Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

What are the Top Ankle Support Basketball Shoes?

Everyone is focused on whose hands are dribbling, shooting, passing, or where the ball is in a basketball game. Less attention is given to the players’ feet. For a player to get an ankle sprain, he/she will have to land funny, which happens more often in this sport. 

Jumping to dunk can put extreme pressure on the ankle at an off-angle, leading to the ankle rolling outwards, stretching, and tearing the ligament. The ligaments may tear completely or partially depending on the intensity of the pressure.

Common ankle injuries that may result from adequate ankle support may include; ankle sprains, which are common in all sports, especially basketball, where a lot of jumping and running, are involved. 

An avulsion fracture is another common ankle injury that usually occurs as a result of an ankle sprain, often when an ankle is rolled. While such accidents seem unavoidable, there are some few things a player can do to avoid them.

Luckily due to increased ankle related injuries in basketball, we now have many sneakers designed to offer ankle support, which has greatly reduced the incidents of ankle injuries. Below are some of the best basketball sneakers for ankle support.


1. Adidas Dame 5

Adidas is a renowned company that manufactures basketball gear. Their long time experience has enabled them to know what players want, and they are doing their best to remain on top of other competitors by producing highly performing sneakers.

The Dame 5 sneaker comes at a pocket friendly, and anyone can easily afford them. It is also available in different hues, which you can select depending on your preference.  The shoes’ design integrates flexibility, comfort, and style without compromising the performance of the shoes.

One feature that makes this shoe unique is the herringbone traction pattern on the outsole, which offers excellent grip on any court type.  You will be able to turn at high speeds without slipping instantly.

For extra comfort, the interior pods and tongue are padded; also, it is lined with soft textile to ensure that it fits snugly. The upper is made from smooth material, which makes it comfy, breathable, and lightweight. 

Sweating feet in a basketball game can be a big letdown when your feet sweat, and you are likely to slide inside the shoes, which may drastically lower your performance. Thanks to the meshed upper, this allows proper air circulation in the foot, which reduces not only sweating but also odor.


  • It is available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • The shoes are highly durable.
  • They are highly breathable and comfortable.


  • The product is not shipped in some countries.
  • The warranty information of the sneaker is not clearly stated.

2. Nike Kobe 4 Proto

The Kobe 4 proto basketball shoe by Nike is also another great shoe that offers commendable ankle support. The design of this shoe caters to both your knee and ankle safety while on the court. It has an extended top made of rigid material that offers you protection from ankle sprains.

This product was the first to feature the lower-top design in basketball shoes, and the second of Kobe Bryant signature footwear to have a Proto treatment. This product delivers satisfactorily in both performance and appearance thanks to its stylish design.

This product also has excellent cushioning, which offers your knee projection from injuries resulting from the pressure that is exerted on your joints whenever you make a jump or a run. Its decent cushioning capability is what makes it a great product even to vast and heavy players.

The product also features a herringbone traction pattern that works well on both polished indoor courts as well as outdoor courts. The sole is also durable and will last longer even when used on asphalt courts. It also does not trap dust on dusty courts; therefore, minimal dusting is required.

The shoe’s upper part is made of a comfortable and durable blend of leather overlays made of plastic. These materials offer outstanding performance; however, the material feels cheaper, considering how much the product costs.


  • The shoe has excellent cushioning
  • The product offers reliable traction on all surfaces
  • It gives sufficient ankle support.


  • The product costs a lot compared to other shoes in the same category.
  • Features cheaper material for what it costs

3. Nike Adapt BB 2.0

The Adapt BB 2.0 is perhaps the most costly basketball shoe on the market. This product has faced a lot of criticism, with many questioning whether it is worth the money. I have had a pair of these, and I can tell you that even though it has some shortcomings, it is a dependable shoe.

It features a herringbone traction pattern that works well on polished surfaces without sticking or slipping. Even though the product might have taken care of glossy surfaces, it still has a long way to go when it comes to dusty surfaces, as it requires you to dust it to maintain traction continually.

The product utilizes advanced cushioning technology that guarantees you optimum protection and support when it comes to cushioning. It features zoom turbo technology to allow for responsive and bouncy movements around the forefoot.

One great feature that sets this product apart from all the others mentioned above is its electric self-lacing feature. You need not worry about laces getting off while on a ran as the electric system ensures you maintain a perfect fit at all times.

Even though the self-lacing system offers a lot of conveniences, it can be quite problematic, especially when you are unable to adjust the mechanism to fit your leg shape. Its material also feels cheap as it is made of heavy plastic material.


