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What is the Best Connected Smart Basketball?

All great basketball players have in common their endurance, commitment, and consistency in training. As they say, hard work always pays, but that has not been working out for everyone.

Imagine one coach training more than fifty players, in such a case, many trainees tend to disappear in the background, and by the end of it all, they turn out not to play great basketball.

Thanks to the ever-evolving basketball technology, we now have smart basketballs that act as virtual trainers, and you can use it on your own, anytime you want. Such innovations have helped many players become pro athletes.

With such technology, all the attention will be on you, and you will get the chance to improve your gaming skills. In this write-up, we have reviewed three of the best smart basketball on the market.

If you are tired of sitting on the sub bench, continue reading this post to learn more about the most practical smart basketballs, In the end, we have also recommended one that we think is worth every penny in your pocket. 


1. Dribble Up Basketball

This is a ball-handling smart ball, which will help you improve your handling skills and give you the confidence you need. In the package, a free phone stand is included; you will use this to position your phone in a suitable place while training.

The ball has a microfiber finish, which keeps a good grip during the game. One thing to smile about is that the sensors do not need any charging.  Also embedded in the ball is an optical tracker that tracks ball movements and relays the data to the app. 

 After downloading the mobile app, you will have to create your account by signing up. To connect the ball to the mobile app, you have to stand three feet in front of the phone and scan it. 

Once you log in, you will find different sections, including training, challenges, friends, and settings section. There are different workouts and drills you can do in the training section, such as; crossover circuit, three minutes drill, or five minutes fury, just to mention a few.

Each section has a rookie, pro, and superstar category depending on your experience level; this makes it all age smart basketball.

Unlike other smart basketballs that can only be used during training, this one can be used in a real game. You will also love that the app can suggest to you the next drill do and can also show you your strength and weakness so that you can work on them.


  • It comes with a phone stand.
  • The app has a one month guided training program.
  • The ball is made of high-quality material.


  • The app sometimes tracks the player’s face instead of the ball.
  • Constant re-repair is needed after every drill.

2. Wilson X Connected Basketball

The Wilson app is compatible with any type of device, to use it, you have to download it and create your account. There are four different modes in the app: free-range, free-throw buzzer-beater, and game time. 

To connect the ball to the app, you have to select any mode, and then throw it ten feet in the air with backspin; the connection is via Bluetooth. The ball itself feels pretty much normal; the weight and size are the same as that of a normal ball.

In the free-range mode, all you have to do is shoot from anywhere you like, the app will count all your makes and misses, and at the end of the drill, it will give you a percentage of your makes which you can share with your friends.

In the free-throw mode, you have to step to the line and take many free throws as you like; just like in the free-range, the app will count your misses and makes. Buzzer-beater is the best mode for many players. 

Here every shot counts, you got 25 seconds as start time, and every time you make a shot, time is added to the timer. The idea here is to help you learn how to work under pressure. 

In-game time mode, you will be going against the app, i.e., home and away team; the entire game takes about two minutes. With this smart ball, you will be able to work on various game aspects and become a pro in no time.


  • No charging is required.
  • The app has plenty of drills to work on.
  • The sign-up fee is relatively cheaper compared to other products. 


  • Sometimes it is hard to synchronize the app with the ball.
  • The ball might deform after using it for long.

3.Blast Basketball

Another great smart basketball is Blast basketball.  You will need to download the mobile app and create your user account to use the app. Before pairing the ball and the app, make sure to first charge the blast precision motion sensor by placing it on the charging pad with the logo facing upwards.

After which you should point the logo on the sky for two seconds, then to the ground for two seconds, repeat this movement until you hear an audio sound, which indicates successful pairing.

You can review the tutorial screen to learn how to navigate the app after that; you need to insert the motion sensor into the wearable clip and attach it to your waistband in the middle of your back.

Launch the blast camera by selecting the camera icon and pressing the start to record your actions, and when done, just press stop. Your videos will automatically be clipped to create a series of highlights based on your actions and infused with metrics.

A graph will be plotted to help you track your progress. There is also a share feature that will allow you to send your training video to a coach for some advice. Many successful players are recommending this smart basketball, who are you not to give it a try?


  • The app has a graph that will help you track your daily progress.
  • There is a share option, where you can send your video to a coach for some advice.
  • The smart app is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.


  • The app does not track your real-time movements.
  • The sensors require charging.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Smart Basketball

There have been many improvements in the tech world, and everything uses technology to yield better results. This amazing technology has been put into various fields, including basketball and all other sports. The results of this merge have turned out to be quite impressive.

