Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes

What are the Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes?

Having cushioned basketball shoes will be very helpful for any basketball player looking to shine. Of the many cushioned shoes in the market today, there are a lot of different shoes with different types of cushioning that will be effective for different groups of players.

 Understanding what you need is a good thing before you go to buy some shoes. Some shoes have hard cushioning inside will others have a cushioning that is soft and supple, which will be great for someone heavy to help in shock absorption. 

The cushioning will provide impact protection and reduce the risk of knee injury or joint pains, especially for heavy players. In case you’re playing for long, or very frequently, it is a good idea to get a pair of shoes that have a good base that is well cushioned this will keep you in peak performance shape whenever you play.

For any basketball player occasion sneaker may be a good idea and maybe just what you need to take your career to the next level this article shows the best five products in the market today to help you improve your skills and enjoy the game.

Nike KD-12 - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Nike KD 134.8 out of 5 stars
Nike LeBron 154.7 out of 5 stars
Adidas Marquee boost4.6 out of 5 stars
Air Jordan 344.5 out of 5 stars

1. Nike KD-12

The first shoe we are going to look at is the Nike KD 12. Nike KD-12 is another good product that has a 9.9 cushion rating, which is a lot which makes it our best product. With this kind of cushioning, it is Needless to say that it has a high performance on the courts, and it is very effective for any player using it. 

The KD 12 is directly beneath your feet in this mix; it provides a lot of bounce and good response. This will make your game better. The shoe also has great traction, which will help you move quickly along the coach and stop instantly. 

 This feature will make you a great attacker and a very effective defender in any match you play. It will also reduce falling and tripping.

The shoe is somewhat of good quality, but it might not work well for you if you’re using an outdoor basketball court. The shoes look and feel are not lakes by the by most players that use them. But generally, this is the best shoe you could pick to use for basketball training or good on-court performance.


  • The shoe is well balanced and stable on an indoor court.
  • It has full length cushioning.
  • The shoe provides a lot of traction for quick movement.


  • Shoe’s performance may be inconsistent on an outdoor court.
  • The shoe’s quality has room for improvement.

2. Nike KD 13

The Nike KD 13 has an 8.7 cushioning rating. The shoe has a full-length zoom that provides the player with the best cushioning you could get in a shoe. This kind of cushioning makes the gaming experience of any player using the Shoe comfortable, making them an effective member of a team. 

The shoe also has an insane amount of traction, which will be helpful for a player that needs to make quick movements; this will help them become effective on the quote and eventually make them noticeable. The shoe is made out of a lightweight material that gives it high-performance rates on the court.  

The shoe is designed like all the others of the brand so it will fit you if you have just regular narrow feet in case you have wide feet you might need to look for a larger size.

The shoe is made of high-quality material, which allows it to be used on both indoor and outdoor courts, and it is also very durable, so you want to need to replace them constantly.


  • The shoe has good cushioning.
  • It can be used on both indoor courts and outdoor courts.
  • The shoe has good traction.


  • The shoe is not very high quality
  • The upper part of the shoe does not provide a good grip on the foot.

3. Nike LeBron 15

This pair of shoes has a 9.8 cushioning rate. According to the players who have used the shoes, this is the best Nike LeBron shoe ever to be made as of now, and it has a lot of praise from its past users.

The shoe has a combination of zoom and Air Max cushioning. This combination provides a very comfortable cushioning that will be very helpful for heavy players because it will do a lot of impact absorption and reduce the risk of knee injury or joint pains need to the high pressure of the game. 

The upper part of the shoe has battle needs, which is very comfortable and fits nicely, which leaves you in a good mind. These shoes are made of high-quality material, which will allow you to use the shoes for a long time before you have to replace them.

The only problem with this Pair of shoes is traction. The poor traction will increase the time you need to, which may be a great disadvantage, whether you are on defense or attacking. Generally, this is a really good show that could be helping you a lot.


  • The shoe is very comfortable.
  • These shoes’ superior cushioning shows help reduce injuries.
  • The shoe is made out of high-quality material that will last long.


  • These shoes don’t offer very good stability
  • They have poor traction.

4. Adidas Marquee boost

This is another impressive creation of Adidas. This shoe has a 9.6 cushion rating, which is rather impressive. This is a shoe that’s not only high performance but also very stylish.

The shoe traction was designed for Indoor courts. Having said that, the shoe will work for you very well on an indoor court, but it might be problematic on the Dusty outdoor court. 

