Reach in Foul

What is a Reach in Foul in Basketball and NBA?

Fouls are a part of every sport. Just like any other sports, fouls happen in basketball as well. The concept of foul in sports is making an incident that causes harm to another player or close to it. But a reach-in foul is quite different. It is not precisely foul, but it is close to becoming a foul and is considered an offense. 

In basketball, the reach in foul is a little bit of confusing than regular ones from any other sports. When you first get to know it, it may seem like a standard foul, but you will get to see the difference in reach in foul and other fouls once you start to follow up. To know what a reach in foul in basketball is, continue to read to learn with a better explanation. 

What is a Reach in Foul in Basketball?

At the start of the explanation, you should better know that the reach-in foul does not exactly exist in official NBA rules. The term just exists to call out the non-shooting fouls done by the defense team. 

Usually, three types of fouls exist in basketball. The three types are known as blocking, holding, and pushing. All of these fouls happen after a certain kind of thing happens, that is, when the defensive players get in contact with the offensive player. Without making bodily contact, foul is not called. Therefore, the reach-in foul concept becomes a little bit confusing because for that to happen, communication with the offensive player has to happen as well. 

But one thing for sure, the three types of fouls described, blocking, holding, and pushing, cannot be considered a reach in fouls. The reach-in fouls are known to be a little more specific in terms. Let us give an example for your better understanding.

Suppose an offensive player is dribbling the ball on their way to the basket and about to drives the ball to the basket. But right before he does that, a defense player comes close and knocks them off with their body. That is called a foul. But not a reach-in foul. In case of a reach-in foul happen, the defensive player will come close to the offense player; instead of heating his body, the defensive player will only make contact with the hand holding the ball. That could be a reach in a foul. 

This is yet could be very confusing for a lot of people. Actually, the difference is not very much noticeable. To understand the whole thing, one needs to know all of the rules and regulations of basketball properly. 

The thing about basketball is that it is sports where lots of contacts are happening. You have to make contact with the other team’s player even if you want to play the game. If you’re going to save the ball from the offense team or steal it from the defense, you need to make contact with the body. Therefore, a lot of incidents may seem foul, but they are not. At the same time, a foul may look like a reach-in or vice versa, but they might not be either.

Mostly, the reach-in foul happens when a simple contact happens, that is, with the intention of not to only for defense purposes. Another example could be that when an offensive player is three-point close to the basket and starts to dribble, and at that moment, the defensive player tries to steal it. But he accidentally hits the handler arm of the player. That is called a reach-in foul. But whatever the foul is, not all contact will make a foul or a reach-in foul. If everything is maintained with the rules, things will go as they should.

Final Thoughts

Well, even though reach in fouls is complicated. Once one started to see them frequently in the game, the concept will become more apparent. Hopefully, our explanation will help you more.

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