Best Kids Basketball Hoop

What is the Best Toddler Basketball Hoop?

Gone is the common belief that kids are born with special skills or talents in one line of sport. Recent studies by scholars have revealed that exposure to sports at an early age goes a long way in determining how good a kid becomes in any given sport!

This interesting finding gives hope to any parent who wishes to grow the basketball sportsmanship culture in his or her family. The most crucial parent needs to do is give their kid an early exposure to the game of basketball. One of the best ways of achieving that is by buying them a kid hoop to start training on.

If you are looking for a hoop for your kid, the good news is that there are currently several kids’ hoops in the market that you can choose from. These products are mostly made of plastic, fiberglass and plastic. Of the three plastic hoops are the safest options as they tend to be flexible.

Another advantage of getting your kid a basketball hoop is that it gives them a chance to stretch and do some exercise whenever they jump around as they learn to play basketball. We all know how beneficial doing exercises is both to our physical and psychological health.

This could also be a great way of spending quality time with your kid. Sports have a way of lightening up kids, making it easier for them to bond. Throwing hoops with your kid happens to be one of those fun-filled sporting activities that you both will enjoy.

1. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Hoop

This set is excellent for both indoor and outdoor games; it comes with three junior balls that will keep your toddlers happy while making the shots. Are you running low on budget? Then this is your best choice.

The hoop is easy to assemble; your kids should be ready to dunk in no time after unboxing the package. For stability, sand is placed inside the plastic base to prevent the hoop from toppling over. 

Something to keep in mind is that after filling the base with sand, it can be hard to move it around. The set is made up of plastic; this is advantageous because it can be left on the outside without fear of parts rusting, and also it is safer for kids.  

One thing you are going to like about the hoop is its eye-catching blue colour and six adjustable levels. Also, the rim is generously wide to make it easy for your kids to score and have fun.


  • It is cheaper compared to other similar products.
  • The height of the pole can be adjustable.
  • It is made up of plastic making it safer to kids.


  • Sand to be used for stability is not included.
  • Shipment of the product is restricted in some countries.

2. Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Basketball Hoop

Included in the package are one sturdy net, one junior-sized ball and a one adjust n’ jam basketball hoop. The weight of the ball is moderate for kids to ensure they don’t have trouble running around with it.

An interesting feature of the set is the breakaway rim, which avails the opportunity for kids to hold they slam dunk contests. For fun play the backboard is large, this increases the number of rebounds; as a result, your kids won’t waste time chasing after the ball on the other side of the court.

The height adjustment of the hoop is fantastic; it can be adjusted up to 6 levels from 4-6 feet. This is important because as your kids grow, you can always customize the height to fit them. Like most basketball hoop with base, the base is filled with sand for stability.


  • The hoop has a breakaway rim.
  • The pole has up to 5 adjustable levels.
  • The backboard is large for rebounds.


  • It comes with only one ball.
  • The breakaway rim often does not withstand regular shoots.

3. Little Tikes Attach n’ Play Basketball Set

Another excellent basketball for kids that is easy to assemble is the Little Tikes Attach n’ Play basketball hoop. Unlike many other hoops, it does not have a pole and a base. It is designed to be mounted on the doors.

The adjustable over the door strap can be adjusted up to three different heights. Your kids will have the liberty to choose the height they are comfortable with. The package contains three blue extensions, backboard, one net and an over the door hook.

If you are looking for an indoor hoop, this should be your pick given that they are designed to be mounted on doors. Also, the hoop and the net easily folds for easy storage. The product was designed to be durable, and I highly recommend it.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is easy to store; the hop and the net easily folds.
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Some customers have reported height adjustment to be quite tiresome.
  • The hoop is restricted in terms of where it can be used.

4. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

This mini basketball hoop is another great set to help keep your kids entertained and active while indoors. Assembly of the set is effortless; it will take you a second to mount the hoop on the door. 

Also, the door mounts are cushioned; that way, they don’t scratch your polished door. It comes with a 5-inch diameter ball, one that you can also use; you can mount the hoop on your office door and take some you time to vent by making some dunks. 

The 9’diameter steel rim is wide enough for your kids to make more dunks; this is good as it encourages them to play more often. The hoops appeal to the eye, and any kid would love to have one of these.


  • It is highly durable.
  • It is an excellent choice for keeping your kids active while indoors.
  • It looks way cooler than most basketball hoops.


  • The ball makes a loud noise when it hits the door or floor.
  • There have been cases where the door can’t close because of the door mount

5. Lifetime 32’’ Youth Basketball Hoop

If you want to get your upcoming NBA superstar toddler a stylish hoop, you have to get this particular one. The 32” backboard made of polyethene will ensure that your kids get enough rebounds to enjoy the game rather than chasing the ball after every shot. 

Every part of this hoop is made to last long. The net is made using sturdy material, making it suitable for any weather. The rim is made with steel to withstand all the dunks. The 38-litre base can be filled with sand or water to provide the needed stability to ensure that the set never topples over.

The pole utilizes a telescoping mechanism for height adjustment of up to6 inches. You will also enjoy a five-year warranty if you purchase this hoop.


  • It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • It looks stylish.
  • The telescoping pole can be adjusted to fit the height of your toddler as he/she grows.


  • Shipment is restricted in some countries.
  • It is not clear how many balls are included in the package.

Factors to consider in getting basketball hoops for kids

Basketball, like any other skill or talent, needs to be developed from an early age to make the child a fantastic player. This means that the child should be exposed to basketball at a young age.

Exposing a child to basketball requires you to have the right training gear. Shooting skills are one of the essential skills in basketball and therefore getting your child a hoop at a young age will be a good step in sharpening his basketball skills.