  • It has a self-lacing features
  • It has excellent traction
  • Features great cushioning technology


  • It is the most expensive basketball shoe
  • Made of cheap material

4. Puma Uproar

The Puma uproar is the only Puma product that made a cut to this list. In my opinion, this is Nike’s best basketball footwear with ankle support that Puma has ever rolled out in the market. The product has a decent performance record; however, there are areas where Puma could improve this product.

This product is known for its all surface traction capabilities. Even though the product does not utilize the best traction technology, it still offers consistent traction across a variety of surfaces. With a little dusting, this product can serve you well on dusty outdoor courts.

The product’s design allows it to offer your ankle sufficient support and protection from sprains. Together with its perfect fit, this ensures that you have maximum support and stability as there are no sideways feet movements.

It also has impressive cushioning that is firm enough to support the weight of enormous basketball athletes. The cushioning works well for most players; however, some find it to be uncomfortable. Other than that, the product has an all-round performance.

The product is also made of durable material that can withstand prolonged use on both indoor and outdoor courts. Even though the material works well as it is, it lacks a classy feel, which it should have given how much the product retails.


  • It has a perfect fit
  • Can be used on both indoor and outdoor courts
  • Ideal for players of all positions


  • Some users find the firm cushioning to be uncomfortable.
  • It features cheap material for what it costs.

5. Nike Lebron Soldier 13

Lastly, we have the Lebron soldier 13 by Nike. Even though this product appears last on our review list, it outperforms some of the products mentioned earlier in terms of features and performance, making it an excellent pick for any basketball player.

Like most of Nike’s products, this shoe features the herringbone traction pattern that guarantees perfect traction across all surfaces. You can comfortably use this product on polished indoor surfaces and outdoor courts and still have a consistently high-performance record.

Unlike most basketball shoes, this product does not have laces. Instead, it uses straps to bring about a reliable and efficient lockdown system. These straps work so well at securing a tight comfortable and offering you the convenience of use at the same time.

The product’s upper part is made of durable material that has a comfortable feel on your feet. Together with its excellent cushioning, this makes the product an ideal product for any basketball player regardless of whether you are playing as a profession or a hobby.


  • The product has a decent traction
  • It is made of durable material
  • The product features straps for lockdown.


  • There is room for improvement in cushioning.
  • The shoe is relatively expensive compared to others of its caliber.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Picking the correct basketball shoe is one of the most significant choices a player can make. Basketball involves jumping, running, and brisk changes in direction that require great quality shoes. 

While choosing the sneakers, athletes must think about a few components to settle on the ideal decision. The correct b-ball shoes can enable a player to excel on the court and lessen foot and ankle sprains’ danger. 

If you play basketball regularly, you need the correct shoes. B-ball sneakers are explicitly intended for use on the court, and they’re ready to take on the players’ impact absorption needs. The extra support around key regions, for example, the ankle, is likewise provided.

With the close incalculable number of basketball shoes available today, finding the pair that is right for you may sound precarious. In any case, all that truly matters is that you purchase a ball shoe that fits effectively, offers ankle, and upgrades play.

A number of the factors that you need to regard have been briefly discussed below. Take all the time you need to go through the section, and you won’t regret your purchase decision.


While picking another pair of basketball shoes, you not exclusively ought to consider how they’re made, yet additionally, what they look like. You’ll need shoes that perform well but looks visually attractive too. 

Show your character by picking colors and designs that intrigue as you would prefer. In case you’re hoping to stand out, pick a style with more striking hues and design features. 

In case you’re looking to represent your school hues on the court, a portion of your preferred mark models are additionally available in group hues to coordinate your uniform. 

Ball shoes can likewise be worn as a way of life alternative. Looking great and feeling great doesn’t simply apply to the court. It can likewise continue to your  regular daily existence and even the study hall.

Need to look crisp on your way to downtown or school? A couple of kicks with signature subtleties from your preferred basketball superstars can assist you with standing out. Be sure that you buy shoes that you will take joy looking at them because you will be wearing them for an extended period.


There is a common misconception that’s the most expensive shoes are the best for use Since they are made of high-quality raw materials that will last long. Indeed, the cheapest shoes are often not the best, but it does not necessarily mean that expensive ones are the best either.

A cheap pair of shoes might be of low quality, and it might get damaged over just a short period. Most shoes come at a fair price, so the costs should not be looked at alone. It should be assessed with comparison to the quality and design of the shoe.

