in the package contains twenty breakfast recipes that guarantee purchasers a healthy lifestyle.
  • The unique plug mechanism on the needles will ensure they stay straight and unbent during inflation.
  • The ergonomic structure of the handle keeps the pump comfortable and fitting around the hand.


  • The pull inflation technique is slow to fill and sometimes leaks air when inserted for pumping.

 3. Spalding

This pump is a 12” dual-action design that goes at an affordable price of $11.

The dual inflation mechanism allows users to inflate their balls with both the pull and push levers. The 12-inch barrel is long and durable to direct air into the ball.

Unlike other traditional pumps that have separate needles for inflation, the Spalding has a built-in stylus made of durable metal.

Spalding provides satisfactory performance, particularly with the warranty.

Customers who have purchased the Spalding agree that the pump is one of the easiest to use despite its conventional pull or push inflation style.


  • This pump is very affordable. Besides, it gives users good value for money.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • The unique pull or push inflation mechanism gives users two pumping options.
  • It has a built-in needle that’s made of quality metal. The needle doesn’t bend.


  • The pump sometimes leaks air.

4. Franklin

Franklin is an affordable foot pump that has a built-in needle. The pump is a versatile design that can be used to inflate not only hops but also bicycles and other types of inflatables.

It’s built using two types of materials, steel, and plastic, both of which are durable and reliable. Heavy-duty steel, however, is the primary material. With this unique build, users are warranted lifelong service.

The pump can inflate a maximum of 100 PSI. A PSI gauge is included in the design to provide more accuracy and ensure you’ve boosted the basketball to the required pressure.

If you need to carry it with you, then you don’t need an extra storage bag or accessory. The pump is compact and can be tucked in your regular basketball bag or safely stored when not required.


  • Franklin is a heavy-duty pump. It’s made of durable iron and can inflate balls and other items to 100 PSI. Franklin is built to last.
  • It’s a multi-purpose design that can be used to inflate basketballs, bicycle tires, cars, and different other inflatables.
  • The foot operation is smooth and comfortable. You won’t spend a lot of time or energy to fill the basketball.
  • A built-in gauge mechanism gives the user more accuracy. You’ll know when the desired pressure has been reached.
  • It’s a compact design that can be safely tucked anywhere around the house when not in use or within the backpack’s pocket when heading out for a game or practice.


  • The gauge is somewhat inaccurate.
  • The connector valve sometimes leaks air.

5. Pumteck

Pumteck is a modern electric pump that works automatically and accurately to inflate the ball.

It is a smart accessory owing to the bright full LCD on the front pump. With this accessory, you shouldn’t worry about wasting time or energy, because inflation happens pretty fast. In less than two minutes, the design is done, and you are ready to play.

The pump is portable, thus can be carried around easily when heading out for a game or when storing it for future use.

Besides, it’s easy to use. All you need to do is input a precise PSI for your basketball on the LED controls, and you won’t be worrying ever whether the ball will have higher or lower pressure to the required one.


  • The pump features a rechargeable lithic ion battery that can adequately provide inflation for thirty hops.
  • It’s a multi-functional pump designed to inflate different kinds of balls.
  • Pumteck is a compact and portable design that can easily be stored in a backpack or glove compartment.
  • The digital LCD and pressure gauge provides precise reading during inflation.
  • This pump is easy to use.


  • Battery life is limited.

Factors to consider when picking the right basketball pump

Any basketball ought to be inflated regularly. A hop that doesn’t contain the right amount of pressure will not only hinder the performance of each player in the court but also dull the mood in the game.

Basketballs are slightly sensitive compared to soccer balls. Trivial changes in pressure will render most of the shots inaccurate.

During the game, the ball gets deflated. Having a powerful pump nearby can minimize the length of intervals during which players idle waiting for the game to resume.

A reliable pump will take seconds to get the ball refilled and in perfect bounce for the game.

Inarguably, the only way to restore the pressure of your basketball is to refill it with air using a pump. Here are some factors you should keenly examine before picking an air-pump for your basketball.

The different categories of pumps

Sometime back, you would storm into a sports gear outlet and ask for a pump, and be given two options to pick from: either an electric pump or a hand pump.

Most recently, however, things have changed. Manufacturers have introduced an even versatile design: the battery pump, which uses rechargeable lithic batteries for inflation.

  • Hand pump

As the name suggests, this pump requires you to inflate the ball manually by holding and either pulling or pushing the lever to fill the basketball with air.

Right now, hand pumps are available in most stores at affordable prices.

Many customers consider these pumps to be conventional designs owing to the up and down push or pull that’s required during inflation.

Most hand designs are not equipped with gauges that check if the required pressure has been attained. A few hand pumps, however, have built-in pressure gauges that indicate to users the pressure condition of the ball and whether the regulated PSI has been reached. 

