Basketball Shoes with Best Traction

What are the Top Grip Basketball Shoes?

Many things define a great basketball player, one of which is sneakers with great grip. There are plenty of basketball shoes out there, but only a handful of them are high performing and hence recommendable.

For long enough, choosing basketball shoes has been all about cushioning, aesthetic appeal, and comfortably but has begun to change. Players are now beginning to focus on the more important features in sneakers like traction to up their game.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not trying to suggest that other features are less important, but traction will greatly affect your overall gameplay. If you play with shoes with poor traction, you are likely to slip on the court throughout the entire game. Simply put, you will perform terribly.

Therefore, it is important as a rising basketball player to get a sneaker that offers you the necessary grip. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy basketball shoes for fashion purposes, you probably don’t have enough reasons to be concerned about grip.

With many basketball sneakers on the market, it has become overwhelming for many peeps to select the right footwear with the best traction for better performance. To save you from the hustle of searching through a wide selection of options, I have prepared for you a detailed review of some of the basketball shoes with the best traction.

Under Armour Anatomic Spawn Low. - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Nike air zoom BB NXT.4.8 out of 5 stars
Nike KD Trey 5 VII4.7 out of 5 stars
Nike Kyrie Flytrap 24.6 out of 5 stars
Under Armour Curry 3Zero 34.5 out of 5 stars

1. Under Armour Anatomic Spawn Low.

The first products on our review lists are a product from Under Armour, which is one of the most reputable sports gear manufacturers. Just this says about the shoe.

The shoe is made out of interwoven, fewer GPU films, which provide good support for the foot. It also has a PU coated, which is both high quality and stylish. The mesh makes the shoe breathable, and therefore it is very comfortable to wear due to the free air movement.

The shoes’ Stung and Collar have extra Padding. Padding increases the comfort of the shoe; it also protects the ankle from injury if a fall or getting stepped on.

When it comes to underfoot cushioning, this shoe provides the best. It has die-cut Eva sock liner, which provides amazing underfoot cushion.

In the midsole, they have used micro G foam. This is one of the best parts of the design because it provides cushioning and shock absorption when you jump and land, but it also boosts your jumps.

This is a shoe that will be very effective for heavy players or place with me or ankle injuries that need a lot of shock absorption when they play.

The traction button of this shoe is perhaps the most amazing aspect of the shoe. It has an adaptive button with a sharing effect guaranteed to help make quick stops or stats when you are needed to.

The shoe goes for $ 93.99, which is a fair price, considering the high quality and high performance of this product.


  • The shoe is breathable
  • The shoe is well padded and comfortable
  • The shoe is durable, high quality


  • It is not designed for outdoor courts.
  • The balance of the shoe doesn’t work well for lateral cuts.

2. Nike air zoom BB NXT.

This is another product that has amazing traction. Then the traction is mostly because of the rubber, so which provides glue-like grip one-day quotes and the multi-directional Patton who will drip all types of courts.

When it comes to cushioning, this shoe is amazing. It has air zoom cushioning the fore, And a full-length double-stacked react.

This combination provides their very comfortable feet and an incredible bounce. Especially helpful for heavy bless or place with knee or ankle problems that need shock absorption.

The material used on the upper part of the shoe provides good support on foot and makes the shoe breathable, increasing the comfort and performance of the shoe.

The shoe design uses the traditional lacing system, and therefore it provides a good look down on foot.

The only problem with this show is that the plush cushioning and the high soles Compromise the support offered by the shoe, and it also makes lateral cuts very uncomfortable.

Considering the high price of the shoes, the quality ought to be improved but All in all, it is a good shoe that will help you out on the court.


  • The shoe is comfortable and breathable
  • It provides amazing traction
  • It is well-cushioned


  • It is very expensive
  • The material used is of low quality.

3. Nike KD Trey 5 VII

This is another shoe this as top tier attraction which will help you make quick stops and starts when you play.

The material used to make this shoe is very durable and performs very well despite what it feels like in hand. The cushioning is comfortable, and very the other good thing about this show is that it does not collect dust, so it is easy to clean even after using it on dusty courts.

Some players have even said that it might be too soft for point guards who need it to boost them when they are jumping.  That’s what they all agree on, but it provides good impact protection and court feel.

The problem with this issue is that it lacks support and stability. This is mainly because of the design of the shoe which mix it has an imperfect fit and poor containment there for the foods moves inside the shoe.

This is a shoe that is mainly made for later players that don’t need a boost when jumping because the cushioning was not meant for jumping boost. The shoe also lacks in out trigger; therefore, lateral cuts may be a problem.


