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Top Basketball Protective Nose Guard

Basketball, just like any other sport, involves an element of injury risk. One of the most common injuries among basketball players is a broken nose. This is a common occurrence due to the nature of the sport as it involves a lot of hand movements, and a stray elbow can easily break your nose.

A broken nose can keep you out of the field for up to 10 weeks. This can be a career killer, especially for pro athletes or league participants. For this reason, anyone recovering from a broken nose ought to have a reliable face mask for extra protection from re-injury during recovery.

Face masks come in all sizes and brands. The availability of several options to choose from in the market makes it tough to select the best product for your needs. However, I have compiled a list of the five most reliable face masks that will get you on the court in no time.

1.Mueller Face Guard

The first product on our review list is the Mueller Face Guard. The product is known for its excellent abilities in protecting the face from nasal and zygomatic injuries. Wearing this product on the court guarantees your broken nose protection against re-injury.

One of the great things about this product is that it can be used across almost all contact sport, including basketball, volleyball, karate, and even wrestling, as the product is made of highly resistant polycarbonate material that hardly cracks or shutters on impact.

The product is also well designed to fit on several face sizes by simply adjusting its state of the art harness straps. The proprietary harness does an excellent job of holding it in place, facilitating a comfortable, perfect fit allowing for ideal vision.

I personally love how light and comfortable this product is. After a few hours of use, you can hardly feel its presence on your face. It also retails at a high price, offering you maximum value for your money.


  • Works well for most sports
  • Cost less compared to other face masks in the same category
  • Has minimal vision obstruction


  • It is not suitable for wrestling
  • There are complaints about straps quickly coming off.

2.Qiancheng Nose Guard

Another excellent face mask for a broken nose is the Quiancheng nose guard. Though second on our list, the product has just as much to offer as the first one, the significant difference being that this product was specially designed for people with small faces like women and teenagers.

The product is made of a highly resistant material that can withstand impact and still offer your nose sufficient protection. This material, together with additional soft padding, ensures that your injured nose gets the much-needed comfort giving you a comfortable time on the court.

One of the lovely things about this product is how easy it is to adjust it on your face. Using its stripes, you can adjust the mask to get a comfortable fit on your face without interfering with your vision. It is also very light, therefore causes minimal discomfort when in use.


  • The product fits very well on the face.
  • It is ideal for most contact sports.
  • It is made of polycarbonate, making it very durable.


  • The product’s use is limited to people with small faces
  • You cannot purchase straps separately

3. Aurafix Orthopedic

The Aurafix is also another excellent face mask for a broken nose. The product’s outer surface is made of plastic while the inside is laced with terry cloth. This combination ensures that the product can handle lots of impact without breaking at the same time, offering comfort to your broken nose.

The products well thought design makes it ideal for most sports, including wrestling and basketball. The only notable design shortcoming is that the product is only meant to serve people with small-sized faces, mostly teenagers and women.

To ensure that the product fits well, it features adjustable straps that perfectly hold it in place, offering you enough comfort and protection. The harness works so well that you won’t ever have to worry about it shifting or moving out of place, giving you unobstructed vision.

A great feature of this product is its durability. It is made of sturdy material that is meant to endure a lifetime of use.


  • The product fits well
  • Can be used for several sports
  • It is highly durable.


  • It is meant for people with small faces
  • It features inelastic straps.

4.Qiencheng Nose Guard

The Qiencheng nose guard is one of the best adult face masks for a broken nose. The product is meant to serve people with large-sized faces and, therefore, cannot be used by children. Even though the product is not a universal product, it fits really well with the recommended face sizes.

The product is made of hardy material built to withstand impact. This makes it well suitable to offer your broken nose sufficient protection from re-injury. I love how well the product fits on the face without causing any noticeable vision obstruction.

Unlike most others, this product comes with a silicone gel for people who have sensitive skin as prolonged use of the product on pressure points might cause skin irritation. With its fantastic protection capabilities, this makes it an ideal face mask for any adult with a broken nose.


  • It causes no visual obstruction
  • Offers reliable protection
  • It is easily adjustable.


