Best Basketball Shoes for Centers

What are the Top BBall Shoes for Big Men?

Basketball shoes are no longer just for the game. They have taken over and become a trend in the fashion industry. And by the looks of it, it’s not ending anytime soon.

However, for heavyweights such as Shaquille O’Neal who weighed three hundred and sixty pounds, they will have trouble finding a pair to rock.

Unlike before, where good players were huge, they tend to be slim and hence put on smaller sizes of shoes.

But that shouldn’t stop your quest of getting all kinds of cute pairs of basketball sneakers as the market is not likely to be a problem.

Should they be high-top or low-top? Well, more of the sneaker population is leaning towards the low-top.

Nevertheless, some still go for the high-top. After all, it gives a feeling of security compared to the other.

Choosing what to settle for might be confusing. Fortunately, you are in the right place to find out more. That includes five basketball shoes that I highly recommend that you look out for.

Air Jordan 34 - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Nike Lebron 154.8 out of 5 stars
Zoom Rize4.7 out of 5 stars
Kyrie 64.6 out of 5 stars
Lebron Soldier 134.5 out of 5 stars

1. Air Jordan 34

If you are looking for a pair that meets style, here is one of them. As we all know, most Air Jordans are quite heavy. Well, 34 is the lightest of them all.

As much as many players may want heavy ones for more security, more still prefer lightweight ones to be able to move faster as they play.

But how much does it cost? It cost a hundred and ten dollars at JD Sports and the most expensive at Snipes USA at 180 dollars.

Out of ten, it gets a rating of nine. I must commend its cushioning, which is bouncy and reduces the stress at the joints.

And with its superb traction, it is perfect for heavy men. They are also breathable. Its materials have received criticism but not concerning its performance.

There are also a variety of colors for players to select.


  • Light
  • Stylish
  • Stable
  • Offers support


  • Costly

2. Nike Lebron 15

This pair with a rating of 8.8 from experts is perfect for heavy men as it reduces the pressure at the joints during games. Thanks to its cushioning. You must be familiar with Air Max and Zoom, and this is a blend of the two!

If offering comfort is one of your considerations, then this shoe is also right to go. After all, for a player to reach his full potential, he has to be very comfortable in what he puts on. And how much do they cost?

Nike is giving them away at $ 147.97. Its premium materials are also something to talk about as they are durable. You can go with the multi-colored or black one.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Its materials are durable


  • There is so much focus on the cushioning, leaving out stability.

3. Zoom Rize

If you are looking for a pair that won’t cost a fortune and can accommodate more people, Zoom Rize is one of them. Its cost varies from 60.97 to 109.99 dollars. What I like about Nike is that they consider the different constitution of the population.

It offers support, making it ideal for big guys. Can smaller men wear it? Yes, they can. It is suitable for anybody. All you have to do is pick the right size! What about comfort? Well, once you put it on, it is very comfortable.

And just like the one above, it gets a rating of 8.8 from experts. Its cushioning is also bouncy like AJ34. The support on the heel and midfoot is excellent. The pair is also not ideal for the dusty courts which will make them dirty.

They tend to be stiff when they are new, but once you get used to them, they are quite comfy. The pair is also available in a variety of colors.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Not ideal for dusty courts


  • Its lateral support is questionable.

4. Kyrie 6

This pair also from Nike goes from 60 to 130 dollars in different shops. With this pair, players can quickly move as they play. The reason being excellent traction is offered on this menu. Big guys prefer support over style. And this is what they get.

Do not get me wrong, this pair has evolved over the years and therefore still meets style. Its cushioning is made from the phylon material. The heel is also very soft compared to other kyrie shoes.

The comfort and turbo cushioning offers are also remarkable. And in case you are wondering, it is an improvement of kyrie 5. On a scale of 1 to 10, it got a rating of 8.8.


  • Offers good traction
  • Provides support


  • Its size runs smaller than expected.

5. Lebron Soldier 13

For starters, 13 is not fitted with laces. The materials used in its making are also enduring. Unlike other options, this pair is ideal for the outdoors as it keeps the dust off.

Therefore, players can still wear it to games and still rock it during the off-season—however, the cushioning isn’t uniform. And as for its price, its least cost is 53.97 dollars, making it the cheapest in my list.

We often conclude that cheap products are of bad quality. Fortunately, that is not the case with this pair. It gives excellent traction, meaning that players will be able to move in the court without difficulty.

For massive players who have been looking for an affordable pair, 13 should work well. What about its rating? It gets an 8.8 out of 10.


  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable material
  • Gives support


  • The cushioning is not adequately comfortable

If you are or have been a basketball center player, or otherwise known as the big guy, then you know how important getting the right pair of shoes is. A good shoe is just like decent clothing; you may not feel confident leaving without one.

