Best Weighted Basketball for Training

What is the Best Heavy Basketball?

Basketball is all about dribbling and ball-handling skills. In any game, going on offense requires great passing, dribbling, and shooting skills. In a game, you would need to focus on the defenses while focusing on the ball in your hands.

You need to have excellent and accurate instincts even under tremendous pressure to keep the ball in your possession or pass it to the right person. Your reflexes need to be cat-like to maneuver through the defense and score for your team easily.

If you need to improve all these skills, the answer is weighted basketballs for your training if you want to shine. There are many weighted basketballs in the market to strengthen your fingers and wrists and sharpen your skills in passing and ball-handling and improving your skills.


1. SKLZ Control Basketball

The SKLZ Control is a leather basketball that weighs 3 pounds. It is a size seven ball with a 29.5-inch circumference. It was created in good design so that it bounces the same as the regulation ball so that your handling is the same as the actual ball.

It is a great ball to use to strengthen your fingers’ forearm and wrist, which are very vital for playing basketball, especially shooting. This will be an excellent way of improving your dribbling, which will make you great at offense.

Its outer leather cover gives it a good grip and makes it very flexible in terms of the courts on which it can be used.


  • It is built of leather, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • It will improve your dribbling and general ball-handling skills.
  • It is made to be high quality, thus very durable.


  • The ball is costly.
  • The weight of the ball may be overwhelming.

2. Spalding TF

The Spalding TF is a 3-pound basketball that is made out of composite leather that makes is high quality. It is a size seven ball with a diameter of 29.5 inches. It is a high-quality ball that can last very long if used correctly.

This ball was specially designed for indoor courts, so it is not ideal for the outside. If used outside, it may wear out a lot faster than it should.

This is an excellent way to improve your dribbling skills and get expertise in passing the ball. The skill of passing the ball is critical on the basketball court, and it may just be the line between winning and losing a match.


  • It is excellent for use in an indoor court.
  • It is relatively light.
  • It is very high quality and durable.


  • It can’t be used for outdoor play.
  • Its surface is a bit rough.

3.AKA Leather Basketball Training Set

The AKA Basketball set comprises three items; a size 7 29.5 inch ball, a ball pump, and a pair of dribbling goggles. The ball’s outer layer is made of high-quality composite Leather material, which makes the ball durable.

The AKA Basketball’s outer layer allows for a good grip on the ball, which will give a more effortless ball handling experience. It has a portable pump that will enable you to move around with it easily.

The ball’s weight allows for exercises in the finger and wrist region, making the fingers stronger for better dribbling and shooting. It has finger stretching equipment to prevent muscle cramps and other complications.


  • It is made of high-end composite leather, which makes it very durable.
  • It has a good grip, which makes handling easier.
  • It comes with a ball pump and dribbling goggles.


  • The material used to make the cover makes the ball heavy.
  • The ball is costly.

4. HoopsKing Weighted Basketball

This is the set that genuinely caters for everyone. It has balls for men and balls for the ladies. Balls for me weigh 3 pounds while those for ladies weigh 2.75 pounds. It is a durable ball that can be used both indoor and outdoor courts.

The Training set comes with an included instructional DVD that has tips on shooting, dribbling, and it even has guides on the various workouts you need to do.  The DVD will provide a lot of guidance to the ball’s user so that you get to sharpen your skills.

This would a good way for any player to improve his or her arm and forearm strength, which will help out on the court with ball handling and shooting. The ball itself has a great grip, so using it to train will be relatively easy.


  • It comes with an instructional DVD.
  • It is a product that is guaranteed to provide great results.
  • It is durable.


  • The Training set is expensive.
  • The set is not liked by a lot of people.

5. Trainer Heavy Weighted Indoor Basketball

As the name suggests, this is a 29.5 inch that is built for use in indoor courts. It has an outer layer that allows for a good grip, and it also has a nice look. This ball should not be used on outdoor courts because it will damage them rather quickly.

This is a specifically impressive ball because its outer layer is made out of PU leather material. This makes the outer layer able to absorb moisture, and it is very high quality. The balance in the ball is superb, and it is made to bounce just like the regulation ball.

It will help improve the strength in the arms, wrist, and fingers, which will be important in your ball handling skill and shooting.


  • It is durable
  • It has a great grip that makes handling it easy
  • It has a PU leather cover that is both classy and tough.


  • It can’t be used for outdoor courts.
  • It is very heavy

If you enjoy playing basketball as much as any enthusiast does, then the above products should serve you optimally in your next match. We all, however, have different preferences, and this is a section I would like to discuss factors that you should consider to make your shopping of a weighted basketball pretty easy.