Selecting the right hoop for your kid will help your child develop a bond with basketball; therefore, he will become more natural as a player. There is a list of vital factors that you need to assess so that you get a hoop that is effective for your child.

Making an educated choice will be helpful for you because it will save you a lot of trouble in terms of injuries and replacements.


Children are still developing, and therefore they are soft, their bones break easily; therefore, the chances of them getting injured are higher than that of an adult.

The hoop you choose to buy should be Safe. If the hoop is unsafe and the child gets injured, it might affect their passion for the game, and they may be scared of playing. You need a hoop that allows your kid to let lose without risking injury.

The safety of a hoop is mainly dependent on the material used to make it, its stability and the design of the rims. When buying hoops for small kids, you should start with plastic because plastic is practically harmless, even if they hit, it will not be that painful.

Dream should be designed so that it bends when it is dunked. If it is rigid, it might injure the wrist of the player. When it comes to stability, make sure that the base is wide enough to ensure that the hoop does not fall on the child who uses it.

Stability is not a big issue when it comes to small hoops because they won’t hurt the child even if they fall. However, when it comes to larger hoops, especially metallic ones, it is paramount that you make sure they’re stable because they can cause serious injury if they fall.

Installation and portability

On the side of the installation, you need to figure out how flexible a hoop is and how easy it is to install the hoop. Basketball hoop for kids should be simple.

Your kids should even be able to install the hoop by themselves without any help since he or she might need to use it when you’re not around to install it for him or her.

They help should also be portable. Should be able to move it out and change the position of its use however you like. It could even keep it in the garage when there are extreme weather conditions to ensure that it lasts longer until save you a lot of money when it comes to replacements.

If it is metallic, then you might want to keep it out of the rain so that it does not rust, in this case, portability would be very Advantageous because you could easily push it into the garage or a shed.

Durability and length

You need to select hoop that is made out of high-quality material so that they hope can withstand harsh weather conditions since it might get exposed to some. If the hoop is not that durable, it will quickly waste away and break; therefore, you will have to replace it, which will be costly.

When it comes to the rim, it should not lose the breakaway. If it loses the breakaway, then it will lean forward, and it will become boring for the child.

When it comes to length, kids grow up fast. Therefore need to do estimation when you select a hoop. You should get a hoop that is maybe a bit above them so that when they grow, they become comfortable with it.

This would save you the expense of buying an exact size hoop and needing to replace it when they grow out of it. 

For young kids, you can even get a door Mount; therefore, you can easily adjust its height above ground which will eliminate the need for constant replacement.


This is an important aspect because it determines the amount of space available for playing. Some places have constricted spaces while others are open with more room for playing. 

In case there is limited space then the hoop you select should be small so that it can fit in the space you have. In case you live in an open area in, and you have a large backyard, Then you can get a larger hoop or an in-ground hoop with an adjustable rim.

In case there is also no space you can get a door Mount and put it on a garage door in still give your Kid a chance to have some basketball fun. 

The location also determines the weather patterns and these are important, especially for an outdoor basketball hoop. If there’s a lot of rain, then you should probably avoid metallic hoops because they might rust.

Kid’s Age

Getting your kid’s age right is the first step of finding them an appropriate kid’s basketball hoop. For instance, if you buy your teen child, a hoop meant for smaller kids, he might not find it fun to play with. They might not find it to be challenging at all; therefore, they might not learn anything.

Several features distinguish a toddler’s hoop from that of older kids. One of these features is the product’s material. Hoops meant for small kids are usually made of plastic as the lightweight nature of plastic makes it less dangerous if the setup collapses on a kid.

On the other hand, older kids like teenagers require sturdy products made of fibreglass or metal. This is because, at this age, kids pack on more weight and can easily break plastic hoops. The risk level of injuries at this age is also lower compared to that of toddlers.

Toddler’s hoops also tend to have supporting features that make it easier for them to score and enjoy the game, therefore, increasing their fondness for the game. One of these features includes over-sized goals which make it easy for kids to make baskets. This serves well as an incentive to kids.

The height of the hoop is also another variable that can be used to distinguish toddlers hoop from that of older kids. Basketball hoops meant for kids should be about 2 inches in height. The height can be adjustable or not; however, buying one that is adjustable will serve your kid for a longer time.


A kid’s basketball hoop can be an excellent gift for your kid. This is the case because, with only a few dollars, you can be able to secure a nice and classy hoop for your young player. Most of these products cost tens of dollars, although some high-end products cost way more.

Some of the factors that bring about a difference in the price of these products include brand, material and some additional features. Kids hoops made of plastic material cost relatively cheaper than those made of fibreglass and metal as plastic is cheaper to manufacture compared to the other two.

The brand of the product also influences the price of the product. You should, however, note that at times big brands overprice their products even when they are inferior to others in the market. You, therefore, ought not to put too much weight on the brand name as long as you get value.

Additional features that might affect the price of a kid’s basketball hoop include extra balls and kid’s safety features. You should pay attention to the details of the product to ensure that you get the most out of your money.


Getting the right basketball hoop for your kid is the first step of guiding your kid into a fun-filled basketball career. The product will not only give your kid an early start in the sport but will also allow you to spend time with your kid.

To achieve optimum results, you need a good build and reliable hoop for your kid. That is why I recommend to you the Little Tikes Basketball Hoop. This set delivers on both indoor and outdoor games. It is also one of the easiest hoops to put together.

Apart from the fact that this product fits on almost any budget, the set is made up of plastic, which is safer for kids as the lightweight plastic material does not pose a risk to them. Grab a set for your kid today and watch him grow into the next basketball legend.

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