  • it provides excellent traction.
  • It does not collect dust.
  • It is well-cushioned.


  • It provides poor balance
  • It does not boost your jumps.

4. Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2

This shoe has a sole that was designed using herringbone and circular patterns. The combination of these two patterns provides amazing traction that works well, even on dusty courts.

The material used is of very good quality, and its durability makes it usable on both indoor and outdoor courts. The textile is also lightweight and therefore makes movement in this shoe a lot easier.

The only problem with this product is its cushioning system, which is hard as concrete. This issue is, therefore, not suitable for behavior players that need shock absorption. It is rather useful for light or young players who have no problems with the knees or ankles.

The shoe was designed to be narrow, and therefore it gives a good look down on the foot when combined with the traditional lacing system.


  • It provides excellent traction
  • Is made out of high-quality material
  • It is lightweight


  • It has hard cushioning.
  • Wide footed players cannot use it.

5.Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

This uses the herringbone pattern and rubber sole, which provides excellent on all kinds of surfaces when combined. It, therefore, works well on clean floors, but it will also work on dusty courts.

The issue is made out of synthetic leather, which provides a nice, comfortable fit And high quality.

The shoes sole what made using firm micro G, and it is therefore only suitable for light players or players without much need of shock absorption.

This is because of the lack of impact protection, and so heavy players should look for another brand. The good thing about this show is that there is no heel slippage or side to side movements the shoe because of the good design and hold the foot.

The shoe comes at an affordable price, and it is made out of material that does not hold dust, and it is therefore easy to clean.


  • It is affordable
  • It can be used in both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • It is made out of high-quality synthetic leather.


  • It has poor impact protection
  • It doesn’t have a boost mechanism.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Basketball Shoes with Traction

Just like when purchasing any other basketball gear, you need to be extra careful in tiny details if at all you are going to get shoes with recommendable traction. Although it may seem like a luxurious endeavor to undertake, it is not.

There are many factors you need to consider before making that final decision of settling on a sneaker. Remember, some of these foot-wears cost fortunes, and you should be able to live with your purchase decision.

As a player, the last thing you need is buying shoes; then you realize that they are not for you due to poor traction and other small inconveniences. Therefore, it is a smart move to take as much time as you need to go through this buying guide.

If you have been in the game of basketball footwear for a long time, you may be good to walk into a shoe store and select the right one. But what about those without experience in shoe selection?

If you are new in this field and don’t know what to look for to land a sneaker with an excellent grip, don’t worry. In this section, we have prepared for a buying guide that will help you get the right shoes for an excellent performance.

Court surface

To the question of which basketball shoe has the best traction, the answer depends on the court’s nature. Most sneakers will have trouble gripping on dusty courts. All in all, some do better than others.

The best traction design should factor in all types of courts; indoor, outdoor, or both, including elite court made from highly polished maple hardwood and dust rubber courts. Once you determine the nature of the court surface, you will be playing on; you can successfully select a basketball sneaker with the appropriate traction.

For instance, sneakers like Nike Zoom Hyper fuse Low are specifically designed for basketball players playing on the indoor court during the winter seasons. On the other hand, the Nike Air Raids were categorically designed for outdoor courts.

Knowing the type of shoes to play on a specific court is the key to buying the right sneakers with the best traction. Remember, the nature of the court greatly determines the grip of any shoes.

Surface ratio

Surface ration is the total surface area of the outsole in contact with the court at any given time. Although there have been endless debates among professional designers on the optimal surface ratio, many have agreed that shoes with a third surface ratio have great traction.

All movements should be considered; for example, while moving forward at high speed, a third of your entire outsole, which is the forefoot is in contact with the court, and the rest of the outsole is off the court.

At such instance, you are very vulnerable, and you need all the traction you can get. In some designs, concentric circles have been designed in the forefoot region of the outsole to enable players to pivot and rotate while maintaining an excellent grip.

With that in mind, you want to go for shoes that, regardless of the type of movement, make more than a third of the outsole surface remain in contact with the court for maximum grip.

Traction Pattern

The traction pattern of footwear refers to the groove pattern on the outer sole. This is the part of the shoe that gets into contact with the court. It plays a big role in determining how much traction a shoe has. An excellently designed traction pattern should offer you unmatched traction.

Basketball shoe brands utilize various traction technologies on their products to ensure they offer athletes the best playing experience and eliminate the risk of accidents from slippage. To increase traction, various brands have made modifications to the traction pattern and groove design.

An ideal groove pattern for basketball footwear should be multi-directional. In simple terms, this means that the pattern should put into account all direction movements. This is very important as it allows players to display maximum agility, speeds, and instant changes in direction.