Which of the reviewed products do you find ideal? After considering features that each brand offers, it is always a good idea to look at surrounding factors like your reasons for purchasing a weighted ball, and how well it can serve you. This way, you’ll be in a better position to eliminate usefulness from irrelevance.

Why would you want to purchase a weighted ball? Basketball players have their unique styles of gameplay. There is always the feeling you get when dribbling the ball, dunking for a score, or even just practicing on your own. Gear aside, the ball itself is one element that makes a huge difference in any match.

Just like driving a car, if something isn’t right or comfortable with your ball, you may not enjoy playing. You may, actually, face a few undesirable challenges, and if you had perhaps gotten yourself accustomed to a particular playing style and preference, then you may even face challenges competing.

It is always a good idea to compete fairly, and as other people like to believe, all factors have to be constant, before the declaration of the word “fair.” So, with your ball, and your interest in gaming basketball, how do you select what will work best for you? Let’s get down to the discussion.

A weighted ball for this game, as you may or should know, is meant to improve your shooting range. If you have been struggling with getting the ball into the basket from a distance, then a weighted ball, with practice, could help you change things and take them a notch higher.

Besides what most people know as the purpose of a weighted ball, are others like catching, dribbling, and even passing the ball. You should also find it quite handy, no pun intended, for rebounds. Let’s quickly see what each means to your match and skills in the game.

A dribble becomes easy with some weight on, and with regular practice on a weighted basketball, you will surely get better at it. A weighted ball is also reasonably, pretty easy to maintain in your hand and handle. Of course, with better handling comes better gameplay, thus improved passing and rebounds.

How are all these possible? A weighted basketball helps with muscle build-up. It is also good for adding some strength to both your fingers and wrists, which will give you an easier grip and more control over the ball. If you can control the ball well, then you can play even better!

Weighted basketballs, as seen, offer different features and may each serve you slightly differently, of course, with the major purpose still at hand and in mind. What you should look for in one, however, are as follows:


You should find a good weighted ball to be easy to dribble. Grip is in any match, an important factor that will ensure the ball doesn’t fall off when you’re trying to overcome other players. It goes along with a desirable rebound, and if the ball can’t bounce back up as much as possible when it’s in your hands, then, as you know, you may easily lose possession and control over it.

Take basketball as a match of ownership/possession. The longer you own the ball, the more scores you could line up your team. Each dribble buys you more time since players from the other team won’t just be sitting and waiting for your next move. Everyone wants possession because every minute more means a possible score!


Different materials could be used in the construction/manufacture of a basketball. Each material may serve you differently. We can both agree that you need quality materials for better and longer gameplay. Anything substandard could tear apart before you can get to savor the thrill!

What materials are common for weighting these balls? Calfskin. You will more often than not come across this with balls used in NBA, Olympics, and even WNBA, not to forget NAIA and NCAA. It is not only good for durability but also gives a feeling of predominance.

Manufactured leather is also used with weighted balls, and is often a top preference for air-plays. While a calfskin would erode on cement or black-top surfaces, you may find engineered cowhide to be more solid and, thus, better.

Rubber is elastic and is also used in making weighted balls, preferably, for indoors and air-plays. Since it is sturdy enough, you can comfortably use this on hard surfaces like cement or back-top without worries of erosion. 

Ball pump

This may look simple, but if you’re out to purchase a weighted basketball, then you would perhaps appreciate a brand that offers you a ball pump. Not all manufacturers will think of making this addition, but it could save you the trouble of getting a new one. 

Ball pumps are available in different varieties. To avoid getting something that may not last you as long as your ball, or one which may give you trouble, I would recommend that you go for a product which offers this addition.


Of course, what would be the need for all these if we didn’t talk about price? What you can afford is always recommendable. However, some products are just too good to ignore! Not even for the price, I would say. 

Before writing anything off, why don’t you take your time to go through the features that each product offers? You may come to realize that your ideal weighted basketball is actually affordable, perhaps just beyond your budget. 

Let your preference take the day as you go through these factors and look through the available products in your next shopping. I wish you happy shopping and a fun game!


Weighted basketballs have proven to be an effective way to improve your basketball skills.  It is a tool that is used by a lot of coaches and other good players. The extra weight of the balls helps you to get stronger fingers wrist and forearm, which will help up your game out on the court.

Using weighted ball will help a player improve their ball-handling skills, dribbling, shooting, and this will make you deadly you will be able to go right through any defense.  The skills also give you a sense of confidence, which will make you a better defender because you understand what the opponent might be doing.

Weighted balls work, and they work well, many players that have used weighted balls have sung its praises, and they have wowed fans on the court and left the defense in tears. 

We highly recommend the SKLZ Control Basketball; it is our best product because of its flexibility in use, superior design, and impressive quality leather that makes it very durable. For any Player looking to shine, SKLZ Control Basketball is the way so place your order today.

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