Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

What are the Most Durable Basketball Shoes for Outside?

Playing outdoor basketball brings with it a ton of advantages as well as downsides. For example, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and gain the right experience toward becoming a stronger and more resilient player.

On the downside, however, you’ll be forced to purchase quality gear. Your basketball should be made of tough rubber, knee pads should be well-cushioned, and most importantly, the playing shoes should be of the best quality.

Experts have said much over time regarding the best quality for outdoor basketball shoes.

Nonetheless, owing to the wide variety of outdoor basketball shoes, little has been specified on the best-preferred selections.

Besides, it’s hard to find an exact brand that can offer you a satisfactory pair of outdoor sneakers. The easiest way to find a reliable pair of basketball shoes is to check the reviews that are often provided, not only by shoe companies but also by their esteemed customers.

Reviews, however, will take you days or weeks, depending on your tastes, preference, or liking for particular designs.

We decided to save you the hassle of rummaging through endless lists of basketball stock in both online stores and physical outlets, by providing a detailed buying list as well as a comprehensive guideline on what to look for when purchasing the right outdoor basketball footwear.

Curry 3Zero 3 - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Nike Lebron 164.8 out of 5 stars
Adidas Dame 54.7 out of 5 stars
Puma Clyde Hardwood4.6 out of 5 stars
Nike Lebron Soldier 134.5 out of 5 stars

1.Curry 3Zero 3

The Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3 goes for $90 in retail outlets. From the reviews we’ve amassed, it’s noteworthy that a huge number of basketball players prefer the sneakers.

The outsole of the shoe is delineated with hexagonal structures that give the design better traction.

With such traction, any player can practice and play any competition comfortably regardless of whether the court has a clean or dusty surface.

The Under Armour is the perfect choice for any player owing to the leather construction and finish on the interior that guarantees wearers comfort and support. Any shoe size fits perfectly without causing discomfort.

Curry 3Zero 3 has a tight cushioning on the interior that makes the shoe lighter, thus a preferred design for fast-paced players who love agility.

Nonetheless, the cushioning inconveniences players who prefer thicker cushioning and additional protection around the ankle.


  • Durable materials give the shoe resistance to last an entire season without wearing out.
  • There’s no other shoe with better traction than the 3Zero 3, thus the best sneaker for both indoor and outdoor court surfaces.
  • The shoes fit perfectly and comfortably.


  • The tight cushioning barely provides support and impact protection for aggressive players.

2.Nike Lebron 16

If you are looking for a premium shoe design, built entirely of high-quality materials, look no farther than the Nike stores for the all renewed Lebron 16.

Nike is a renowned brand not only in the field of basketball but also in the production of premium gear for all kinds of sportspeople around the globe. Before the Lebron 16, Nike had the XV.

Many reviewers have commended the brand on this improvement. The new Lebron 16 sneakers have better traction than their predecessors.

Also, the padding has been altered to provide a more comfortable fit for athletes.

What about stability? Tiny outriggers have been added sidewise to the outsole to create more balance and provide better stability for wearers.

Safe closure is made possible with a premium Battleknit construction that not only gives the shoe a premium feel but also better containment of the wearer’s foot.


  • The shoe is recommended for wing athletes who are powerful and aggressive.
  • Lebron 16 has better traction that gives any player balance and stability on indoor and outdoor grounds.
  • The cushioning of these sneakers is thick enough to protect players from impacts and provide additional support in the game.


  • The shoe is expensively priced.

3.Adidas Dame 5

Cushioning on the Adidas Dame 5 has been reinforced to give players a reflexive bounce on court surfaces.

Buyers who have purchased these sneakers love them owing to how comfortable they are, regardless of whether they are being worn on outdoor or indoor courts.

One of the world’s all-time best Damian Lillard revealed that the Adidas Dame 5 is his favorite shoe in any basketball game.

The traction of the outsole is perfect. It provides a stable ground on cleaner surfaces. However, there are a few translucent designs from the brand that are a bit slippery on dustier court surfaces.


  • Professional basketball players choose this design owing to the sleekness and unique feel of the sneakers.
  • Dame 5 is one of the most comfortable sneakers because of how perfectly they fit.
  • Cushioning is done excellently to provide a high bounce that improves the sneakers’ protection from impact.


  • Poor choice of colors by Adidas makes the sneakers look cheap in the eyes of purchasers.
  • Translucent sneakers are a bit slippery on dusty surfaces.
  • These shoes attract dirt easily.

4.Puma Clyde Hardwood

Puma is one of the few brands that has managed to stay in the gear production industry for decades.

The Clyde Hardwood is an elegant pair that features a cool white shade all over the design, and a double green stretch that runs halfway from the sides through the heel. In a nutshell, the color choice by the designers is cool and excellent.

This shoe is made of high-quality leather that guarantees the player comfortable and durable footwear for seasons on end.

If you are interested in a shoe that has unparalleled traction today, you should go for the Clyde Hardwood.

All the reviewers and purchasers of these sneakers have been satisfied with its performance on outdoor courts.