The depth of grooves is also another important factor to look at. Excellent shoes have a reasonable groove depth to allow for maximum traction. I prefer deeper grooves as they work well on dusty surfaces, but they also last longer even when used on asphalt surfaces.

A good traction pattern should allow for a large and even surface contact. This will help in ensuring that the grooves wear out uniformly over time. Uneven wearing off increases the chances of slippage on the court, which might bring about ankle injuries.

For many years now, the herringbone pattern continues to be the most preferred pattern among basketball players. This is because the pattern responds well to multi-directional movements offering players unrestricted movement.

The excellent design should not only incorporate grip and stability alone but should also factor in style. This is what sets apart good shoes from perfect shoes. You have to look sharp in them considering how much these shoes cost.


This is yet another sensitive subject that one should have in mind when shopping for basketball shoes. Any basketball player pro or otherwise requires several gears to take on the gear comfortably. For optimum performance, you ought to find a balance for all your gears and equipment.

It is a popular belief that expensive footwear is always the best gears for athletes. However, this is not true. Some budget footwear has stood out on several tests and even outperformed high-end shoes in several aspects. When shopping for shoes, look at performance and not price.

When working with a limited budget, it is important not to overspend on shoes as this might limit your performance. The good thing about basketball shoes is that you can always find a cheap performer that will fit right into your budget plan without you having to sacrifice any other gear.

However, if you have a bigger budget and throwing a couple of hundreds of dollars on a sneaker won’t hurt you much, feel free to spoil yourself. But be cautious enough to ensure that you are getting value for your money as some products are usually unjustifiably overpriced.

Take a close look at the material of the product. Footwear made of leather and heavy-duty rubbers are always expensive as compared to those made of synthetic materials. This is because the former lasts longer and offers a better experience.

It is always good to check around and compare prices before making a purchase, as this might save you some money. Some online stores might offer you free delivery, while others might charge you to increase the cost of purchasing. Go with the dealer who will save you money.

Sole Material

Almost all basketball shoes are made of rubber soles, the major difference being how firm the sole is.  The manufacturing process brings about this variation and the nature of the rubber used. Rubber is heated to a very high temperature for a given time then later cooled and molded.

The firmness of the sole can be varied by altering the heating temperature, the structure of rubber molecules, and rubber composition. To get firm soles, rubber is heated for a long time under high temperatures before being molded into a sole.

Hard soles are the most preferred option by most players. This is because they last longer than the alternative and can be used on dusty or polished courts. On the other hand, soft soles cannot withstand rough asphalt surfaces as they get eaten up by abrasion quite fast.

The manufacturing process can also be altered to give different styles of soles featuring translucent, multi-color, and outdoor soles. All these soles have their own merits and demerit you; therefore, you have to pay attention to their details before settling on any of them.

Some products are made of synthetic materials that are optimized to enhance performance and last long. Most of these products will work well on polished indoor courts but are unreliable on outdoor courts.


Comfort is just as important as functionality when it comes to basketball shoes. Even though you are after a shoe that can offer you a decent feel of the court, it is important that you also consider the comfort the shoe offers you, as this is what will ultimately influence your performance on the court.

You should evaluate the comfort of a shoe in terms of how well it fits you. Even with a perfect fit, a poorly fitting shoe can do you no good. Look out for the manufacturer’s recommendation on size and make a pick that will give you the ultimate experience.

The shoe should also be made of a comfortable material that offers your feet protection from impact. This is important, especially with big players who have a lot of weight or players with knee injuries. Proper cushioning together with decent traction, will let you give your best performance.

Look for safety features, too, like additional zippers or laces, ankle support, and cushioning. All these will play a big role in ensuring you have a good time on the court.


It is undeniable that shoes with great grip significantly improve the game performance of many basketball players. This is why the topic has gained popularity in recent years; you will find many sneakers being advertised as having the ‘best traction’ because that is what people are now looking for.

Wiping off the dust from the rubber surface of the outsole is one of the common ways of increasing the traction on basketball shoes. Also use of outside court traction mat is a great alternative.

Court grabbers are also commonly used; just before the game traction gel is applied to a pair of traction pads attached to the shoelace. And when you feel that your shoes are losing grip, all you have to do is run the outsole onto the pads.

But why go into all that trouble if you can get the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn Low? With a traction rating of 9.7, it is one of the basketball sneakers with the best traction. It is highly durable and can take on any court type.

The upper side is meshed for breathability to reduce the sweating on foot. Another reason you need to get the Armour Anatomix is that the tongue and collar are padded for comfort. The Micro G foam on the midsole offers great cushion and will greatly boost your jumps. Don’t hesitate to place your order today.

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