Shoes, however, go a step farther than clothing and provide greater and more critical essentials especially to a basketball player. Shoes affect your maneuverability, especially since they determine how comfortable you’ll be.

Talking about movement, basketball does require that you be as free as possible. While speed is not much of a matter for the center man, being able to move in the first place is quite important, and the whole reason why you should look for a desirable pair.

Comfort in movement can in turn be affected by other factors like the materials with which the shoes you’re wearing have been made in. Some materials offer comfort, while others just do not. It’s important to go for something soft, but spongy enough.

Comfort is connected to several other factors when talking about shoes, and one of them is cushioning. Some shoes are well-cushioned, while others are firm or mid-soles. Each of these types mean something different for a basketball player.

An important distinguishing factor to what is meant for you or could work better, is the position you play in. Guards, for instance, may require more speed/swiftness. Firm soles will provide what they need to perform optimally.

On the other hand, centers and even wide footed individuals, could require more cushioned shoes, which will be able to take the pressure from their large body masses. It is reasonable and imaginable that a huge player would apply more pressure on their soles.

Firm or mid-soles may cause discomfort because of how hard one may feel the floor’s surface while moving with much pressure. If you get lucky to walk away without blisters, then it may be something else that you’ll not like.

Impact protection and bounce more often than not, go together when dealing with cushioning. Impact protection is just as it reads, reduction of or protection from the impact on hitting the floor. Good cushioning will provide a smoother landing, and thus more comfort.

If the cushioning is good enough, then it will extend on to affecting bounce, and making every landing worthy of another, with little to no discomfort on hitting the surface. A cushioning rating of at least 8.0 is, therefore, quite important in deciding the desirable level.

Support. Great body mass, height and even large feet deserve plenty good support. Because of the weight and force that comes along with it, chances are high of losing balance should you use a less supportive pair.

Your basketball shoes should provide firm support. You may wonder if this can hinder the comfort it will deliver in the end, but with enough support, you should actually feel more comfortable. But which part of the feet requires support?

To mention a few, they are the heels, the forefeet, and even ankles. These are areas of your feet that you’ll notice to take more pressure from impact and even bounce. Since basketball involves a lot of repetition of the same, you may face a hard time should you go for anything less supportive.

Support in this case will go along with high-top models. This is because of the support that they offer. High-top sneakers rise above the ankles, and are good for the boost they provide, and protection from minor injuries which could happen to your ankle area or lower feet.

High-top sneakers were once common, but are now a thing for mostly center players, because of the functionality they still serve. You should take your time to check out the available high-top models to determine which one(s) will work best for you.

We have discussed comfort widely because with basketball shoes, that is the one factor that is present in almost every feature. That is to say that every weaving made on a basketball shoe could go a long way in affecting your level of comfort.

The design of a shoe, nonetheless, is another factor that you’ll find most common to affect how well you’re going to perform in it. Why? Basketball shoes are made to deliver differently and serve a purpose. Find out what it is for you.

Having mentioned performance, why don’t we briefly discuss how this is important in getting your winning product? Performance covers all the factors that we’re going to discuss. This is because a basketball shoe is built to perform, and thus affect your performance.

This will, therefore, involve how easy you can move in the shoes, how comfortable you feel in them, and even the things the shoe will allow you to do. Ease in movement is just straightforward. You should never face a challenge with this when playing a basketball match, whichever position you take.

You should be able to dribble, jump, and even make scores. You should pass without straining, and hold your ground without slipping. Comfort is aligned with movement, and while it doesn’t directly affect whether or not you move, it affects how long you can feel okay enough to perform well in your shoes.

Okay is a good and important state when playing, because discomfort can cause us to deliver less, or nothing at all. If you’re uncomfortable for the whole match, then you’ll possibly do less, or fail to get the ball throughout a match.

Sometimes, you may be able to move, but with very little you can do. Different shoes may have this effect on you, and before you get that great feel in a pair, you may find it to be a factor that pulls down greatly on your performance.

With all factors considered, you should remember to go for a pair that you can afford. Price is often overlooked, and will most times be though of last. Let it be as important to you as all other factors. What you can afford, despite preferences, is what you should go for. Of course, make sure to be happy and satisfied with your choice!


I appreciate your time. I hope that my information was helpful. I reviewed five basketball shoes that are good for your choosing. However, my top pick is the Air Jordan 34, or simply AJ34.

Even though it is quite expensive, the pair offers superb traction and bouncy cushioning. And for swift movement, it is light in weight. It is also breathable. And due to the broader surface area at the base and eclipse plate, stability and support is not an issue.

It also comes in different colours and is also very stylish. And just to second me is the rating of 9.0 from experts. If it meets the players’ needs, those who can afford it will get a pair.

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