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Top Protective Safety Goggles for Basketball

In any basketball game, focus and skill are vital for rewarding performance.

Whereas players gain skills over time entirely from practice and dedication, focus is mostly dependent on the right choice of gear.

If you need to stay focused throughout the game, you need reliable sports equipment that won’t get you distracted for any reason.

Vision is vital in any game. You can hardly supply your team players with accurate passes or make precise shots if you are experiencing poor sight.

The game sometimes gets so intense that collision gets to more sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Quality basketball goggles are mandatory acquisitions if you are determined to maintain sharp vision throughout the game.

These goggles have unique components that guarantee the protection and safety of the eyes even when pushing and attacking at full strength.

The materials used in designing basketball goggles are lightweight materials that give the players comfort as well as warranted protection from injury when playing.

Contrary to the common belief by most players that all basketball goggles offer the same protection and safety, the designs tend to differ a lot in terms of functionality, structure, clarity, safety, and size.

We checked out more than 150 different goggle designs for basketball players and came up with this list of the five best picks.

HEAD Impulse - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
SKLZ Court Vision4.8 out of 5 stars
EverSport4.7 out of 5 stars
Swivel Vision4.6 out of 5 stars
Ponosoon4.5 out of 5 stars

1.HEAD Impulse

Some players don’t like getting any distracted in basketball games. For this reason, they prefer getting their eyes covered when playing.

The Head Impulse Anti Fog protective eyewear goggles are the best designs to consider, mainly if you are a player with a keen eye for undistracted focus when in the game.

The lenses mounted on this pair are designed with anti-fog properties to not only keep you focused the entire while but also prevent the buildup of fog and sweat, which are significant reasons for clogging.

Head Impulse goggles can fit around the head of any basketball player, as it has an elastic band that is easily stretchable and adjustable.

Flexible options allow users to fasten the protectors when they are perfectly fitting and comfortable.


  • Head Impulse eye protectors have sturdy plastic that doesn’t crack when dropped on hard ground.
  • The straps can be adjusted to fit on any player’s head.
  • Extended lenses will completely cover the eyes and provide total protection.
  • The resistance of these goggles to fog prevents clogging that can affect visual clarity.


  • The unpadded nosepiece is a significant cause of injury on the nose.
  • The cheap quality of plastic is a primary concern for many players.

2.SKLZ Court Vision

Court Vision goggles are the best designs for basketball players who are determined to excel by improving their focus in the game.

Many players get frightened before shooting the ball.

Most of them are usually afraid of being kicked or scratched in the eyes.

These goggles not only give you the confidence to shoot the ball more accurately and confidently but also warrant the safety of the eyes in any game.

With these protectors, you get a more precise sight that will help you dodge opponents regardless of their nature of attack.

Fogging hinders vision. These protectors are designed to prevent the accumulation of fog and consequently offer players better concentration.

Glass makes these goggles. Glass is a high-quality material that is transparent for clarity, and perfectly fitting for players of any age.


  • Plastic is the dominant material in these protectors. It is lightweight and so comfortable around the head that you will hardly notice them.
  • The adjustability of the straps guarantees a universal fit for all.
  • These are affordable acquisitions and the perfect selections for beginners.


  • These goggles do not have lenses.


EverSport protective glasses cater to adult players only. Nonetheless, these designs come with excellent features that offer great comfort and safety for the wearer.

Players who have tried out these glasses recommend the brand to other players, owing to their versatility and premium build. The materials used in making EverSport goggles are high-quality.

Aside from guaranteeing eye protection for basketball players, rugby, hockey, and volleyball players enjoy the advantages of these designs.

Jumping and scrambling for the ball are part and parcel of any basketball game. Sometimes the eyes get in the way of the opponent’s elbows and put them at a higher risk of damage from injury.

These bifocals provide total eye protection that prevents your eyes from suffering injury caused by moving objects or persons. The frames of these blinkers are hard enough to guarantee such security.

If you are experiencing an eye problem and prefer to change your lenses, make a visit to the doctor, who will give you the correct lens measurement and type to use.


  • The lenses of these goggles are replaceable.
  • EverSport goggles come with a portable bag for carrying the bifocals.
  • There’s no rim attached to the side of the lenses; thus, the wearer gets a broader view.


  • The straps are not adjustable. You need to find a size that fits your head.

4.Swivel Vision

Any beginner in basketball starts with a dream of knowing how to dunk someday.

Dunking is a remarkable achievement for a starter, but before you learn how to dunk, make sure you’ve known the basics.

Focus. Ensure you’ve known how to keep a keen eye on the basketball. Besides, knowing how to rotate your head when observing the court is equally essential toward building focus.

Swivel Vision goggles are very helpful in training on focus, mainly if your naked peepers are made watery from wind, small debris, or excessive sunlight in an outdoor court.

Besides, these designs help golfers as well as other athletes who train for long hours.


  • These are versatile lorgnettes that keep the eyes safe and protected in long training hours.
  • Swivel Vision blinkers help in improving eye concentration for not only basketball players but also other athletes with the same visionary.


