Best Basketball Backpacks

What are the Top Basketball Backpacks for Players?

A basketball is too big to fit in an ordinary backpack. Many basketball players are thus forced to carry bulky bags when heading to the gym or court for practice.

A bigger bag is a worthwhile acquisition, especially for players who need all their basketball gear in one place.

However, large bags can be so inconveniencing if you are taking the subway or riding a bicycle to your training center.

Luckily, special backpacks were designed for basketball athletes, to provide not only adequate storage space for fully inflated basketballs but also comfort, even when players are using crowded transport facilities to their training grounds.

Finding a basketball bag that provides comfort, style, and adequate storage space for the player requires keen research and evaluation of quality.

The perfect bag should provide plenty of storage room for the basketball and a few other essentials you might need during the game, such as playing gear.

When looking for a reliable bag to carry your playing essentials, make sure you pick a design that’s spacious enough to hold everything you need.

Purchasing a backpack only to find out later that it’s too small can be frustrating and a waste of money.

Here is a list of the best basketball backpacks in terms of quality, affordability, spaciousness, style, and comfort.

Under Armour Sackpack - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
K-Cliffs4.8 out of 5 stars
Bagland4.7 out of 5 stars
Hard Work4.6 out of 5 stars
Under Armour Undeniable 3.04.5 out of 5 stars

1. Under Armour Sackpack

The Under Armour Undeniable Sackpack is a convenient accessory that provides ample space to carry the ball, particularly if you already have several other backpacks and wish to add a more spacious acquisition to your collection.

It has a slick design with a clean finish. Besides, the Sackpack is made of quality materials that enhance the durability of the model.

Nonetheless, if you intend to carry other essentials such as footgear, clothes, and additional bottles of water, then you must consider bringing with you an extra bag.

Under Armour is undeniably an affordable acquisition that will cost you less than twenty dollars. It’s a great sack for your buck and a quality one too, so grab it while its stocks last.


  • This backpack is made of high-quality materials that improve its durability.
  • It provides adequate room for keeping your bag when heading out for practice or competition.
  • The bag is affordably priced, thus comfortable with your wallet.


  • The Under Armour backpack is comparatively smaller than most bags. If you are carrying extra essentials besides the basketball, consider bringing an additional bag.

2. K-Cliffs

One glance at this backpack, and you are in love with it. The crimson designs on the sides give it a unique feel that any player will find aesthetical.

K-Cliffs is one of the few designs with compartments large enough to hold not only the basketball but also playing gear and other essentials.

Velcro hoops are attached on either side to provide a comfortable holding for a baseball stick.

A mesh pocket is included on each side as well. You can use the pockets to store water bottles that can keep you hydrated during the game.


  • At an affordable price of twenty dollars, the K-Cliffs gives you ample storage space that guarantees safekeeping.
  • Velcro hoops can be used to hang additional accessories such as baseball bats.
  • The mesh compartments on the side can be used to hold water flasks.


  • The cheap quality of the bag is not as durable as that of other backpacks.

3. Bagland

The Bagland Basketball Backpack is one of the most preferred bags by athletes owing to the uniqueness and effectiveness of the storage system.

A versatile mesh netting is attached on the outer side of the main compartment to form a sizeable storage net for the basketball.

With this kind of storage mechanism, athletes are guaranteed more storage space to keep essentials in the primary compartment.

Besides, the ball is conveniently located outside the bag, thus easier to access.

Compartmentalized storage is just but the tip of the iceberg. The mesh can be detached if you need a standard backpack for your daily use, for example, when heading out for school.


  • The main storage compartment provides ample space to keep laptops, books, and travel papers if you are not heading for practice or a basketball game.
  • You can use the compartment for any other storage besides basketball gear by detaching the netting compartment that’s designed for basketball storage.
  • Bagland is a quality backpack that lasts a long time, even with its multi-purpose functionality.


  • None

4. Hard Work

Hard Work is an upcoming brand in the field of basketball gear. The company is doing well in the industry, considering it’s still in initial stages of production.

Materials used to design this backpack are high-quality and durable. Generally, the bag has a sleek design and several compartments you can use to fit clothes, water cans, shoes, and towels.

The only problem that you are likely to experience with this bag is the tight netting that makes it hard for the basketball to fit perfectly.

However, this problem can be dealt with by first putting the ball in its netting then stacking the rest of your gear and essentials in the larger compartment.


  • An outer netting is provided on top of the backpack to provide storage space for the basketball.
  • This bag is designed with premium materials for prolonged durability.


  • The netting that keeps the basketball is too tight. Forcing in the ball would create a slightly uncomfortable shape that wouldn’t be desired by any player.
  • Hard Work is a small backpack that hardly provides ample storage room for an athlete carrying a lot of gear.

5. Under Armour Undeniable 3.0

The bag has sufficient storage space for all your essentials in any basketball game. Besides, it’s an excellent backpack that works multi-purposefully as an everyday accessory when heading for work or school.

