Best Vertical Jump Program for Basketball

What is the Top Vertical Jump Training

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a vertical jumping program to improve your jumping. This has made it daunting for many players to determine which program will help them get the desired results.

Many players make the common mistake of trusting and using the programs that their mates are using expecting to improve vertical jumps. A program that works for your friend doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. 

We all have different body physique, and as a result, only specific programs will work for us and not all of them. A good vertical jump program will give you the desired results within the shortest time possible.

As it is often said, nothing is perfect; the same to the programs we are going to review, each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, they are the most practical you will find on the market, and by using them, you are guaranteed to improve on your dunking skills.

While many programs are limited in their workouts drills, the two that we are going to talk about are very compressive when it comes to exercise; they also focus on genetics, as you will see.

#1 – Vert Shock

The Vert Shock is the best program that will help you improve your vertical jump. It was released in the year 2014, and ever since, it has gained popularity among basketball players because it is highly effective.

The program was developed by Adam Folker, a distinguished basketball player, and Justin Darlington, arguably the best dunker on the globe. This should convince you that you will be using the best tools available made by the pros in the game.

As a testimony, Darlington claims to have come up with skills, techniques, and ideas that have enabled him to attain an incredible vertical jump of 53 inches. And all these secrets can be found in the Vert Shock.

The program was developed to be simple and easy to use so that everybody could use it. You are guaranteed to increase your vertical jump by 9 to 15 inches by the end of the training guide. Every player is talking about it, and you have to try it out and see for yourself.

If you are a beginner and you are trying to increase your jump and perfect your dunking skills, then this program was meant for you because there is no heavy lifting required, all the drills are quite easy to perform, this also makes it safe for all ages. 

Vert Shock utilizes intense workout drills and advances plyometric, which are targeted to impact the nervous system in your lower body directly. The more responsive your muscles are, the greater the force your legs will have, and the higher you will jump.

The program has three phases; pre-shock, shock, and post-shock. The first phase takes one week and is designed to prepare your body for the main course. Well, I am sure you will be glad to hear that many people begin to gain at this stage.

A lot of improvements on gains will be made in the second phase, which takes one and a half months. The drills in this stage are designed to put your body under intense pressure training your leg muscles to be more responsive.

The post-shock stage is designed to warm down your muscles and get them used to fast reflex actions you have trained them to have. 


  • The program does not require any weight lifting.
  • The program has two months money-back guarantee.
  • It does not stunt the growth of youngsters.


  • You can only access the program through an internet connection. 
  • Depending on the browser, the videos may lag.

#2 – Jump Manual

The jump manual is a professional dunk training program created by Jacob Hiller, and it was released in the year 2007. Yes! It is one of the oldest vertical jump programs for the basket, but it is highly effective. 

This explains why it has managed to stand the test of time. The jumpmanual guarantees you not less than 10 inches of increase in your vertical jump. 

The Jump Manual began as series of YouTube videos, where Hiller talked about what he had learned after years of trying to increase his vertical jump. After the videos went viral, he decided to create an eBook of eighty pages and ten chapters containing all the secrets he had gathered over the years.

The program takes twelve weeks to complete, and you should be prepared to do five workout drills per week. When you log into the membership section, you will find different chapters of the jump manual on the left side. There are schedules and drills to follow.

Each exercise on the manual has detailed texts that guide you on what to do.  Also, there are videos for each drill; if you don’t like reading, don’t worry, you are covered. Once you click on the video, a new window will pop up, and all will be set.

There are nine variables of the manual which include; 

Strength – the workouts here are designed to increase strength on your legs and give you the power you need.

Quickness – the drills here train your muscles to be more responsive.

Muscle recruitment – your lower body is conditioned to use every muscle fiber to increase your jumping capabilities.

Form – here, they aim at making your muscles work in unison to give you the explosive responsiveness you need.

Nutrition – you will be advised on the necessary nutrients to take either before or after the exercise. Such nutrients play a significant role in muscle growth and recovery.