It has good cushioning to provide impact protection and shock absorption, which will reduce your risk of injury or joint dislocations. The shoe also has an uncle Cola, which will provide your uncle with a lot of support; this will help you perform well on their court, and you also reduce your chances of twisting your ankle. 

The material used to make this shoe is pretty basic, but the shoe has a nice look and comfortable feel.  

This is generally a high performing shoe that’s sure to make you shine and look good while doing it.


  • The shoe provides a good balance.
  • The shoe is really stylish.
  • Did she have an ankle collar we should provide support for the ankle and prevent injury?  


  • The shoe cannot be used on outdoor courts
  • The material used in making the shoe is not of high quality.

5. Air Jordan 34

This Pair has a 9.6 cushioning rate, which is sure to provide you and nice experience. The shoe has impressive traction Owing to the herringbone traction pattern, which makes the shoes effective on all courts, be it indoor or outdoor.

The shoe cushioning provides a good balance, making the game fun for the player and movements easy and comfortable. The good balance will reduce uncle strain and balance your weight properly, making you overly more effective. 

The material used to make the shoe is not exactly the best quality, but it is flexible light and breathable, which all come together to make this shoe very comfortable and give it high performance.

The shoe was designed with a wide base that provides balance and stability. The wide base increases the relaxation of the ankle and weight distribution on foot, which gives better performance.

  According to the players that used the Air Jordan 34, it is the best air Jordan shoe ever made, and although it is expensive, it will be worth your money.


  • The shoe has great cushioning
  • The shoe provides good traction.
  • The shoe is breathable, which makes it very comfortable to play in.


  • The shoe is rather expensive.
  • The shoe is not good for outdoor courts.

Factors To Consider When Buying Cushioned Basketball Shoes.

Having a comfortable and reliable basketball shoe is perhaps the most basic requirement that any basketball player, whether pro or otherwise, must meet to achieve optimum performance in the court. A good number of seasoned athletes agree that a player is only as good as his gaming kits!

Given the nature of the sport, most basketball players tend to have relatively bigger body physics. Their large bodies and massive weights tend to put a lot of strain on their joints, especially for older athletes. This is why it is invaluable for one to have a sufficiently cushioned basketball shoe.

Having excellent shoes not only gives you comfort in the court, but it also minimizes the chances of you ending up with joint injuries or bruises from falling. This review will take you through what features to look for in basketball shoes to get maximum value for your money.

Basketball shoe brands utilize different technologies to bring about cushioning in their products. Most of these products will work well when used under standard conditions. However, under extreme environments, these products have different performance capabilities.

Making a shoe purchase can be challenging, especially when you have limited knowledge of the matter or do not know what to look for. I have discussed some of the factors that I have been using for years now to shop for basketball shoes. With this guide, you can’t get it wrong!


This is one of the most important factors that you ought to consider when buying basketball footwear. The product’s material plays a big role in its durability and feel of the product on your feet. For this reason, it’s important to take time and review what a product is made of.

Basketball footwear made of synthetic plastic is common in the market and popular among players. These products are loved for their lightweight nature and durability. Even though they lack the luxurious feel, these products tend to withstand intense sessions without getting damaged.

Other footwear products are made of soft raw materials. This is a common feature of high-end products. Products made of these materials offer a lot of comfort and a touch of luxury to its users. The downside of these products is that they are less durable. The damage under intense use.

Regardless of the material, excellent footwear should be able to withstand prolonged use. It should also be of manageable weight with the capability to offer you enough comfort and protection on the court.


This is the outer-lower part of a basketball shoe. It is the part of the shoe responsible for grip on surfaces. This is a vital part of the shoe as, without grip, it is virtually impossible to keep balance on the court. Most out-soles are made of synthetic plastics or rubber.

A poorly designed outer-sole is not only inconveniencing you, but it also increases the chances of injuries from falls. So how do you identify an excellent outer-sole? The basic consideration with outer-soles is that it should offer reasonable traction on most if not all surfaces.

When it comes to materials, outer-soles made of rubber tend to offer more traction on most surfaces. To increase grip, manufacturers make soles with specially crafted designs that maximize grip on surfaces. The most commonly used patterns are hexagonal and herringbone patterns.

The design of the outer-sole also plays a key role in its delivery. A well-designed outer-sole should be wide and flat to increase the area in contact with the surface. This feature greatly increases the balance of the shoe as well as its grip across all surfaces.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that most basketball footwear is made for indoor use on polished surfaces; hence a good number of them might not last on outdoor dust or asphalt surfaces. If you intend to use the product on such surfaces, then you should go for shoes with thick soles.