Under Armour is waterproofed in the front compartment. The pocket provides safe storage for valuable items. Also, the inner storage compartment can be used to keep any laptop with 15 inches of size safely.

One of the world’s greatest athletes, Steph Curry, is the chosen ambassador of the Under Armour Series.

The brand has shown considerable growth in sales in the past half-decade.

It’s also grown to become a darling for many enthusiasts of the game.


  • This bag is pretty large hence comfortably holds an NBA-recommended basketball and a ton of playing gear and other necessities.
  • The high-quality textile used to make the bag warrants durability.
  • Front compartments are waterproofed to offer safe storage for valuables.
  • The inner partition can be used to keep a 15” laptop.


  • The Under Armour is a premium backpack, thus a pricy acquisition.

Factors you need to consider when choosing a quality basketball backpack

Finding the right basketball backpack is not just about storage space. It’s equally critical that you check the quality of materials used in construction, the design of the bag, and how comfortable it is to carry around.

Some basketball bags are designed with as many as five compartments but with little space in each chamber to barely provide storage room for the basketball and playing gear.

Remember to check the quality and size of the bag. Besides, try reviewing the backpack to determine whether it’s tailored to suit your needs or not.

We’ve compiled some of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right basketball backpack.


Many of the basketball backpacks on sale today have tags that reveal how large the bags are and the precise storage capacity.

Before starting your hunt, make sure you’ve determined how many items you’ll need to stockpile in the sack and the amount of space that will be required for your basketball and necessities.

After knowing the size of the bag you need, you can proceed to try out different options in local stores as well as online outlets.

When checking out bag sizes, don’t forget to take note of their shapes and styles.

Some bags with small or compact designs may seem too incompetent to contain all your stuff. However, some brands have created expandable backpacks that seem smaller when empty but extraordinarily spacious and perfect for stashing anything you need for the game.

How many compartments does the bag provide?

Storage chambers keep backpacks neater and more organized. A bag with three or more compartments gives you the chance to group your stuff depending on which categories the items fall.

For example, playing gear can be kept in one compartment, expensive items such as phones, keys and wallets in another, water bottles in the side pockets, and the basketball in the outer net.

Besides providing organized space, compartments minimize the rate of contamination. Keeping sweaty or dirty clothes in close contact with the mouth guards can quickly get you admitted for days in a health facility.


The material used to construct the backpack defines its durability. Sturdy fabric is more resilient and can withstand abuse for years. Make sure you make a premium choice of material as it warrants durability.

Also, ensure the bag is made of materials that can be washed or cleaned easily. Backpacks are often thrown around the court. They tend to get dirty from the abuse hence the need to be cleaned frequently.

Polyester is the preferred material for many backpack designs today. It’s not only durable but also easy to wash. It’s machine-washable.

Other designs are made of leather. Unlike polyester, leather is tougher but harder to wash because it’s not machine-washable.


Are the straps too tight, or are they adjustable? How padded are they? If the straps are heavily cushioned, are they comfortable enough to provide a reprieve to your shoulder?

Thinner cushioning on the straps gets uncomfortable, especially when your bag is packed to capacity. Besides being adjustable, good straps should be made of breathable material.

Is the backpack waterproof?

Sometimes we find ourselves so engrossed in the game that we forget all about the backpacks we carried to the outdoor court.

Many outdoor games are played regardless of the weather condition, rainy, sunny, and the game goes on till the last whistle.

It’s so easy to forget about your bag when playing. For this reason, some brands have designed waterproof bags whose interiors stay dry even when submerged in water basins.

You should consider purchasing a rainproof bag as it warrants not only safe storage but also a dry space that will keep your valuables such as mobile gadgets in perfect working condition.

Steps to follow cleaning a basketball bag

How you clean the backpack depends entirely on the materials used in designing the bag.

Most brands provide specifications to be adhered to before, during, and after cleaning backpacks.

Some designs are machine-washable, while others should be cleaned physically through hand-washing.

Use mild detergents to wash the backpack. After you’ve scrubbed it thoroughly and rinsed with clean water, leave it to dry in the open air.

Aside from hand-washing, backpacks can be cleaned using spray solutions. Apply an even amount of the solution in every part of the bag then clean it by wiping.

If you are unsure of the cleaning procedure, contact the seller or manufacturer for clarification.


 Now that you are familiar with the features of a dependable basketball bag, it’s high time we looked at the best backpack in markets today.

I strongly recommend the Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 for all players.

The backpack is a design from Under Armour, a brand that has witnessed remarkable growth in not only proceeds from sales worldwide but also undying liking from basketball enthusiasts.

Front chambers of the bag are impervious to water. The rainproof design keeps essentials dry.

There is an inner compartment designed to fit any laptop that is 15 inches long in size.

Steph Curry, one of the greatest athletes in modern times, is the brand emissary of the Under Armour backpack.

Different color options are provided to give athletes a wide variety.

Aside from safe compartmentalization as well as ample storage room for the basketball and playing gear, the Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 provides excellent durability that can last players up to four years straight.

Inarguably, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab this backpack, as it’s the true definition of quality and style.

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