Flexibility – since flexible muscles are more responsive, this section is designed to help your lower body muscles relax and become less rigid.

Balance – the workout will harden your joints and muscles to prevent other body parts from absorbing the shock from high jumping.

Body composition – you will be guided on how to reduce some weight. The undeniable truth is that if you weigh more, you are likely to jump lower.

Genetics – Keep in mind that some players are born with inherited fast twitching muscle fibers, which enables them to jump higher naturally. For the less fortunate ones, this variable is to help you narrow that gap by working on your slow twitching muscle fibers to make them more responsive.

One thing that makes this program popular is that the results are seen after a very short time. The jump manual has been reported to work best for those recovering from previous injuries because the workout drills are progressive and safer.

We highly suggest the jump manual to all basketball players interested in taking their dunking skills to the next level.


  • The manual contains a great summary of the vertical jump theory.
  • The jump manual contains texts together with videos for all workouts.
  • It is safe for players with a history of injuries.


  • Video resolution is a bit low.
  • It is hard to print workout charts.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Vertical Jump Program For Basketball

The vertical jump is a skill that is not only necessary but also important in most of the games played today. Basketball being as popular as it happens to really need you to have vertical jump skills. Who does not love basketball?

And who does not appreciate a nice dunk in any match? It is every player’s dream to have mad dribbling skills to just go through the opponents, finish with a nice dunk, and have the crowd go wild and the coach all crazy at the sideline.

This is all achievable if you get an excellent training program that will equip you with all the tools you need to take to the skies.

There are a lot of good and not so good programs in the market today, and it is all a matter of perspective. Still, without the proper guidance, you might end up getting into a program that is not well suited for you, which may waste your time and money without giving you any results whatsoever.

This article is to give you all the guidance you need to get a training program that will give you the results you expect so that you shine on the court.

The Kinds of workouts in the Program

Since you need to get higher up when you jump, you need to have more power in your leg muscles to propel yourself off the ground and into the air. This means that you would need to have strong leg muscles to generate the force needed to defy gravity.

With that said, the workouts and drills in the program should be geared at getting your body to develop stronger muscles in your lower body, which would allow for more vertical movement. They should also build endurance since you would need to keep it up for the whole match.

The program you select should have a lot of sprinting to build on your pace and stamina, tuck jumps, broad jumps, squat jumps, and other drills to get your lower body well build up to lift your weight off the ground.

It is also essential to be keen on how your body reacts to the program’s workout sessions. You could find the sessions too light, and you, therefore, do not see any change, you should look for another alternative so that you do not end up wasting your time on something that doesn’t work.

If the sessions are too much and cause you injuries or other unusual side effects, you probably bit off more than you can chew, and you should take it down a notch.

The time a program takes

There are many training programs, and they all take different amounts of time to go through. Some take about eight weeks others take as long as twenty-seven weeks. The choice of what program to go into is dependent on the particular user of the program.

Depending on the particular situations, different people have a different time to train and a different amount of time before they have to go back to the court. If you have a job and play basketball as a casual fun hobby, you should get into a program whose daily routine does not take too much of your time.

For professional athletes, even if basketball is a full-time thing for you, you still need to keep in consideration the time you have before your season starts. In case you have said; eight weeks before the next season, you should pick a program that fits in that eight weeks so that you are already through with it by the start of your season. 

 For a player in a season, a long program of something like twenty-seven weeks is just not doable and might not work. If you get four hours of training every day, you should get a program that would make use of that time to the best on a daily basis without infringing on other activities. 

The Program’s comprehensiveness

What I mean by the comprehensiveness of a training program is the scope of the training program in terms of the number of drills and the areas they address. The workouts in the program should be geared at building the muscles you need to leap into the air.

The program should put a lot of emphasis on the lower body muscles since they are most responsible for vertical jumps. A good program should be really extensive and should cover everything from drills to court skills and the gym sessions so that you get an outcome that would improve your game as much as you need it. 