  • The pair is one of the most expensive in the eyewear industry.

5. Ponosoon

Ponosoon goggles are the best blinkers for improving your dribbling skills.

They are comfortable around the eyes and make the dribbling session more fun and entertaining.

These are glass designs, thus offer the best protection and care for the eyes. They cover the eyes and the surrounding area.

It’s hard not to sweat during a basketball game. When sweat accumulates around the head and starts dripping, the trickles often find their way into the eyes to hinder clear vision.

These goggles offer adequate protection that prevents the interference of sweat with vision. Also, the anti-fog mechanism helps to dissipate moisture and give the wearer comfort and clarity.

Basketball as a sport demands a lot from players, particularly in terms of movement. Ponosoon goggles keep players comfortable and unhindered in mobility and performance, even when rotating the head.

Silicone padding is added on the nosepiece to keep players comfortable and minimize scarring from rough contact and collision.


  • Trusses on the goggles are adjustable to fit wearers of any head size.
  • These lenses are not only changeable but also resistant to fog, wind, and dust.
  • They are comfortable. Besides, additional padding on the nosepiece keeps the nose safer and more protective.


  • The goggles are uncomfortable, especially around the nose.

How to choose the right basketball goggles

Finding the best goggles for any basketball game is a tricky endeavor, mainly if you are unfamiliar with the features to look out for and the factors to take into consideration when making the selections.

Some goggles are designed for beginners, while others have more professional finishes that only complement the skillset and level of concentration that experienced players possess.

Overall, however, quality is critical for goggles to warrant player safety, clear vision, and performance.

Ensure you’ve determined the type of material used to make the blinkers, the nature of their straps, and your requirements and needs as a player.


Goggles that have cheap materials will barely last.

Premium materials, nonetheless, offer better protection owing to their sturdy composition.

Besides, make sure that the material used in making the goggles is lightweight. More cumbersome glasses add extra weight on the head that can cause a lot of fatigue around the eyes, especially when worn for longer hours.

The nature of composition also affects the durability of goggles. The bifocals you choose should withstand impact if hit with the basketball or dropped on the ground.

Ensure you’ve picked high-quality glasses that are resistant to impact, as this will guarantee protection from shattering or breakage.

How flexible is the fastening of straps?

A good pair of goggles should have straps that allow for flexibility when making adjustments.

Adjustable goggles can fit around the head of any player, that’s why you should go for such an option.

Besides, remember to check the nature of adjustability. Make sure the straps will hold up pretty well for the entire game without falling off.

Goggles with adjustable straps are good acquisitions for not only adults but also children because the fasteners guarantee tightness that makes them perfect fits.

What are your needs as a player?

Your choice of goggles depends on whether you need the accessories for a real game on the court or training.

Basketball goggles have different features to suit players with different needs.

Bifocals that prevent the buildup of fog around the lenses work correctly in the actual basketball game.

An anti-fog pair of goggles are perfect for the game because it prevents air from getting trapped in the blinker glasses.

Benefits of wearing basketball goggles

  1. Distractions like wind can affect your concentration in the game. Basketball goggles keep your peepers protected and unharmed.
  2. Some designs are technologically advanced to help keep players’ heads facing the frontcourt without pitching them.
  3. Flying debris, dust, and insects will quickly come into contact with the naked eye if left unprotected. Goggles will keep your eyes protected from the painful interference of such elements.
  4. Replaceable lenses offer better clarity for players with visual problems.
  5. Goggles will prevent your eyes from getting damaged during the impact caused by rough contact with the ball or opponent.

What are my chances of safety with glasses in a basketball game?

Some players prefer to wear special glasses when playing. These fit just like goggles and offer more or less the same kind of protection.

However, when using these glasses, make sure you’ve used glass curators that will keep them close to the eye area without slipping from the face.

Besides, the keepers protect the glasses by keeping them undamaged during the game.

How many NBA players have worn goggles before?

Several basketball stars have worn goggles, including an all-time great, Kareem Jabbar, who used them to protect the eyes whenever he was playing.

He used goggles because of a grazed cornea he got in 1968, and another critical damage to one of his peepers in 1974, which forced him to put on blinkers from then onwards as a precautionary measure for the safety and protection of his eyes.


Before you start your basketball career, make sure you have the right gear, and most importantly, reliable eyewear.

The basketball goggles we reviewed guarantee not only the safety of your eyes but also fulfill your every need as a basketball player.

These blinkers will hardly come between you and the game because they contain quality materials.

HEAD Impulse Anti Fog Protective Eyewear is the design to go for if you are interested in improving your focus in the game and gaining better clarity when passing or shooting the ball.

The designs have anti-fog features that prevent them from clogging during sweat buildup.

Modifiable straps will ensure this eyewear comfortably fits around any head size. Besides, the fasteners will keep the goggles firmly strapped around the head to keep them from falling during the game.

The sturdy frames keep the goggles durable. Also, the plastic build hardly gets shattered when dropped to the ground.

Head Impulse is a true definition of high-quality sports gear for all. Grab yourself these unique anti-fog protective eyewear while their stocks last!

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