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What are the Top Basketball Hoop Ball Automatic Returns?

Individual training is a great way to nurture endurance in the game. However, chasing the ball every time it bounces off the court can take up too much of your time.

The best way to stay focused on your shooting and improve your accuracy is by procuring a rebounder machine that will not only return missed shots but also save you a lot of time by sparing you the hassle of running for the ball each time you miss a throw.

A good rebounder machine guarantees an accurate return of the ball when missed or shot accurately. The system should allow you to stay in the same position and return balls at the exact spot to give you a shorter time when fetching the ball.

Besides, the system should allow you to concentrate and focus more on your training than getting distracted with your accuracy when the ball rolls too far away.

Basketball players who are determined to get a better hold of the game in terms of shooting accuracy should consider purchasing rebounder machines, and so should parents and coaches.

Return machines create shot-centered environments that make it easier for players to maintain consistency and consequently improve their shooting skills.

We’ve listed the top five basketball return machines to consider, particularly if you are looking to enjoy a more accurate and improved shooting experience.


1. Spalding Back Atcha

This system is probably the best bang you’ll ever get that will be worth each ounce of your pennies. It’s affordable and precisely designed using coagulated plastic.

The return system comes with two crotchets that are attached to the side for secure attachment to the posterior rim.

After making a shot, the basketball hits the plastic on the system where it’s passed through the netting and directed back to the thrower with a slight kick mechanism.

What are the success rates and levels of accuracy with this design?

Accuracy varies. Expect between 50% and 95% accuracy with the Spalding Back Atcha.

The level of accuracy depends on the preciseness used in attachment, the size of the netting, and the material used to make it. Nylon and metal are the most common materials for rim netting.

Nonetheless, longer shots will not rebound back to the exact three-pointer line.


  • The Spalding is one of the cheapest return machines and thus affordable.
  • Dense plastic is durable. It works perfectly to hold and redeliver accurate throws.


  • Rebounds get collected from the middle court, thus extraordinarily annoying and time-consuming for angled shooters.
  • The system cannot return a missed throw.


2.SKLZ Kick-Out 360

When compared to the Spalding Back Atcha,  there are insignificant distinctions in terms of functionality.

However, the Kick-Out 360 has a more versatile system that is more considerate of the user.

Installing this system is rather simple. The machine can easily be attached to a rim with an adjustable hoop system by lowering the design and clipping the functional rebounder machine.

If the hoop is immovable, you’ll require a short ladder to climb and perform the attachment.

The gutter of the Kick-Out 360 hangs a few inches beneath the rim. It returns the ball to the thrower because it is conveniently positioned.

The gutter rotates through 360 degrees.

The nature of rotation depends on your preferred angle of shooting, to give you a more precise and time-saving experience.

This design has materials of better quality than the Spalding. It’s thus durable and more reliable. Nonetheless, there are incidences where the chute turned on its hinges to rebound in its own direction, and that the plastic clippings barely lasted a year holding the system to the rim.


  • The chute system is in the perfect place for the accurate delivery of the basketball.
  • Installing the rebounder machine is a simple process that only requires the user to clip it on the sides of the rim.
  • The gutter rotates 360 degrees to provide rebounds to any shooting angle.


  • Some users complain that the chute rotates on its hinges to any rebounding angle without being set that way.
  • The plastic used for clipping isn’t durable or strong enough to hold the system and the rim together.

3. Rolbak Silver

If you are looking for a rebounding machine that can guarantee the return of a missed shot, then look no farther than the Rolbak Silver Basketball Return Net.

The system is the perfect recommendation for starters.

It’s the perfect design for players who are just learning how to shoot, and with a higher chance of missing several of their shots in a row.

Installing this machine will take you less than twenty minutes. All you need to do is attach the webbed harness onto the metal rod on the upper net, then pull it over the backside of your brim, and you’re ready to make throws.

The upper side of the netting is 60 inches in width. The size is pretty big enough to cover the breadths of most backboards. Besides, there’s an even bigger design for backboards measuring up to 72 inches.

It’s the best choice for a rebounding machine that prevents the ball from going too far into the neighbor’s compound or falling into a bush of thorny roses.

However, the Rolbak Silver does a mediocre job art returning the basketball to the three-pointer line.


  • The system is one among few that can return a missed throw.
  • Putting up the model for use is a short and easy process. No extra tools are required to complete the mission aside from a ladder.
  • The netting is 60-inches wide to fit the backboards of most hoops.


  • This rebound machine can barely return throws from the three-pointer line.

4.SKLZ Rapid Fire II

This rebound machine is similar to the Rolbak Silver but with a structural modification to it: The netting of the Rapid Fire is clipped and supported by two hip-height stands.

