Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

What are the Top Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Support?

Do you ever experience some sharp pains in your heel right after waking up in the morning? Worry not! You probably have a condition called Plantar Fasciitis.

Now you are probably thinking that you cannot proceed to compete in that basketball game since you might fall out before it’s over. Not so fast! As bad as the name sounds, it is something that can be minimized or even completely avoided.

In most cases, the problem is associated with people who are overweight and those who run for long distances. In fact, the problem can also be caused by wearing inappropriate shoes to the basketball court.

What happens is that your feet don’t get enough support and as a result, the tissue at the bottom of your feet swells causing the pain.

That said, it naturally follows that proper selection of basketball shoes can keep the pain away. You just have to find a pair that has enough cushioning to offer some impact protection. 

They should also have extra padding and adequate heel protection mechanisms. Given the number of available options, it might be difficult to find the best choice. We have therefore done the research and come up with the top 5 picks.

1. Adidas Crazylight

These shoes come in an attractive red color and have been perfectly manufactured to give you adequate heel support and keep away the sharp pains.

They are made from lightweight quality materials. As such, they won’t weigh down on your feet and heels as you move about the court. This is the best thing you want for your swelling feet.

Besides, Adidas Crazylights have a very forgiving cushioning that will give you the support you want. Wondering how? The soft cushioning will absorb impact resulting from reactive forces brought about by jumping and landing.

As though that is not enough, the shoes also provide arch support to your feet. This works by equally distributing pressure that is applied to your feet throughout the whole area. In effect, your posture and balance are improved and foot pain is eliminated.

They also have a heel counter that is deep enough to support your heels and prevent side to side movement, while also acting as shock absorbers.


  • They offer arch support
  • They are lightweight
  • They have good cushioning


  • They don’t have a perfect fit
  • Extra cushioning may make the heel region rigid

2. Nike Kd 8

If you are looking for that pair of shoes whose midsole is much more forgiving, Nike Kd 8 just answered your prayers! They have an excellent cushioning that minimizes the stress reaching your feet, ensuring you remain comfortable.

On the good side, this extra cushioning does not interfere with your court feel as the shoes remain to be highly responsive.

In addition, the shoes have been fitted with Zoom Air Technology to ensure they remain soft on your heels. The technology depends on stretched tensile fibers and pressurized air to absorb impact and to protect your foot muscles.

This even works to your advantage as they improve your court agility and speed.

As for the traction, the shoes have an outsole that has been made from rubber to improve their grip. You can therefore make those explosive moves without worrying about losing control.

Finally, the Nike shoes have been made from a fabric material that is durable to serve you for a long time. It is also breathable to keep your feet comfortable.


  • They have excellent cushioning
  • The traction is great
  • Made from durable materials


  • Need breaking-in.
  • Have a rigid construction

3. Adidas Crazy Explosive

When it comes to the lock-up system, these Adidas Crazy Explosives are your go-to option. For starters, the shoes have a good lacing system (they use Xenos laces) which lock your feet nicely.

They also have a heel counter that gives your heels extra support and ensures that they remain locked in. thus, they don’t have to move from side to side or slip when you are doing your thing.

Further, the shoes have an excellent traction pattern that enhances their grip. The rubber sole improves their bite, and you can break with a lot of ease without sliding. Stability is guaranteed thanks to their wide base.

Impact protection is maximized by their midsoles which are soft and bouncy, therefore absorbing shock and forces that would otherwise affect your heels. This to a large extent minimizes the risk of suffering from plantar fasciitis.

However, the shoes do not have the best fit out there. You may feel a tad bit uncomfortable for the first days until the shoes finally break-in. Regardless, you won’t regret spending your money on them.


  • They have a good grip
  • They have a nice lacing system
  • The midsoles give great cushioning


  • Don’t have a good fit
  • Are best when used for long durations

4. Adidas Harden Vol.2

These beasts do a nice job when it comes to their lockdown system. Starting with their internal heel counter, it is deep to ensure that it offers excellent support to your heels and feet.

The lateral side is also fitted with a TPU cage overlay which together with the three stripes technology offers lateral support and locks your feet down. Their lace system takes its lock system a notch higher.

Although their traction pattern is not very complicated, their grip is quite impressive. The shoes work very well on clean courts, with minimal wiping required for dusty courts to keep the traction strong.

The midsole offers great cushioning that is soft enough to absorb impact and stress that is reaching your feet. This leaves your heels feeling comfortable throughout the game, minimizing pain resulting from plantar fasciitis.

Finally, they have been made from lightweight materials that are durable and breathable.


  • They are lightweight
  • Have a great foot lockdown system
  • They offer great support to your feet


  • Require some wiping to maintain the grip on dusty courts
  • The heel is a tad bit stiff

5. Under Armour Curry 3

The under Armour shoes come in several colorways to suit your preference. They are made from quality materials to enhance their durability, justifying their high price on Amazon.

