Best Basketball Shorts

What are the Best Mens Basketball Shorts?

Finding the right basketball shorts is inherently tricky because most designs look similar at a glance. Most designs indeed have the same appearances. However, a few distinctions are noticeable, not only in color and design but also in quality.

Unlike in the past, where it usually took a collective effort of the entire basketball team to find lasting pants, it’s pretty more natural in modern times to get the shorts of your choice, owing to the affordability and availability of high-quality basketball shorts for all.

Here are some quality basketball shorts that guarantee durability and comfort when worn for the game.

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1. Nike

These shorts are designed using safe fabric. The pants are made of pure polyester, that is 100% comfortable on the skin.

Drawstring closure mechanisms are more comfortable to adjust for the perfect fit that won’t sag and ruin your concentration during the game.

The Dri-FIT technology keeps players dry, even when active and sweating. These shorts will manage excess sweat and keep you comfortable during training.

Motion apertures give players more room for mobility. Besides, the meshed pockets are breathable and can be used for the dry storage of portable necessities.

Aside from using them when playing basketball, these shorts are perfect for gym training. The unique Nike logo is embroidered on the left skirting.


  • With Dri-FIT technology, comfort is assured. The fabric drives sweat farther from the skin to the garment’s surface, where it’s evaporated faster to leave you comfortable and dry.
  • The extensile waistband and interior drawstring are adjustable to fit any player.
  • Polyester is machine-washable and 100% safe on the player’s skin.


  • The pair of shorts is short and uncomfortable. The material stays wrinkled.

2. Under Armour

If you order the Under Armour basketball shorts, you get not only an affordable pair of gear but also the perfect size that fits you, not an inch larger or smaller.

The primary materials of the shorts are polyester, 84%, and Elastane, with 16%. Closing the Under Armour with the drawstring is a fast and easy process that guarantees secure closure.

HeatGear technology is used in creating the fabric. It’s not only durable but also explicitly smooth and soft for maximum comfort.


  • The UPF-30 material safeguards the skin to protect it from harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Sweat from the body is wicked off when pushed from the skin to the top shorts, leaving you dry and comfortable.


  • The material is too thin. Besides, some designs are delivered when frizzled around the seams.

3. TopTie

The drawstring closure guarantees a secure fastening that won’t get loose or force the pants to fall off during the game.

The safety of the materials is assured, as polyester is the only material used in designing these shorts.

TopTie basketball shorts are available in different sizes. The basic sizes are medium, large, and extra-large.

Soft polyester keeps the shorts comfortable and durable. Meshed inserts have an excellent moisture-wicking ability that facilitates the free circulation of air, particularly in tough workout sessions or basketball games.

Sweat is easily dispersed once it’s accumulated on the skin. The smart moisture-wicking technology keeps players dry and in suitable conditions for optimum performance in the game.


  • The waistband is elastic and durable. An inner drawstring is included to make fastening easy and secure.
  • TopTie shorts are available in different sizes, medium, large and extra-large, to fit all players.


  • These shorts don’t have side pockets.

4. Adidas

The waistband is elastic with a draw-cord for secure closure.

Primarily, Adidas basketball shorts are made from pure polyester, a safe and high-quality material. The shorts will last for several seasons.

Cleaning the shorts for use is easy because the pants are machine-washable. They have two pockets on the sides. You can use these meshed storage chambers to keep a few essentials when getting ready for the gym or a basketball game.

Overall, the quality of Adidas shorts is higher compared to other designs. Besides, they are multipurpose wear hence perfect to wear around the house when heading to the gym or when working out for the game.


  • The elastic waistband and drawstring provide flexible fastening for secure closure.
  • Polyester is a high-quality and durable material.
  • These shorts are multipurpose clothing you can wear for the game or workouts.


  • Inferior quality materials, because the waist tie string breaks a few days after purchase.

5. Pro Club

These are not only affordable basketball shorts but also heavyweight designs that are built to last.

The shorts are made from premium polyester.  Besides, quality is guaranteed as they are made in the USA.

The closure is efficient because the waistband is elastic. The pants are machine-washable. Cleaning them should be a fast and easy process.

Besides the material being of superior quality, the shorts have high-quality mesh structures that improve ventilation to keep players cool.

Pro Club shorts are not only designed for basketball but also for other sports activities such as tennis and soccer.


  • These shorts have two pockets.
  • Meshing on the shorts improves breathability.
  • There are multiple size and color options. Besides, a size chart is provided to give purchasers an easy time.


  • Make sure you check the chart size to avoid buying a smaller or bigger pair of shorts.

Shorts in a basketball match are not only meant for the outward appearance, but a good, comfortable feel. This is important in any match, since it will determine how well you’re going to perform.