I sure could be expensive not because it is suitable for playing basketball but because of its fashion since it was made for casual wear and not playing. A shoe like this will not be right for you because it might not be well designed to play basketball.

So, when you go out or online to shop for a shoe, do not just get the most expensive one hoping that it is the best for you. Make sure that it is well designed to help you on the court as a playing gear. It is best that you read some reviews about the shoe before you purchase it to know how well it works. 


When it comes to durability, it is all dependent on the material used to make the shoe. Here you need to assist if the shoe you’re buying is capable of taking the wear and tear of the basketball court.

These are shoes that you will use a lot, will use the shoes for practice and for the actual game, And in order for them to take this heavy lifting, they need to be very durable. They should be able to be used on both indoor and outdoor courts without getting damaged or losing that traction quickly. 

Usually, the basketball season takes around three or four months. This, for months, they’ll be rigorous training and multiple numbers of matchups. Therefore the shoes you get need to be able to last longer than four months so that you can use them for the entire season without having to replace them.

The other meaning of durability is how usable the shoe will be after it has aged. A durable shoe will be usable even after you have used it for some time. It will not lose the grip, or it’s Fit, and most importantly, it will keep supporting your ankles.

A shoe of low quality, we lose ankle support over time, and it’ll be just like any other shoe, which is not what you need. 


When it comes to support, we will mainly focus on ankle support. You should buy a shoe that has strong ankle support. If the shoe does not have sufficient support, it will defeat the purpose of buying the shoe in the first place because it will not reduce your injury or pain in any way. 

The amount of ankle support offers changes from one shoe to another. The shoe you select should have enough support to hold your leg in place in case you have an injury to prevent you from experiencing any pain when you play. 

It is also essential that the shoe is not too tight. It needs just to hold the ankle in place, but it should also allow for the ankle’s movement. If the shoe is too tight, it will restrict the ankle’s movement, and therefore it will reduce your efficiency in a game, and it might cause you some discomfort or pain.

The shoe should also give a nice lockdown on the foot so that it does not get loose when you play, If it gets loose during a match it will distract you since you will have to pause and tighten it from time to time.

Material and padding

The material in padding will go a long way in making the shoe more comfortable for you. The shoe should be lined with soft material inside to ensure that it does not cause you any blisters or discomfort. The material should also be breathable to ensure that your feet dry off when you play and sweat. It will also allow for free air circulation inside the shoe to ensure you are always fresh.

When it comes to padding, it is essential around the ankle and on the shoe’s tongue. The padding should be soft and thick so that even if it does not cause you any pain, it gives you comfortable use of the shoe. The perfect blend of materials will give you a breathable, comfortable shoe, and high quality, a shoe that she will enjoy wearing every day.

The material also has a lot of bearing on the quality and durability of the shoes. Leather is generally the most durable material used to make shoes, so high quality leather will keep you well. The sole should be rubber because it offers the best grip on the court.


No matter how you look at it, this is the most important factor to look into before you purchase a pair of shoes. It does not even matter how good the shoes look, and the player is unsafe and uncomfortable if the shoe is too tight. 

It will squeeze on your foot and cause you pain, and if it is done for long, it will constrict the blood flow in your foot. This will result in some serious medical conditions if not well addressed. 

When it comes to shoes for ankle support, it needs to be just the correct size so that it supports your ankle without causing you pain.  Therefore the shoe you select should be your exact shoe number

If the shoe you selected is even one size larger, it will leave too much room for your ankle, and therefore, it will offer little or no support at all. If it is too tight, it will make you very uncomfortable, causing you to lose your concentration in a match


Ankle injuries may develop over time or maybe immediate; with a minor ankle sprain of grade one, the estimated recovery period is between 1-3 weeks, which is a lot of time warming up the bench while waiting to get fit.

Therefore to avoid such, one of the measures you can take is to purchase basketball shoes meant to offer ankle support. Of the five sneakers reviewed, we highly recommend the Adidas Dame 5. 

Get the elegance and performance you need from the Dame 5. These imposing sneakers are designed with a modish look that matches any outfit.

The outsole rubber is highly durable and has a herringbone traction pattern responsible for the excellent grip the shoes are known for. The internal padded pods will offer you the ultimate comfort and cushioning.

Another outstanding feature of the shoe is that the upper is highly perforated for breathability and the well-cushioned and is responsible for absorbing shocks. For superlative ankle support, order the Adidas Dame 5 now and prevent that impending ankle sprain.

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