It works perfectly on indoor courts too. Also, the shoe has shown remarkable durability in the field, thus the preferred choice for any player who is interested in a lasting pair of footwear.


  • This shoe is made of quality leather that makes it durable.
  • It’s the perfect selection for durable outdoor basketball players owing to its unmatched traction.
  • Puma shoe sizes fit comfortably for all athletes.


  • It’s heavy on the feet owing to the nature of materials used in construction.
  • The cushioning is firm and scarcely protective.

5.Nike Lebron Soldier 13

These sneakers from Nike have a lace-less closure mechanism that’s substituted with the strap closure.

There are two straps, a short red one, slightly above the toe area but a bit farther, and the long green one that runs across the ankle area.

The player’s feet are adequately confined within the shoes, thanks to the effective strap-closure. Besides, the outsole has a thick padding reinforcement that works just fine.

Traction is greatly improved with the herringbone designs that keep dust off and work well in indoor and outdoor courts.

Materials used in designing the Lebron Soldier 13 are very strong and would guarantee users consistent use for more than a season.


  • The hexagonal designs on the outsoles are deep. They work extremely well by keeping dust off the sole and improving the traction on the field for better stability.
  • Straps provide safe closure that warrants the athlete’s ankle total protection.
  • Uppers are high to provide excellent protection for the ankles of aggressive players.
  • High-quality materials give the shoes more durability.
  • The shoe provides good support, particularly for high-top players.


  • The cushioning on Soldier 13 sneakers is not comfortable for some players.

How to choose a reliable pair of outdoor basketball footgear

You need reliable basketball sneakers that can provide excellent grip and comfort whenever you’re playing outdoors with friends or family.

Most outdoor and indoor sneakers sometimes look similar in design. Nonetheless, these shoes are entirely different in terms of construction material, style, weight, and cushioning.

Indoor sneakers are designed for smoother floors that are burnished and in enclosed controlled surroundings.

Outdoor footgear, on the other hand, is built to endure tougher turf. Outdoor courts are often made of asphaltic layers or composite concrete that tend to wear off the rubber faster than the polished hardwood of indoor courts.

Finding the best footwear is critical if you are determined to gain the upper hand as well as play a comfortable basketball game.

Many outdoor courts have uneven surfaces. Make sure you get the best sneakers that can provide excellent support, comfort, and traction required to endure the harsh ground.

Remember, making a poor selection of outdoor sneakers has its consequences. Poor quality shoes will give your feet improper balance on the ground, and even cause injury when the smooth soles skid.

Making selections on outdoor footwear should be inclusive of style and functionality. Many players tend to overlook the performance aspects of their wear and, instead, prefer to bargain for style.

Today, we look at the different factors that influence the right choice of outdoor footgear and the easy steps to follow when making an acquisition.

In a nutshell, the best pick should befit not only your style of play but also your other needs, such as stability and comfort.

Besides, you need to take into account your areas of strength and weakness in the game and needs as a player.


The traction of outdoor footwear is all about the sole. The shoe must be reinforced with a tougher sole of rubber than the one used for indoor wear.

Outdoor shoes have a heavy task of enduring the uneven and rough texture that is common in outside courts.

Thinner or softer soles wear out rather fast; thus, make sure you’ve picked a pair with tougher undersides.

Treads on soles differ from one outdoor shoe to another. You should consider the kind of tread your shoe provides, as it is responsible for the overall traction of the design.

With the right traction, any shoe can prevent the wearer from sliding or slipping on the court surface. Ultimately, this will prevent severe injuries that result when players fall.


As an individual player, you ought to have your particular requirements for the kind of stability or support you need in the shoe you pick.

If you’ve suffered an injury, recovering from one or dealing with an ankle problem, you should find a pair that provides greater shock absorption and is extremely supportive in your areas of injury or recovery.

You should procure a high-top pair of sneakers if you are looking for shoes that will provide support to your ankles or areas of weakness. High-top sneakers not only provide balance but also give players with injury better control than the low-top designs.

Nonetheless, if you don’t suffer any injury or have any problem with your physicality, then go for a low-top pair, as this one provides excellent flexibility.

Low-top shoes barely provide extra support or stability. However, they are extremely versatile and flexible, thus the guarantee of remarkable mobility throughout the game.

All in all, your choice of a low-top pair or high-top one will depend entirely on your needs and individual playing styles.


You should find a shoe with a more breathable structure for the uppers.

Indoor courts are more enclosed. Temperatures can be regulated to favor players.

In outdoor courts, however, there is the sun. Ventilation is not that assured. Sometimes it gets extremely hot, and as we know, getting your gear off in an outdoor game is not an option.

Therefore, you should find sneakers that are well ventilated if you intend to play outdoors.

Outdoor basketball soles should be made of rubber.

Rubber is harder and tougher compared to composite leather. For this reason, rubber holds up pretty well on uneven outside courts by enduring the harsh conditions of outdoor turfs. Rubber is more durable.

You should always observe how your sneakers wear out to know exactly how they wear out, the specific areas that wear out faster than the rest, and the repetitive nature of the damage.

