NBA Mascot Salaries

How Much Do NBA Mascots Make? Top Salary

The NBA mascots are my favorite. They are known for their funny acts and serving ease to the tension. During the intense time of gameplay, they play a significant role in giving us relief. They will pump you when your team is winning and cheer us up at the time of their losing condition. I think after the thrills of the game, they give us joy and pleasure. However, how much money they earn for providing this endless entertainment? Well, that’s an interesting question. In this article, we are going to discuss some surprising facts about the mascot and NBA mascot salaries. So, take a deep breath, and let’s dive in!

NBA mascots are an essential part of the entire game. They are excellent entertainers who are seen promoting their logos, colors, and team gears in every league. Apart from their performance, they have also gained an important position in the organization. But how the organization pays them off? Of course, they do all these for a particular amount of money. After all, they are not doing all those crazy things just for fun. So, how much money are these insane characters making every year?

NBA Mascot Salaries

It is not a surprising fact that they make a good amount of money. They are providing us with a good amount of fun, and that’s really a great deal. So, the salaries also range from low to high, like the professionals.

Commonly, mascots can make from 22,000 to 100,000 dollars per year.

It mostly depends on the experience they have obtained and the type of their talents. According to that, some mascots may make a few, where some may make a considerable amount of money. Honestly, some make more than you can imagine. Among all others, Rocky the Mountain Lion is the highest-paid mascot in the league. He is from the Denver Nuggets, and he makes around 625000 dollars per year.

Why Are NBA Mascots Making Good Money?

From their looks to their funny acts, these funny characters are loved for many reasons. So, why not they make such a decent wage for all the efforts they put into entertaining us?

The task they do is really hard, and they get what they do.

While it might seem to be easy and what they are doing is common, they just have to put on the animal suit and dance. But actually, it is not. These aren’t the mascots that you have seen in your high schools; they only will cheer you in the crowd.

They are professionals who have trained themselves hard. They also realize the value of entertainment and performing in front of thousands of people.

Do you know many of the mascots are elite athletes, stunt peoples, and acrobats? Yes, they are those peoples who have trained their selves to reach the highest peak of the mountain. They also practice regularly so that they can give perfection to their stunts. Haven’t you seen the mascots jumping off a trampoline and repelling or dunking on the ceiling cord? Well, they didn’t do managed that skill without any practices. In fact, they had performed hardcore practice before attempting those types of stunts. Aside from all these, they also have to maintain a good physical condition and shape before performing such stunts.

These mascots are good actors too. They catch people’s attention even from a large crowd with their terrific acting skills. That’s what makes them stand out. In fact, many of them have their own routine and arrives with that a creative idea. This keeps the crowd engaged in the action. Some of the mascots are famous local people, that may have shown up on the local tv ads or the events.

Apart from all these, there is something more important they do. These goofy characters are the ambassador of the team. They are also an ambassador of the National Basketball Association. These characters are often found in different promotion activities outside of the games. They show up in different charity events, communities in different ways to promote the league or their respective team in different ways.

History of Mascots

Mascots are important, but where did this unique idea come from? People dress up as furry and fluffy animals and provides additional entertainment during the sporting event; it is literally cool, isn’t it?

The word “mascot” comes from the French term “mascot.” This French word stands for “witch, sorcerer, and fairy.” “Mascot” was the slang term used to indicate “talisman” or “the charm of a sorcerer.” This word was usually the word at the time of gambling, and these were believed to a stroke of good luck.

However, I still couldn’t find out when does the American started to use mascots. But according to some information, 1800 was the year when all these began. Mascots were first introduced in the sports of baseball at that time. Batboys were the first mascots who were believed to bring good luck. In the middle of 1880, some teams started to use real animals to ensure the luck of their team. They brought animals like dogs, goats, and other animals that can be used for parading alongside the sidelines.

Max Patkin was the first established side-line specialist who was taught to play the role of Max Patkin. Max Patkin was known as the “Clown Prince of Baseball” at that time. Although he used a traditional baseball uniform as his costume, he was only the beginning of such type of performance. And that was the inspiration that has turned into today’s’ mascots.

People didn’t see any live costume mascots until 1964. But after that, in football, Mr. Met appeared Brutus Buckeye in college soccer and baseball. Next, in the mid-1970, one of the most popular mascots appeared at baseball games of Padres.

The modern mascots were set up the Sandiego Chicken and his crazy antics. Due to their outstanding performance, they gained vast popularity within a short time. Soon the performance of the crazy critters reached all sports to provide the viewers with an added fun and entertainment. At present, these cartoonish characters are so popular that they were introduced at the Mascot Hall of Fame, located in the Indiana city of Whiting.

NBA Mascot Courses and Training

Nowadays, the National Basketball Association holds courses and studies for providing the skills of the league’s mascots. Isn’t that great?

In addition to that, the mascots who can offer their best performance will get an award at the end of the year as a thanksgiving for their dedicated work. In this case, the most awarded mascot who has the highest rating will definitely be paid more than the ordinary ones. After all, each team will be looking for someone who has great skill and can make an impact with that.

So, if you are aiming to become a mascot of a team, then get that course and ensure your bright future. The opportunity of entertaining others is way more praiseworthy than you can imagine.


I never performed as a mascot or in their team. But honestly, I am a great fan of them. That’s why I have gathered all this information for your better understanding. Hopefully, you have understood them. If I miss anything or if you want to share something more extraordinary, please use the comment section below. I am waiting to hear from you.

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