NBA Teams Without Championships

NBA Teams With No Rings – Haven’t Won a Championship – Without a Title List

April is full of excitement for every basketball lover because the NBA playoffs begin at that time. If you are one of the real basketball lovers like me, then you know what exactly I am talking about. The thrilling game of the NBA is incomparable, and among all others, only two teams can make their way to the finals. And the last team that wins the championship makes the history in the history of basketball. This is why the NBA championship is way more important than anything else to us. Many teams have made earned their place among the champions, but there are 11 NBA teams who have never got the luck to won the title. So, let’s have a look at the NBA teams without a championship.

Still, now, 20 different teams have won the NBA championship trophy. But some of the teams weren’t so fortunate to reach that trophy. The champions always remain on the headlines, and that’s why we are going to discuss some teams who put their utmost effort to reach the highest peak of the mountain. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

NBA Teams Without a Championship

So, now that we know, there are 11 teams who never got the fortune to reach the title. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Indiana Pacers

At the top of our list, we have got the Indiana Pacers. Actually, they came from the old ABA, where they managed to won 3 championship trophies. During that time, they have been considered as one of the best teams in professional basketball. In fact, it is also considered that if they had played NBA at that time, they would have become a champion by now.

However, Reggie Miller, one of the finest players of this team, earns the credit to lead the team to the final in 2000. But Shaq and Kobe stopped him because the modern Lakers dynasty was making its way out.

2. Charlotte Hornets

After that, we have got the Charlotte Hornets. This started their journey in 1988. Later, in 2004 the team was re-established again and introduced as Bobcats. Next, in 2013 the team was renamed and introduced once again in 2013.

Their 90’s team was very popular, and they were able to beat most of the opponents. At the initial stage, Alonso Mourning and Larry Johnson were the finest players on this team. Their contribution led the team to many successes. Then players like Glen Rice, Muggy Bogues, and Kenny Anderson also joined the team. But unfortunately, the team never managed to obtain the championship. They never managed to beat Knicks and Bulls.

3. Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn nets had two names in the previous time; one is New Jersey Nets, and the other one is New York Nets. This is another successful ABA team that won 2 ABA championships at that time. Julius “Dr. J” Erving played a significant role in this achievement.

In the years 2002 and 2003, Jason Kidd led the team to play NBA finals back-to-back. But unfortunately, they couldn’t overcome the Lakers or the Spurs.

4. Memphis Grizzlies

This is another expansion team that has made its appearance in the NBA in late 1988. Later, they were introduced as the Memphis in 2001. In the year 2011, they got their best chance when they were able to beat the Spurs in the first round. Everyone was amazed at this type of appearance during the playoffs. Then the team didn’t have to look back. They made their way to the Western Conference finals but lost to the OKC Thunder.

5. Utah Jazz

This team has many renowned players like John Stockton, Carl Malone, and more. But even after that, they could not reach the NBA title. It is really hard to believe—actually, their bad luck of picking at the same. However, Michael Jordan came back to his dominating form after taking a break from baseball. During the year 1997 to 1998, the team managed to make its way to the final. They could have won the trophy if they didn’t have to face the Bull’s Great Dynasty.

6. Pheonix Suns

They were introduced first in the year 1976 but couldn’t resist the Boston Celtics. In the year of 1993, Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson were able to lead the team to the finals. But their opponent was Michael Jordan and the Bulls in front of whom their techniques weren’t much effective.

7. New Orleans Pelicans

In 2002, the team was established in New Orleans. At that time, they were named New Orleans Hornets, but later, in 2012, they changed their name to Pelicans.

They have one division title in their cabinet and managed to make their way to the playoffs seven times, and the great thing is that they won the series two times. But even after this great result, they were not able to see the finals. They have set the addition of Zion Williamson, and I think that will be the final puzzle to set the fortune and get them over all other teams.

8. Los Angles Clippers

They were first founded in 1970 in the name of Buffalo Braves. At that time, the team was expanding at its full pace. After that, it changed its name to Sandiego Clippers, and finally, their name was set as LA Clippers.

For the last ten years, the Clippers have been playing with a great team. But even after that, they were not able to get to the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

9. Denver Nuggets

In 1976 the Nuggets were able to make their way to the ABA championship. But last year, they lost to the New York Nets. Even after that, they have a higher chance to play into the NBA.

Carmello Anthony and Chauncey Billups led the team to the Western Conference finals, which was held in 2009. But Kobe and Lakers didn’t let them reach the finals.

10. Orlando Magic

This was an expansion team of 1989. The success of this team spread heat along with the Miami. With the contribution of Shaq and Penny, they were able to make their way to the final. But a great loss to the Houston Rockets team deprived them of reaching the finals. Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler were the main rivals of this team. However, in the year 2009, they were again able to make their way, but Kobe and Lakers pushed them from the track.

11. Minnesota Timberwolves

The T-Wolves, this was the name when the team made their appearance in the late 80’. While other teams were growing with a great expansion, the team was not running at its full pace. They were literally slow compared to the other teams. But later, when Kevin Garnette joined the team in 1995, the team got a boost. They made their way to the playoffs continuously from 1997 to 2004. In 2004, they also made it to the Western Finals, but like others, they were also a Victim to the Lakers. For which, they were not able to play for the final.


You might have been looking for Oklahoma City Thunder as they also didn’t win the championship, but the franchise has won the championship while staying in Seattle. That’s why we didn’t include them in our list. These are the 11 NBA teams without a championship, and hopefully, you have got a better idea about them now.  

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