Once you know how your sole wears out, start making shoe selections differently by focusing more on areas that wear out faster.

For example, if your soles wear out faster on the heels, go for a pair of sneakers that have more rubber and tread in that particular area.

By making these changes, you gain a better chance at keeping your shoes intact for longer, as you’ll have them up and running for a better timeframe before finding befitting replacements.

Even as you find basketball shoes that have thicker soles and better traction, make sure your choices are accompanied by a true reflection of your style of play, comfort, and unparalleled stability.


Your choice of comfort depends entirely on your needs as a player and degree of fulfillment you intend to achieve in and after the game.

First, you should check if you have any injuries, ankle problems, weaknesses, or other hindrances that render particular sections of your limbs partially incompetent during the game.

If you are suffering from an injury, you need a well-cushioned pair that will provide extra support, a thicker rubber sole, and well-protected uppers.

Your style or positioning as a player will also determine how comfortable you’ll need to be during the game.

Generally, however, shoes with thicker undersides offer better comfort. They easily absorb impact whenever your feet land on the harder turfs of outdoor courts.

Besides, shoes with thicker midsoles and larger treads will provide better traction on the ground.

Most of the outdoor basketball footwear have padded sections inside and outside the shoes. The heels and forepaws are usually reinforced with additional padding to provide more comfort for wearers.

Finding a comfortable pair of outdoor sneakers requires you to carefully examine the range of options in the market to ensure you not only find the right pick but also a design that provides comfort for the longest time before making a replacement.

Before making your selections, make sure you’ve checked out the different brands and styles provided in physical and online stores.

Also, keep in mind the level of comfort you desire to gain from your selection. Taking into account your needs as a player will make the purchasing process easy and satisfactory.


Different players make their choices depending on their reasons.

Players with injuries and ankle problems are sometimes forced to put on braces on legs or ankles. A low-top pair of sneakers should be the best consideration for any player who is forced to put on braces for one reason or another.

Shoes with high-top soles are better selections for players who need extra support.

High-top shoes will prevent the ankle from rolling and causing further damage in an outside court.

Players who love the thrill and speed of a fast game should go for flexible shoes that give them more freedom to move around the court swiftly and freely.

Most outdoor sneakers are heavily reinforced with thicker materials on soles, thus heavier than indoor basketball shoes.

However, there are a few designs that are made of lighter rubber. The shoes offer more flexibility and mobility.


Generally, outdoor basketball shoes are heavier compared to indoor sneakers.

Outdoor shoes need to be thickly padded with cushioning rubber not only on the outer sole but also in inner sections of the shoe.

The additional layering makes outside footgear heavier. Indoor footwear, on the other hand, hardly require extra cushioning.

Indoor courts have smoother surfaces hence little need for thickly padded rubber.

Some players tend to prefer lighter shoes so that they can move around the court faster and more freely.

However, you should remember that thicker shoes are heavier because extra cushioning is the major reason for the increased protection and stability.

Outdoor courts are tougher and more uneven than indoor courts. Without the thick rubber on the soles, outdoor sneakers are unable to provide the protection and stability that’s needed for a fair game.

Value for money

Different outdoor sneakers provide varied features for players.

The best features will inarguably come from higher-priced designs that will cost some a fortune.

Nonetheless, there are always moderately-priced sneakers that provide exceptional features exclusive to the few premium designs.

Cheaper sneakers will cost you less, but will they last you an entire season on a tarmacked outdoor turf?

Low-priced outdoor shoes tend to be lighter and thinner on the soles hence wear out faster.

If you are determined to find a reliable pair that will guarantee prolonged service, then you better opt for worthier investments or affordably, a few averagely-priced designs.


Your best shot at surviving the tough ground of an outdoor court is to choose high-quality shoes that can withstand the uneven terrain without wearing out too fast.

If your pair of outdoor sneakers are out of rubber in less than a month, it means you are flushing your money down the drain.

A good pair should last you between six to twelve months if you play and train daily.

The only way to ensure your acquisitions are at their best in terms of durability is purchasing shoes that have the thickest rubber soles.


When looking forward to making a lasting impression in an outside court, the choice of sports gear becomes the distinguishing factor between players.

With the right gear, especially footwear, you are assured of a rewarding basketball that not only gives you fulfillment as a player but also the experience you’ll need to become a better performer.

Breathable uppers, thick soles, comfort, and stability are some of the basic factors that affect the durability and performance of any pair of outdoor basketball shoes.

They are the factors you should keenly look for in outdoor sneakers this 2020 if you’re determined to improve your skills and experience in the game.

After gauging the most important factors for the best outdoor shoe selection, it’s unsurprising that the Nike Lebron 16 turns out to be the perfect choice of outdoor sneakers for any player.

These shoes not only have great traction that works perfectly on different outdoor turfs but also improved stability that’s made possible with the lateral dugouts on their outer soles.

Overall, the shoe is designed with superior materials that make it more durable than any other shoe on the planet.

Lebron is the footwear to go for if you are interested in a basketball pair of sneakers that will live up to your expectations of a worthwhile investment.

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