Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

What are the Top Wide Basketball Shoes?

Comfort is an important factor to any basketball player. If you experience plenty discomfort in the court, then you may have lesser chances of performing optimally. Shoes are one of the things that greatly affect comfort, and thus, getting the right fit is eminent for a successful match.

It can be annoying to find that most if not all

averagely-sized shoes come narrow in order to provide a tight fit. If you have wide feet, then this will cause you inconveniences and more disappointments almost all the time.

Forcing your wide feet into a narrow fit may not only cause you discomfort, but a little pain the more you play. This is because of blisters that could form and even pressure marks. But do you have to put your feet through all that?

You should be glad to know that there are shoes designed to offer a comfortable feel to wide feet without compromising on fit and general performance for a basketball match. Which are these shoes then? Well, there are plenty of brands available.

How to choose the best has never been easy, and it doesn’t get so. However, we have come up with a list of some of the products that we believe to be the best in the market. We’d like to look at what each product has to offer. Why don’t we jump right to the list? They are:

Nike Lebron 17 - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Puma Clyde Court Disrupt4.8 out of 5 stars
Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 24.7 out of 5 stars

1. Nike Lebron 17

Would you be discouraged by a highly priced pair? You may consider giving more of a thought to the Lebron 17, which does come costliest, retailing at $200. Does it match the price and offer a value equal to it? My general opinion based on expert reviews is that this is a great pair.

Why don’t we find out why? You may love its cushioning. In the shoe’s heel, is a Max Air Unit, huge, and combined with a forefoot Zoom to provide protection from both impact and bounce. If you are a heavy player, therefore, then you may not only find enough comfort but also support in this Lebron pair.

It has a thick Knitposite upper material, which also comes soft and comfortable. You may notice, however, that it gets hot after a while. You may be impressed by the translucent rubber pair. A reviewer was, however, disappointed by the white solid rubber.


  • Very comfortable cushioning
  • Premium upper materials
  • Great support


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

2. Puma Clyde Court Disrupt

Have you ever tried or would like to, Puma’s first basketball sneaker in 20 years? Then you may be drawn to or should check out the eye-catching Puma Clyde Court Disrupt. You may like the consistency it offers, following that its traction is Clyde-inspired and should thus take a while to break in.

It has a pretty comfy cushioning, which comes foam-based and offers a mix of responsiveness and impact protection. What wins the day with this Puma pair, however, is how good-looking its knit upper is, which at the same time offers plenty of support and comfort.

You may generally love this pair for its build and the performance it delivers. Your matches may not be the same anymore, and you can say bye-bye to discomfort.


  • Great design
  • Great upper materials
  • Comfortable cushioning


  • Its traction is inconsistent

3. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2

Are you looking for a pair that is affordable while delivers satisfactorily? Well, the UA Spawn 2 would be your pick, were it not for some notable disappointments from critics. You may, however, want to check out what it has to offer, and determine whether or not it will work for you.

A user found it to work well, but it’s last year’s Spawn model that holds the bar. The cushioning is super firm, which may not really be an entirely good thing since its impact protection is thus little. Well, guards may find it great if out for low-to-the ground responsive cushioning.

You may find its materials to be comfortable, but unfortunately, after a while, they may stretch and thus provide lesser support. It comes affordable, nonetheless, so you’re free to make your choice of whether or not to pass to better performers.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Good for guards


  • Firm cushioning

These are not all the products that we could look at, but they form a good foundation of great basketball shoes for wide feet.

It can indeed be disappointing to come across a newly released basketball shoe that you can’t purchase because of its narrowness. It’s been quite considerate to have various brands designing good-quality shoes specially meant for wide feet.

We have looked at the top brands and what each has to offer. Critics and reviewers have also had their say. But is that all you need to walk away with a desirable product? In this section, I would like to discuss some of the things that you should have in mind in your next shopping.

These factors should help you make a decision you’ll be happy with. What you should first watch out for is comfort. If you have wide feet, then you understand why this is an important factor. You need shoes that come with comfortable materials to last you the heat and pressure from matches.

These materials should be high in quality and durable. How do you determine the best materials then? Some brands may not always deliver as they claim to, while most others do. Each brand may be woven differently, however, all for the delivery of premium comfort. Find out what other users have said about how they found the comfort of purchased pairs.

Support is another critical factor. Your pair must offer enough support from impact and bounce. Considering weight and the activities that happen in a court, you’ll find that some extra support will do you a great deal.

