Best Basketball Shoes for Achilles Support

What are the Top Basketball Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis?

Since our Achilles tendons are the largest muscles in our bodies, the probability of getting injured is pretty much high. Therefore, everyone is bound to experience Achilles tendinitis from time to time, regardless of their occupation.

Before you get confused, let’s delve deeper into what this animal called Achilles tendinitis is. First things first. The Achilles tendon is a muscle that connects your heel bone and your calf muscles.

If exposed to excessive stresses from intense activities such as say running or jogging, the muscle becomes irritated and successive straining can cause inflammation. The inflammation is responsible for the pain that you feel.

This condition is what is called Achilles tendinitis. As minor as the problem sounds, the pain could get so intense to the point that it could get you off your feet.

Did you know that as a basketball player you face a higher risk of injuring your Achilles tendons? The sport is fun. But slipping, falling on your feet and even ankle twists form part of the full package. This adversely affects your Achilles tendons.

So then do you have a solution? Yes, you do. Your shoes. Getting the right pair of shoes with Achilles support can help alleviate the problem and even prevent it. As always, prevention is better than cure.

In this article, we have done a review of the top basketball shoes to go with.

1. Adidas Crazy Light

If you want to lessen up the pressure you are putting on your Achilles tendon, lightweight shoes should be your first go-to option. These Adidas low tops have exactly what you are looking for.

The crazy lights are made from a synthetic upper material which makes the shoes feel light on your feet. Consequently, you won’t feel the strain on your feet when you are trying to move.

Even better, the upper material is highly breathable, allowing air to move in and out with a lot of ease. This significantly contributes to the lightweight features of the shoes.

Besides, these shoes also feature some Achilles pillows that are foam-filled to ensure that they are giving the best support to your Achilles tendons. Whether you are already experiencing some pain or you simply want to prevent it, this is a good option.

Finally, the products use a full-length boost cushioning technology to give you unmatched impact protection while still maintaining your court responsiveness. This protects your feet from extreme pressures, keeping your Achilles safe.


  • They have Achilles pillows for maximum support
  • They are lightweight
  • They give great cushioning 


  • The area around your heel might feel rigid due to the extra cushioning
  • A perfect fit is not guaranteed

2. Under Armour Drive 3

For a perfect fit and great support, this should be your pick.

Thanks to the Clutchfit technology that has been used to design the upper part of this Drive 3 models, the shoes are highly breathable and will give you the comfort you need for your game.

You need excellent heel and ankle support if you are going to protect your Achilles tendon. Well, Under Armour will not disappoint you. The shoes have been meticulously crafted with an external heel counter and an internal cage to give the best ankle support.

This is achieved by making sure that your heels remain tightly locked down in the shoes, regardless of the moves you are making. 

These Drive 3 court beasts have all you require to thrive in that game. At the heel region, they have been equipped with soft cushioning to absorb impact and shock that might reach your feet.

Also, the midsole has been charged with a micro G foam layer which evenly distributes pressure, and is bouncy enough to improve your agility by giving snapping from the ground fast.

Finally, the shoes use the traditional herringbone tread pattern on their outsole to maximize their grip and traction giving you your court freedom.


  • They have a nice traction
  • They have excellent cushioning
  • They have a great foot lockdown mechanism.


  • They are a bit expensive
  • They break-in easily

3.Adidas Crazy Explosive

This model of Adidas shoes earned the third slot on our top 5 picks.

The materials that have been used in the construction of these shoes are nothing short of durable, and so you are assured that you will be receiving shoes worth the value of your money.

In the upper part, they are made from a Prime Knit Xenon material which is very light. The weight of the shoes does not, therefore, weigh down on your feet making you less comfortable. 

Besides, the Xenon is also very breathable, giving some comfort to players with sweaty feet.

The Adidas Explosive model also uses the full-length boost cushioning technology that gives excellent cushioning to your feet by protecting you against the landing forces. In addition, the cushioning is still awesome for players who want court responsiveness.

As for the traction, it is very impressive. Besides using a rubber outsole for maximum grip, the shoes feature a digitally mapped traction pattern that is multi-directional, taking the traction a notch higher.

You can be sure that you will benefit from the great Achilles and arch support offered by these shoes.


  • Excellent traction
  • Impressive cushioning
  • Highly breathable


  • They are recommended for use for long durations
  • The fit is a bit narrow

4.Nike Lebron 16

When it comes to support, these Nike models are unmatched. To begin with, they feature some internal Achilles pillows to make sure that your Achilles muscle receives the best support it can get. The pillows are padded to make the region more comfortable.

Also, the Nike Lebrons have an external heel counter that is padded to keep your heels protected through-out the game. The counter also keeps your feet locked-in and prevents slipping and sliding.

Breathability is another aspect that this brand prides itself on. the upper part of the shoes has been constructed using the reputable battle knit 2.0 which is very breathable and durable. 