  • Electric pump

These designs have made a statement since their introduction to the market.

Electric pumps inflate the ball automatically. They have digital LED screens that display the pressure of the ball at the time of inflation.

These are slowly becoming preferred pumps for many purchasers because they are easy to operate.

If you are using it for the first time, ensure you’ve punched in the PSI of your basketball on the LCD. The procedure is designed to give the digital pressure gauge a precise PSI that can be reached automatically during inflation.

The stop on the pump is also automatic. Inflation disconnects immediately when the basketball’s pressure is reached.

Electric pumps have USB ports for charging. A fully charged pump can inflate 30 balls before running out of juice.

Aside from being user-friendly and time-saving, electric pumps are portable thus can be stored easily around the house or moved around comfortably.

  • Battery pumps

Battery pumps are designed to work just like electric designs.  Battery pumps have lithium-ion cells for the storage of energy. The batteries are rechargeable.

These designs have digital displays to provide precise readings of pressure. Unlike electric pumps, however, the lithic cells in battery pumps store little energy; thus, their battery life is limited.

How to properly inflate the basketball using a needle

When inflating the ball, needles should be inserted into the valve to channel air from the pump.

There are two types of needles: designs made of plastic or metal.

As you insert the needle into the air inlet, make sure you are careful to avoid causing damage to any part of the valve.

Valves are usually made of plastic to improve traction when touching other components.

The safest way to inflate the ball without damaging the valve is by wetting the needle before insertion.

Deflating the basketball

You should not use any needle you find to deflate the basketball as it can cause irreparable damage to the inner parts of the ball and render it non-functional.

There are basketball needles that are designed precisely for inflation. They fit perfectly within the valve and can hardly damage the air inlet.

How to check the pressure inside a basketball

Measuring air pressure inside your basketball is made possible with unique control gadgets that can tell you everything about air pressure within the basketball being tested.

Nonetheless, the acquisitions are pricy and will only cost you more money on top of the amount you’ve already spent on the pump.

Several hand pumps and most automatic designs have built-in pressure gauges that evaluate and indicate the pressure situation within the basketball.

With a pressure gauge within your pump, you have not only an accurate but also a reliable determiner of ball pressure.

Recommended air for a basketball

Basketballs differ in size. Each hop has a recommended pressure value that is usually printed or labeled on the ball.

Inflating a ball to the indicated PSI will guarantee optimum performance.

Procedure for pumping the basketball

You must read the guidelines and instructions provided for the effective use of the pump on the basketball before inflation.

First, check the PSI numbers of your basketball. The digits are usually indicated in the declaration carton or beside the valve.

Needle positioning is very crucial during inflation regardless of whether you’re using an electric or hand pump.

It’s positioning should entirely obliterate the stopcock to prevent air from leaking.

Consequently, pull or push the pump’s handle in a consistent motion if you have the manual pump or flick the ON button in an electric pump to get the air flowing.

An explanation for the constant loss of air in a basketball

It’s common for a damaged basketball to lose air. Nonetheless, hops that are new and intact can still lose air, whether in constant use in the court or not.

Innermost sections of basketballs are made using rubber. The air within the tubes is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.

The rubber pellicle is perforated with tiny spaces and thus porous to allow oxygen molecules out of the ball.

Basketballs with high-quality materials are more impervious for oxygen particles. Cheaply designed hops, however, are highly perforated hence lose air faster.


When looking for the best basketball pump, make sure you’ve reviewed the pumping mechanism and method of pressure regulation of the design you intend to purchase.

If you prefer a conventional design you can carry around easily and push or pull for inflation, then a manual pump would be best for you. However, most traditional models do not have pressure gauges.

Electric designs are not only portable but also equipped with digital pressure gauges for automatic pressure regulation.

The best pump for your basketball should be portable, easy to carry around, be designed with automatic pressure detection to prevent typical give-or-take inflations, have a price tag that’s convenient for your wallet, and be easy to operate.

Based on this yardstick, it’s evident that the Morpilot Automatic Pump is the right pick for any basketball.

Morpilot is not only the first of its kind on the planet but also the most affordable electric pump you’ll come across.

It’s a significant investment that gives you more value for money than you can ever imagine. It’s easy to use. You just need to select your ball type on the digitally enabled gauge, start the inflation and wait for it to stop on its own.

You can charge the pump for future use through the USB port. Inflation with this pump takes less than a hundred seconds, the fastest any automatic pump can be.

If you still haven’t grabbed the automatic Morpilot air pump, now is the best chance to grab a twenty-dollar pump that’s worth every ounce of your penny, because sometimes, good stocks don’t last that long.

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