Impact involves plenty of pressure, and bounce requires absorption of force. The materials used in manufacturing a pair should be carefully chosen for the delivery of ideal basketball shoes. You will come to realize that materials have everything to do with the kind of shoe you’ll walk away with.

Cushioning is another important factor. It should never be too firm because then, you’ll not get good impact protection. Since impact may involve pressure, you could walk away with some discomfort with a firm cushioning.

Stretchy materials are also ideal for narrow shoes. This will enable a wide-footer to experience a good, comfortable feel. You’ll need this if you’re to be on the top of your game; shoes too tight may leave you with not only discomfort but also burns and blisters.

You should, however, watch that your shoe’s outer materials do not over-stretch. Such models that do are not quality, since overstretching will ultimately reduce the support the shoe provides. Take your time to determine which pair offers a good stretch.

Price is another important factor. Your search for a satisfactory basketball pair for your wide feet shouldn’t end disappointingly. With price, you have to consider your budget and ability. What do I mean by both?

How much do you intend to spend on basketball shoes? This is a guiding factor. Knowing your limitations is important because it shows you what you can work with. Your ability may or may not limit you. If you’re in a good position to spend, then plenty of quality products are at your disposal.

If you’re running low on finances but still need a good pair, however, you’ll still find one but with no much freedom on what you’ll walk away with. Preference, nonetheless, is an important consideration. Whatever makes you happy should be the one that makes you question if you can or cannot afford it.

These are not all the factors that you can consider when shopping for a good pair for wide feet, but they’ll put you in a good position to make a more satisfactory choice, something you’ll most likely be happy with.

But what is the most important thing that you should have in mind at all times? I would go with comfort. It’s easy to overlook this and pay more attention to something less important; so, what is it about comfort that we haven’t already discussed?

While comfort is a great consideration to any basketball player looking for a great pair to walk away with, a player with wide feet will find this more relevant to them. Your performance on the court is reliant on many things. Comfort is one that you’ll encounter in most, if not all points.

How much can you do with discomfort? Some people have a high tolerance, which is a good thing. They’re able to resist many things they’re not happy with and keep going with what is more important. But isn’t feeling okay enough just as important.

A basketball match may last long, and a season may have plenty of matches before its conclusion. The comfort you get with your pair will determine your performance in all these matches, however tolerant you may be.

Comfortable shoes have the discussed factors into consideration. You’ll find that their cushioning is great, and ideal for wide feet. This is important because, at times, cushioning may come good enough for only guards or related positions.

The requirements of a wide-foot player would be different. Good cushioning means higher impact taken and a better bounce. The two mean you’ll not only be able to perform well but with neither struggling too hard nor injuring yourself.

Comfortable materials could also reduce heat-build up within your pair. It’s totally normal for heat to build up in your shoes as you’re playing. The activity involved in a game could get your feet heated up fast, and cause discomfort or even minor burns.

Some materials have been made to be breathable and let off the heat that accumulates, thus enhancing comfort. Comfortable shoes also offer a great fit, and if they stretch, then it should only be to accommodate wide feet and not because of being worn for long or played a lot in.

You should also find them to offer great support. Support for your ankles, forefeet, and even heels is pretty important. A good pair should be able to sustain pressure on these points, and ease gameplay.

You may, however, find that most shoes that deliver well on comfort are quite heavy. Most wide-feet individuals could be looking for lighter models. Since they are available with most of the critical factors in check, your preference for heavy or light should take the day.

Bottom Line

Basketball shoes may offer the performance you’re looking for, but turn out to be too narrow for your feet, and thus be a disappointment in the end. This article looked into some of the products that would work ideally for wide feet, and the factors you should consider when shopping.

There indeed are plenty of products available in the market for your choosing, and your preference may vary. I would, however, like to recommend that you go for the Nike Lebron 17. It comes costliest, retailing at $200. Does it match the price and offer a value equal to it?

You may come across more basketball shoes that offer great features for not only wide feet but also any player, but none may easily beat what the Lebron 17 by Nike offers. This is a great pair for good reasons.

You may love its cushioning. In the shoe’s heel, is a Max Air Unit, huge, and combined with a forefoot Zoom to provide protection from both impact and bounce. If you are a heavy player, therefore, then you may not only find enough comfort but also support in this Lebron pair.

It has a thick Knitposite upper material, which also comes soft and comfortable. You may notice, however, that it gets hot after a while. You may be impressed by the translucent rubber pair. All these factors and more considered, you may find Nike Lebron 17 to be the best basketball shoe for wide feet.

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