These shoes offer some stability, largely linked to their wide base and lateral extensions. Their lacing system increases the support of the shoes by ensuring that your feet remain tightly locked in at all times.

Their traction level is unmatched. The outsoles have a great traction pattern that increases their grip, thereby giving you the freedom to move at any speed you like. 

Also, the material used to design the shoes is breathable. This feature makes the shoes a perfect choice for players who have sweaty feet, as the air circulation keeps the extra moisture at bay.

The padded collar also improves the support offered by these Under Armour models.

Importantly, the shoes have nice cushioning for your feet thanks to their dual-density midsole which is soft and comfy. This gives extra comfort to your feet and heels by absorbing impact and shock.


  • Their dual-density midsole offers excellent cushioning
  • Have a wide base for improved stability
  • Have great traction


  • A bit expensive
  • They have a narrow fit

What causes plantar fasciitis?

The condition is attributed to the straining of the plantar fascia (this is a tissue found at the bottom of your foot -usually running from your heel to your toes- whose role is to support your foot and absorb the shock caused by walking). 

Excess stress on this tissue causes it to stretch and tear, causing inflammation gradually.

It can be caused by intense activities such as running. Likewise, wearing shoes that lack adequate support mechanisms causes this condition. If you are overweight, you face a risk of experiencing plantar fasciitis.

However, the cause has remained uncertain in some cases.

Signs of the condition

Plantar fasciitis is characterized by a sharp pain in the foot near your heel when you wake up. Usually, the pain is pretty much intense when you are taking your first steps but it subsides as time goes by.

It can also be characterized by pain at your heel after some heavy exercises, after standing for a long time or after sitting for a while.

If you ever feel some pain when you are done with your 3-hours of basketball training, this might be a possibility. Remember, you are always running up and down, making explosive moves, and trying to make the best vertical jump.

Risk factors associated with plantar fasciitis 

While there are no clear causes of the condition in some instances, several factors have been scientifically proven to increase the risk of developing this condition.

Excessive weight is the first risk factor. As noted, too much stress on the plantar fascia results in some tears which gradually causes inflammation. Obesity increases the tension on the foot muscles, resulting in the pain.

Old age has also been associated with the condition. Most people between the age of 40 and 60 years have been reported to have the condition.

Long durations of standing also cause plantar fasciitis. As such, occupations that require you to be on your feet for long periods are a risk factor. This is especially the case if you are working on hard surfaces.

Teachers and other factory workers fall into this category.

To add to that category, people who are exposed to particular exercises are also exposed to this condition. This includes exercises that engage your heels for long periods, as they may stress your heel muscles.

The exercises include aerobic and ballet dancing and long-distance running. This explains why athletes and runners experience the problem often. It would be safe to assume that basketball playing is in this category since it involves a lot of running and jumping.

Finally, foot mechanics are also a risk factor since the nature of their job involves having their feet in compromising positions. It covers both flat feet and high arch, as they put extra stress on your plantar fascia by unevenly distributing your body’s weight.

Any mitigation?

The risk of developing the condition can be minimized in certain cases. For instance, those who develop plantar fasciitis as a result of the nature of their exercises have a shot at selecting better shoes.

Put differently, they can go for shoes that have extra cushioning in their midsoles. The cushioning helps when it comes to impact absorption. For shoes that rely on foam cushioning, they re-distribute the forces reaching your feet evenly and you land smoothly.

 Expert tip

Do not ignore the condition as it may develop into more intense pain that stops you from going about your daily routines.

Likewise, don’t adjust your walking style in a bid to avoid the condition. This might lead to fatal situations including knee and back problems.


Wearing basketball shoes that have inadequate foot support might expose you to the risk of developing plantar fasciitis, a heel problem characterized by sharp pains especially after waking up in the morning.

Therefore, you should take extra precautions to ensure you keep your feet safe. This includes going for shoes that have great cushioning and extra padding in their interiors. Shoes with an internal heel counter and those made from breathable materials also help.

Adidas Crazylight seems to be the right pair of shoes for this purpose. The shoes are made from materials that are quality and breathable, allowing adequate air circulation to keep your feet comfortable.

Furthermore, the shoes offer some arch support to your feet. This evenly distributes pressure reaching your feet, thereby enhancing your balance and posture. This in effect reduces the risk of foot and heel pain.

These Crazylights also have a great cushioning at the midsole, which absorbs impact from reactive forces. If you were to jump, for instance, your feet won’t feel the landing force as the spongy midsole will give you a bounce.

Finally, they have a heel counter to support your heels and absorb shock. Slide into these Adidas Crazylight shoes today and watch that stubborn heel pain fade away.

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