When shopping for basketball shorts, other factors come into consideration for the best choice. One is quality. A good pair should definitely last you a season and even longer. You should also have plenty of affordable pairs, which are now easy to get without compromising on quality.

Why don’t we have a better look at these factors that could make your shopping more fun and seamless? Material is the first thing that should click in your mind. It’s true, most if not all basketball shorts will seem the same on the surface.

Some may consider a short just a short. But if you’re looking to have great matches and be at your best, then you know that gear includes what you wear too. These basketball shorts, however, are not the same as they may look. They all come in a variety of weavings, with different materials and thus, advantages.

Cotton is one of the most common materials. It is, however, a good material to look out for whenever you’re shopping for basketball shorts. One reason is the comfort it delivers. It’s soft and can therefore feel good and cosy to wear.

A downside which comes as an advantage is its weight. Cotton is light when dry, but since it’s also a good absorption material and will wick most of your sweat, it does get heavy when wet and will, therefore, most likely hinder movement.

When deciding whether or not to take cotton products, you should consider its strengths and weaknesses. You may, however, find them best to wear outside practice and in cool climate. 

Polyester is the next material that you’ll come across. This is very common today in basketball shorts, mostly because of how affordable the material is. While it’s good to have shorts that you can pay lesser for, polyester does compromise on quality, which is an important consideration to make.

Will you go for cost or quality. You can have many shorts for short periods, or a few for longer. Besides cost, however, it’s a good idea to find out if these shorts offer anything more, before making the final decision to either purchase or pass on them.

Other materials can be considered to be special; a good example is the Dri-Fit. They may offer special, unique features that are sometimes specific, like keeping the skin dry. Anything special may come a little priced than usual, so expect to spend more with this type.

You must have noticed two features that come along with materials. One is quality. Good qualities often cone fairly or highly priced. Cheap qualities can most times be disappointing. 

Why should you consider the quality you’re getting, and how can you make it easier to decide? Quality will determine how long you wear you shorts before getting tears or finding any other need to replace them. You don’t want embarrassments in the middle of a match.

Good quality shorts also offer good, desirable features. Some go along with comfort, moisture wicking and even any external designs that may enhance your appearance.

Intertwined with quality, is price. This is how much you’re either willing or able to spend. If you’re willing to dip into your pockets, then don’t leave any factor out. It’s important to understand what each product offers. 

There is always something special that could serve you in a way. If it’s all worth it and the price not way beyond what you can manage, then why not make the purchase? Don’t be too hard on yourself when you can make a better choice of products.

It’s always okay to watch your spending, but so is it important to watch the quality and value of what you’re getting. 

Ability is something else to think of. You may be willing to spend, but are not able to, perhaps because of your financial place or state. Don’t stress yourself! There are products that have been made pretty affordable. 

While the quality you’ll get at a higher price is distinguishable, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor in quality. You will still get to wear your basketball shorts for a good amount of time, just not as long as you otherwise would. In the end, if it’s satisfactory enough, then why not?

Remember to get the right size of shorts. Basketball shorts come in a variety of small, medium, large, extra large and extra-extra large sizes. Your fit is important since you wouldn’t want your pair to fall of while you’re in the middle of a match. 

Are you looking for a pair that will offer a whole great fit or something saggy would do? Shorts have evolved over the years, and their designs keep getting better. Choose what will look and feel best to you.

When shopping for the best shorts for basketball, these are not all the factors that you should keep in mind. They will, however, help you make a better choice. It’s not an easy thing going shopping blind. You may spend hours and leave with nothing.

This guide discusses the important things that should draw you closer to a product that will work for you. I always like to say, nonetheless, that preference takes the day. Whatever you prefer most cannot be debated or competed with.

While looking through features that these products offer, therefore, it’s a good idea to have at the back of your mind, the things you’re looking for in your desired product. With your preferences, take what works for you, and eliminate what doesn’t. 

All in all, don’t be too hard on yourself. At the end of this article, I’m going to recommend a pair you can get for your next match. It’s worth having a look, with the rest of the reviewed products in mind. Each brand has something to offer.


Basketball shorts are designed using different materials. These materials not only differ in quality but also strength and durability.

The most common materials are polyester and cotton. Others are made from the blends of different composites.

All in all, make sure you’ve checked the strength of the material of the shorts before acquiring it.  Besides, ensure you’ve picked the right size by checking your waist size in the size chart that’s usually provided by the seller.

The best basketball shorts so far are the Pro Club shorts. Aside from being very affordable, the pants are heavyweight, as they are built from durable polyester.

Besides, they are tough to offer you protection in the game. Most customers who purchased these shorts were satisfied with the quality, excellent fit, meshed pockets, breathability, and durability.

Hurry and pick the Pro Club basketball shorts today, and change your appearance and performance on the court.

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