This is the section of the shoe right above the out-sole, where the footwear’s cushioning mechanism is located. Most shoe brands feature Compressed EVA, foam, and EVA at this section of their footwear due to their lightweight nature.

The mid-sole plays an important role in providing support and cushioning. This is very important as it ensures your joints are protected from injuries caused by strain exerted by your body weight. This is one of those features that set apart pro athlete gear from standard gears.

Light mid-soles are ideal for lighter players whose gameplay depends on speed and stability as the lightweight nature of the mid-sole facilitates faster flexible movements and jumps. You can, therefore, make sprints and sharp changes in direction without hurting your joints.

On the other hand, heavier, more aggressive players who prefer stability and solid feel of the ground to speed work well with thick cushioned mid-soles as these offers an extra touch of stability and balance as well as protection from joint injuries from the strain caused by their heavyweights.

Suppose you are after a shoe that is ideal for fast and light guard duty. In that case, footwear made of firm cushioning material like phylon is a perfect fit for you as they allow great responsiveness while offering adequate support and comfort.

Zoom Air cushioning offer more comfort and safety and are ideal for heavier players who do not want to put a lot of strain on their joints. You should select a mid-sole design that will suit your body physic as well as playing position.

The Upper

This is the part of footwear that covers your foot. Basketball shoes have three types of heights, low, medium, and high upper designs. All these designs have their pros and cons, and are they are designed to offer different experiences.

The high type of shoes is those whose upper part surrounds the ankle. This design is meant to increase the comfort and support offered by the footwear. One challenge with this design is that it packs on more weight making the shoes relatively heavier.

The medium height shoes offer perfect ankle support. The upper part of the footwear rests on the ankle giving adequate space for movement while providing adequate ankle support and protection. With medium shoes, you are guaranteed maximum ankle support in the court.

On the other hand, low basketball shoes do not offer much support but have everything to offer in terms of flexibility. This design gives you enough space to attain your optimum speeds and agility levels.

Another important aspect to look at on the upper part of the shoe is the security feature. These are mechanisms in place to help fasten the footwear on your feet. Most products only come with laces, but others have additional features like straps and zippers for additional support and safety.

Body Physic

Though neglected by most, this is a very important factor in mind when buying new basketball shoes. You should have the details of your body physic in terms of leg size, shape, and overall body weight.

You can use several foot measuring standard tests to determine the right shoe size for you before making a purchase. This will eliminate the mistake of spending on a shoe that does not fit well, as some stores do not accept returns.

Big and heavy athletes also require more cushioning for comfort as their bodies exert more weight on their joints. Knowing how much you weigh will give you a rough idea of what kind of shoes will serve you well. 

Player position

This is also another factor that can guide you in selecting the perfect shoes for you. Different field positions have different requirements. For instance, guards require a lot of anchorage with space for fast unrestrained movements; therefore, they require low or top basketball footwear.

Forwards tend to be big and heavy in terms of physic. For this reason, high-top shoes are their best fit as they pack more weight offering the players the much-needed support and protection from joint injuries.

Utility players, on the other hand, need to find a blend of the two. Middle shoes work well for them as they offer ankle support at the same time allowing for fast, flexible movements.


What we wear can be used as a mirror to our personalities. The same case applies to basketball footwear. An excellent shoe should not only deliver in performance but should also boost your swag. A well designed and colored footwear can add a touch of elegance to your appearance.

If you intend to stand out from the rest and display boldness while at it, consider having brightly colored shoes as they most certainly have their way of attracting attention. This might give you the confidence you need to bag in that win for your team!

Let us not forget that basketball sneakers are some of the trendiest footwear out there and can be worn outside the court. Therefore, you should express your personalities and preferences when shopping for a new pair of cushioned basketball shoes.


Cushioned basketball shoes may be a very good decision for any player because it will reduce your injuries and make you more effective. The cushioning will also reduce your joints strain, so it is also a good move. 

 There are many shoes in the market today in this article that will help hopefully help you make a more informed decision. On the product, you choose so that it helps you attain your career goals in basketball.

I would personally recommend the Nike KD-12 because of its high cushioning rating and its high quality. They also have amazing traction, which is sure to make you a better player and a good defender. The shoe also has a well-balanced and full length cushioning that is placed directly beneath your feet; thus, it will provide a lot of bounce, which will increase your vertical jumps.

The shoe was not designed for outdoor courts, but its performance is a true reflection of Nike’s brand and its impressive streak. The Nike KD 12 is the best shoe for you, so don’t waste any more time getting yourself a pair order one online now! 

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