The modification is an added advantage to the player. It provides the perfect collection angle for rebounds. With this design, you don’t need to bend to the ground when collecting the basketball.

SKLZ can be easily be attached to the top right and left corners of a backboard. The machine will only be attachable to the backboard if it’s made of metal and not forged material.

The netting of this design holds to the ground with two stands.

Both stands are metallic.

Adjustments can be made in any angle to favor, and return rebounds in the direction from which you’re making the throw.

Besides, if you need to stop the ball after making each throw, you can fold back the arms of the net.


  • The two pegs that give the rebound system support prevent players from bending when collecting rebounds. Instead, the basketball is delivered to the player in a more comfortable throwing position.
  • Rapid Fire stands can be adjusted in any position to change the rebound angle to your liking.


  • This return system cannot be attached to a molded backboard. It’s designed explicitly for a backboard with metallic frames.

5. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

The iC3 is the ultimate pick if you are in search of a perfect rebound machine that guarantees the accurate return of nearly every missed throw.

The machine is designed by a well-known company, Dr. Dish Basketball. The company also deals in the production of the high-quality ball passing equipment that’s designed for professional athletes.

A steel piece of the frame forms the framework of the iC3. The design of the structure makes it easier to install. You just need to hang it from the rim’s backside, then firmly fix it onto the long supporting pole of your basketball hoop, and you are comfortable to shoot from any angle.

The iC3 can be fixed on any hoop that is approximately 60 inches in width.


  • The netting of this design is wide enough to catch nearly all of your missed shots.
  • With the precise location of the rebounding machine, it’s easier to shoot with the proper curvature.
  • Thrown balls, when collected, are channeled into a small gutter that is rotatable through 180 degrees to favor rebounds in any court position.
  • It’s a rebounding system designed to improve the style of play for both professionals and average players.


  • The rebounding mechanism of this system is rather slow.

Choosing the right basketball return

The most important thing to consider before purchasing a rebounding machine is your preferred style of play and level of professionalism in the game.

Based on the style, there are three main classifications of basketball return designs in markets today.

  • The lawn guard

It’s also known as the yard-guard.

This return has a wide net that covers the entire back of the hoop.

Setting up the lawn guard requires the player to keep the net vertically straightened from the lower part of the rim to the ground.

The main advantage of the guard return is the large netting that clasps the support pole to run farther in both directions and cover the entire area below the floorboard. It is wide enough to fit any floorboard size.

Nonetheless, the guard does not come with a return mechanism for the ball, especially when you make an accurate throw.

Its essence is to prevent the ball from going too far from the court and thus give you an easy time when retrieving the ball.

The lawn guard is the perfect accessory if you need to take care of some delicate landscaping, house, or garden behind the hoop.

  • Return netting

Return bags are hung on floorboards behind the hoops to cover the lower length and both widths.

They are usually stretched towards the thrower and secured firmly to the surface of the court with mass bags that are typically included in the packaging.

These netting cover more extensive space around the hoop hence can collect more basketballs passing through the loop or those that miss by one or two feet.

The net will roll the ball in graceful motion back to you.

Some designs have movable stands that can be adjusted, depending on the angle you need to improve your shooting. These designs are the perfect selections for players who need versatility in their training.

Nonetheless, return designs take up a lot of court space owing to the full size of the netting.

When choosing a return netting, ensure you’ve checked the size of the mesh and measurements of the court or playing space, to know which designs will fit the available space.

  1. Rim-clipped designs

There are two rim-clipped designs.

The first designs are precise and with even higher demand for accuracy than the return nettings and lawn guards. Guards and nettings will help return missed throws, but this brim-attached return will only make rebounds on accurate throws.

However, the other advanced design consists of a framed netting attached to the lower back of the rim and a small gutter where basketballs are channeled into, which guarantees a 97% to 100% return accuracy for both missed and sunk throws.

These versions can rotate through 180 degrees to provide rebounds for the player on any shooting angle around the court.

Conclusion for Basketball Rebound Nets

Rebounding machines come with different features and options for users. Many designs are either made of plastic or metal.

Metal is a preferred material owing to its durability. Nonetheless, coagulated plastic is a reliable option, as well.

When choosing the best return system, make sure you’ve checked the ease of installation, the removal options and ease of storage, the nature of your hoop, and the compatibility options.

From this list of factors, it’s evident that the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer is the right rebound machine owing to the 100% accuracy on returns, the 180-degree alteration options on the chute for preferred shooting angles, and the realistic curvature the design allows you to make when shooting.

The iC3 is the best return system you’ll ever find. It’s not only durable but also a worthwhile investment that is easy to install and 100% satisfactory.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer today!  It’s everything you need for a game-changing and time-saving training session.

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