Being the best on the basketball court is not all about brutal training sessions and endless gym hours; training is essential, but it is also essential to keep up with the tech world, to get the best and latest equipment. Smart training accessories can be what you need to get to greatness.

There are many products that will help you improve on your basketball, depending on what you need; there is something for everyone. Most of the products will monitor your progress, and this makes your sessions more productive.

It all comes down to making the right choice depending on your situation so that you get a product that you can use correctly and safely so that you get the best results possible. The right equipment will get you that extra skill you need to become outstanding on the court.

Areas you need to improve.

This is gear that helps you train more effectively, so it would make sense to get equipment that helps you out with the area you need to work on. The products in the market are built to target specific skills so you should buy a product considering what you need.

Shooting is a crucial skill, perhaps the most important skill in basketball. If you need to improve your shooting skills, some products are made for that such as Spalding  Smart shot armband, which is guaranteed to help build muscle memory so that you improve your shots.

You could get a Smart ball in case you need to improve on your dribbling and ball-handling skills. The technology will help guide you into accurate ball-handling, which will play a major role in the court. This is a skill you will need to get past the defenses and get a chance actually to make a shot.

There are all kinds of smart basketball accessories that specialize in all kinds of skills; there are even jump instructors and smart shoes, so just figure out what you need. You might need to get input from your coach or a senior player to know what you need to work on.


The products are many, and obviously, they vary in quality; thus, they vary in durability. When I talk about durability, I am assuming that you are using the accessory correctly in the right environment. A durable product will give you an easier time during training an will reduce your worrying about replacement.

Most smart equipment is rather expensive, some costing up to $ 199, so you need to make sure it is durable and high quality. If it is not, it will wear out fast, and so you would need to replace it constantly, and that is an inconvenience on your part in terms of the money you will spend.

You need a product that has a lot of good reviews so that you know it is a quality product. You could ask around about how durable a product is; a little background check won’t hurt anyone. Just take your time to make sure you get a high-quality product.

An important fact to note is that a product only lasts long if used under its specified conditions. Smart gear made for indoor courts should not be used on outdoor courts because they would get ruined faster. So the correct use of a product is paramount. 

User Age

Equipment is designed for players of specific age brackets, so age is a significant factor when selecting smart basketball accessories. Age determines many things about the training equipment that is getting sold; getting a product for the wrong age may turn out to be a complete waste of your money.

The sizes of smart accessories differ depending on the age, sizes of smart shoe armbands and basketballs differ for different ages. Children generally use smaller sizes, and teens use larger sizes but smaller as compared to adults. 

Getting smart equipment that is either too tight or too snug may make your training sessions uncomfortable and unproductive.

Even the weight of smart training accessories is different; if you get heavy gear for a kid, it may just tire them out unnecessarily, making sure you get good information on the age specification of the equipment before you buy any accessories.

This ensures that the intensity and progress attained is healthy and impressive at the same time. The difficulty in using the gear also varies depending on the age. 

Smart gear intended for children is simpler and easier to use, while that is a bit more complex and demanding for adults. Some gear intended for adult athletes may be too difficult for a kid to use and vice versa. So the age could be the most important factor in selecting equipment to use.

Price and Compatibility

The range is wide in terms of the price of the smart training equipment in the market today. Some are  as cheap as $ 19.99, while others cost up to $ 199.99, so it is dependent on what you need and the amount of money you have.

Price is most of the time coupled with the quality, so keep that in mind, the more expensive equipment is likely to be more comprehensive and durable since they use superior technology and high-quality raw materials.

Some products are cheap but very durable so just make sure you get what works for you, do not buy something too expensive to get yourself broke. Cheap is expensive; a cheap product may get ruined, so you need to replace it, which is costly constantly, so just get your money’s worth.

The product should be compatible with all the devices you may intend to use with it; it should maybe have an android app or have a way for you to post your videos and monitor your progress. The software should be stable so that it does not crash when you are using it, as this could be very frustrating.

Before you get a product, consider all the factors so that you get a perfect fit for you and a great outcome without unnecessary stress.


No doubt, the smart basketballs have revolutionized the way players train today. Many people are finding such creative innovations quite helpful. They eliminate the need for a personal coach, not to mention you can always use them anytime, anywhere, which is a plus.

With the market full of smart basketball, you might find it overwhelming to select the best and result-generating gears. That is why we are recommending the Dribble Up Basketball. The ball feels real, and the grip is good.  

The app is loaded with plenty of drills and workouts to help you improve your game. Perhaps what you will like most is that it has a one month guided training program and a free phone stand.

If you follow all the instructions while using the app, you are guaranteed to improve your overall game performance. What are you waiting for? Order your smart basketball now and become a superstar.

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