This guarantees some comfort to all players, as nobody wants to stop in the course of a game to change from their shoes.

The herringbone tread pattern that has been used to construct the rubber outsoles of these shoes offers exceptional grip on all surfaces. The patterns are multidirectional to allow all movements.

As for the cushioning, the max zoom technology offers the best deal to your feet. The cushioning is very forgiving and gives you some responsiveness as well.


  • Excellent cushioning system
  • Very breathable
  • Offers great support


  • Quite costly
  • They are difficult to re-lace

5.Under Armour Curry 3

In the fifth position, we present to you this brand of Under Armour basketball shoes. This does not mean that the shoes are any less suited for your game than the rest on this list.

Starting from their construction, you are going to love them! The upper material of the shoes features a threadborne material that is exceptionally breathable and durable. This makes the shoes very comfortable.

The material is also very light thus the shoes do not apply extra pressure on your feet or limit your court movements.

The traction is also impressive. The outsoles are made from rubber and feature the herringbone traction pattern in addition. This gives the shoes a good bite on all court surfaces, especially on clean courts.

Dusty courts might require some occasional wiping.

The midsoles of the Curry 3s boast of a charged cushioning foam technology which evenly distributes pressure reaching the feet, thereby protecting you from pain upon impact.

The cushioning is bouncy to improve your speed, and still good to give maximum court responsiveness.

These Under Armour shoes are fitted with an internal heel counter and a meta-wing fiber shaft to optimize their lock-down ability. They keep your heels supported throughout the game and prevent unexpected slips.

Their arch and Achilles support crown everything.


  • They have great traction
  • The cushioning is unrivaled
  • They are lightweight


  • Their fit is narrow
  • They are a bit costly

A quick overview of Achilles tendinitis

To state the obvious, Achilles tendinitis results from injuries sustained by the tendon connecting your heel bone and your calf muscles (it is called the Achilles tendon). The injuries can result from several options, and therefore, the degree of injuries varies. 

They can be partial (also called tendon tears) or complete (tendon rupture). The latter is very serious and treatment requires surgery or immobilization of your ankle for long durations.

There are two conditions associated with partial tears and inflammation of the Achilles tendon. The first is non-insertional, meaning it affects fibers found in the middle of the tendon. 

The other is insertional and it affects the part of your heel where the tendon inserts into your heel bone.

Cause of the condition

While anyone can suffer from the condition, the cases are higher with people who move at high speeds and suddenly slow down.

This includes those who engage in intense games like football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, dancing, and running. The injuries are more likely to happen when you are about to speed up than when you are about to land.


For mild conditions like tendon tears, the main symptom would be sharp pains above your heels when your ankle is stretched out. The pain might fade slowly or get worse with time. The region swells and might feel somehow stiff or tender.

For advanced conditions like tendon ruptures, you are likely to hear a ‘pop’ sound when the accident happens. The pain here is very severe and happens instantly. The lower leg will swell up, and you might have some bruises. Moving your toes will be pretty tough.

Risk factors 

So what are the things that increase your chances of sustaining tendon injuries? In case you want to know more, keep reading. 

They include wearing of high-heeled shoes, working out on uneven surfaces, starting a new type of exercise or adding more time to your exercising routine, and wearing shoes that do not match the type of exercise you are engaging in.

Other factors that you have no control of might also be risk factors. This includes having tight leg muscles and tendons and having fallen arches or flat feet.

Can Achilles tendinitis be treated?

If you have mild conditions like those resulting from tears or inflammation, we have good news. It can heal on its own given the time. However, you can speed up the process if you take the right precautions.

They including disengaging from activities that stress your leg, icing your leg for given durations, elevating your leg at an angle when you are sitting or sleeping, taking painkillers, therapy exercises to stretch your leg, and compressing your leg using an elastic bandage.

For advanced cases like ruptures, surgery might be necessary.


It sounds like a bad idea having to wait till you have sustained some serious injuries to your Achilles muscles then you start running up and down looking for treatment. Why can’t you just stop the possibility if you have the power to?

Well, we can’t promise you that buying the right pair of basketball shoes will completely protect you from Achilles tendinitis, no. But we can promise you that the shoes will minimize the chances. Get the facts right.

In case you don’t want to take your chances, then Adidas Crazy Lights are our recommendation for you. Here is why.

The shoes are made from a considerably light material which is synthetic, meaning that you won’t have to carry some extra weight with you around the court. This would mean reduced agility and more risks to injuries.

Likewise, the internal area of these shoes has some excellent construction with extra support. For instance, they have some padded Achilles pillow which will keep your Achilles muscles in check at all times.

Likewise, they also enjoy cushioning made from the full-length cushioning technology which gives you a bounce, protecting your heels and feet from injuries upon impact with the reactive forces.

Grab a pair of these Crazy Lights today and let us know what you think.

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