This would be a good program only if you are that in need of going through the whole process from square one. You should gauge your capabilities at the moment and just build on whatever you already have.

A training program that takes you through everything may not be the best for someone that is already skilled to some level; the overkill approach may cause you to do too much unnecessary work that would strain you for no good reason.

A great program would be able to sharpen your ball handling skills, improve your coordination and movement skills so that you move seamlessly under the pressure of defense in a match. It should also get your muscle strength and force up a few notches to have a better flight.

How well you can follow the program

This is another factor that seems obvious but is very important. It is illogical to pay for a program that you can’t follow and finish. Many things could make you stop using a program before you get the results you are searching for.

Most programs are made depending on the users’ age, in case you get into a program that is not meant for a person of your age, you might end up losing it because the program may be too tough to get a lot of injuries other medical complications. Or it could be too easy, and you end up seeing no change at all in your performance. 

The program should fit into your daily routine so that you do not leave it half done and miss some very important drills, as this might make all your sessions a lot less productive. You should not have to rush through the drills since it would increase the chances of getting injured.

The training program should be easy to use in that it has drills that are doable. The equipment needed in the drill should be easily accessible to you so that you do what is needed.

 If you use a home training program, you probably do not need much, but if the program needs gym equipment, you need to get to a gym or use a different program that requires only the resources you can access. 

Research on the Program’s effectiveness

Other people successfully used whichever program you have decided to use. You should get in touch with them and ask them how effective the program was. Most of the programs will have an easy way of contacting some of the members.

This way, you would get to know how many people attained their goals through the program to know for sure if the program works. Hearing it from someone who did not develop the training program will help you get an unbiased opinion so that you know which program is best for you.

If possible, you could see for yourself just how much flight the players went through the program are capable of attaining since seeing is believing. You could also go to YouTube and search for videos of some players who went through the program if you like what you see, you can go ahead and get into the program.

You could also just get an outstanding player that has a level of skill that you admire and talk to them if they used a training program you could get to know which program they used and this way you would know a lot more about the program from someone who used it.


Training Programs all have different prices. After careful consideration of all the other factors and variables, you would need to pay for the training program that suits you. Just like any other product, there is a wide range of prices to choose from.

Like most products, the price of an item can tell you a lot about its quality. The expensive programs are mostly the best quality since more resources and expertise were put into their design. This means that the program is more likely to work and give excellent results if used correctly.

It would not be a perfect idea to look for the cheapest training program you could find. It is cheap because it was poorly made, so it is not sufficient enough. It may turn out to be useless and make you do a lot of unnecessary drills that will tire you out.

Some programs are rather cheap, but it does not necessarily mean that it won’t work. It could be that it is not very extensive, which may be good if you do not have the time to go through a very detailed program. So just get whatever program you are comfortable with buying as long as it will serve you well.

It is good to get some advice on what program to use from your coach since he or she may have a better idea of what you need to work on. Senior players could also give you useful input on what you need to perfect your vertical jump so that you become the basketball star you want to become.


As a smart basketball player, you need to know when to stand on the shoulders of the giants that come before you. I mean, by that, always try and use some of these programs developed by either retired or active pro basketball players.

They always use their experience and skills learned from the games throughout their careers, and they try to summarize important drills that can make the upcoming player even better.

If you are reading this review, you are probably aware of the benefits of using vertical jump training programs. All the two programs we have talked about are great and deliver on their promises.

However, if you are still unsure about which one to buy, we recommend that you go with the Vert Shock. It is one of the newsiest, and all the latest drills and workouts have been included.  

No heavy lifting is required; this makes it safe for all ages as it has no effect of stunt growth on young players. You will also have two months money-back guarantee, and you will see the result in the first week. 

The program is the best since the drills not only targets the quads and hamstring muscles responsible for vertical jumping but also the glutes and calves muscles. Place your order today to increase your vertical jump within the shortest time possible.

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