  • The product is quite expensive compared to other nose guards
  • Can only be used by adults

5.Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield

This product is made of reinforced carbon fiber, which makes it to be very resistant and excellent at offering your broken nose and your complete face protection. The ingenuity of this product’s design lies in the material used to make it.

Carbon fiber works well at offering protection, but it is incredibly lightweight, therefore causing minimum discomfort when in use. This, together with its elastic harness, which facilitates for a perfect fit, ensures that you have a pleasant experience without worrying about re-injuring your nose.

The product also has an appealing appearance, which, in fact, goes a long way when it comes to adding a touch of class to its user. It can be used for almost all sports, including basketball.


  • It is extremely lightweight
  • The mask fits well
  • It offers protection to the entire face.


  • Reinforced carbon might feel uncomfortable on your skin
  • It is meant for adult users alone.

Factors to consider when getting a face mask.

Having realized that you need a face mask, it is not just a matter of going to the store or ordering any mask online. You have to carefully consider some important factors so that you get a face mask that will work for you. 

There are many designs of face masks that have different prices and comfort and offer various fields of  These are all factors that you need to consider before you purchase a face mask.

The factors you need to look into are all listed in this article, so it is guaranteed to help you figure out which mask is the best for you.

Durability and strength

The strength of a face mask depends on The material that is used to make the mask. Most masks are made using hard plastic.

You need to make sure that the plastic is secure; this is because you need the face mask to protect you in a game. there are a lot of things that could happen You could get hit by an elbow or a hand or even the basketball itself so you need something that will shield you from a hit that strong

It should be durable so that you can use it in many games to protect your face.

 It would be best if you did not have to buy a new mask after every few games because the old one got broken.


The first masks leave some space for your eyes, but it is very likely that’s all the face mask will affect your vision. However, the extent to which they affect this vision is different.  

The facemask should have an eye-opening that is large enough to allow you to see well while it protects your face.  You will need to see all the players and the bull, and everything moves so fast in basketball so you cannot afford to compromise your vision.

Make sure it has enough space for you to see the opponents and the boy so that it does not impair your game or judgment on the court.


This is a gadget that you’re going to put on your face, it is very difficult not to feel something on your face, but you should get a mask that is so comfortable you barely feel it in your face. If the mask is uncomfortable, it will distract you from the game, which may be fatal for your team and compromise your career.

The comfort is mainly dependent on the padding; the mask should be padded so this you feel comfortable putting it in your face, the comfort also goes with the shape of a person’s face.

Some people have a shape for a particular type of masks will others have a ship for a different kind of mask, so it is probably good you try it on before you buy it. But you also have air holes to ensure that there is proper ventilation So that you stay fresh and in peak performance.

Security and stability

It would help if you had the mask to protect your face in order for it to do that it needs to stay on your face. The face mask must have a good fit so that it doesn’t move around when you run or to jump.

This is important because if the mask keeps moving, It will Obscure vision from time to time, which we impair your performance by distracting you. Make sure the mask has strong straps to hold it onto your face so that it does not shake or move when you are playing.

The mask should also grip when your face so that it doesn’t slide down And block your vision. When you’re playing because I mask like that could be an asset to your opponent, And nobody wants that.

Price and coverage

Like any other product, your choice of facemask depends on the amount of money you have at your disposal. you just like any other products the price tends to speak for the quality of the mask

An expensive mask is more likely to be made out of superior material, which will make it more durable rather than a cheap mask that may not be of that high quality, so make an assessment of the masks in consideration of the price before you make a decision on which to buy.

Different masks cover different parts of the face. A good mask shield covers the entire face so that it protects you from the forehead, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth.


A face mask could be an essential tool for any basketball player. It can especially help you if you have an injury, but you still need to play, so selecting a good face mask will help improve your career.

I would personally recommend Mueller’s faceguard, which is the first product on our list. It is a useful tool that is of high-quality material at an affordable price. The mask’s design gives a larger field of vision; thus, it produces less obstruction. 

The other great thing about this product is that it is designed for use in more than one game. It can be used for basketball as well as other sports such as karate. 

This face mask is sure to protect your face from any projectile that may come your way, be it a ball or a hand. So don’t wait any longer, go online now and get yourself a Mueller face guard now!

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