Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

What are the Top Shoes for Point Guards and Shooting Guards?

A guard needs speed and agility to maneuver and break slyly through the opponent’s defenders.

Purchasing the right sneakers guarantees not only more natural flexibility when changing directions but also more precise shooting from the angle of your choice.

Guards are probably the most dependable players in the court. The team relies on the guard’s accuracy, power, and mobility in coordinating the entire game to battle the opponents to a win.

Guard players have different playing styles. Some rely on fast-paced movements, and others know how to attack defenses with viciousness. In contrast, a majority rely on unmatched accuracy that corresponds to assured power when shooting the ball.

All in all, skilled guards have one characteristic in common: They know how to choose the right shoes.

The comfort, grip, and support you get on the legs are critical to the entire game.

If you are a guard who aspires to gain an upper edge over the opposing team’s defense, consider reevaluating your choice of footwear and how excellently or poorly it keeps up with your playing styles.

We checked through manifold sneakers, intending to come up with a comprehensive list of quality shoes for all guards.

Here is a collection of the top five prime shoes for a top player.

Adidas Harden Vol. 3 - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Under Armour4.8 out of 5 stars
Nike PG 34.7 out of 5 stars
Nike Lebron 164.6 out of 5 stars
Puma Clyde4.5 out of 5 stars

1.Adidas Harden Vol. 3

In the fantastic James Harden series, Vol. 3 stands out. The shoe has an elegant herringbone structuring designed to improve the traction of the guard on the court.

Whether you are running or dribbling while walking, this piece of attire guarantees a remarkable grip that works exceedingly well, even when on dustier court surfaces.

The Boost padding creates a thick cushioning on this shoe’s midsole. However, the cushioning isn’t explicit.

It’s more balanced, with a flat pad that keeps the feet closer to the ground. Guards get more stability, with a fairer ground in close range to the soles of their feet. Also, the even padding is responsive, and comfortable on the ground.

If you are a guard in search of a quality pair, made of premium materials, then the Harden Vol. 3 is the best pick to consider.

This shoe feels more comfortable and more relaxed to wear than most Harden designs.


  • The Harden Vol. 3 is an affordable pair of sneakers.
  • Herringbone patterns on the outer soles guarantee unparalleled traction that improves the player’s stability.
  • Premium materials give Harden Vol. 3 durability.


  • Break-ins needed to eliminate heel slips.

2. Under Armour

The Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3 goes for only $90. It ranks amongst the cheapest quality basketball sneakers for not only guards but also other players.

The grip on the soles works flawlessly on both clean court surfaces and dustier ones. With improved traction, guards can battle it out on the courts without fear of sliding or losing balance when running while dribbling.

Composite leather provides the most comfortable wear for any foot size. Besides, it contributes to improved stability when wearing the shoe.

Guards should be fast-paced. They need the speed to ambush the defenses and create unpredictable gameplays anywhere within the court.

For this reason, guards require lightweight sneakers that can complement their elementary styles of play. The Under Armour constitutes a lightweight and comfortable design to allow guards to move around not only fast but efficiently.

One problem, however, stems from the Micro G padding. The firm cushioning is tight and unsuitable for big players who rely on soft cushioning for protection from impact.


  • The synthesized leather makes a supportive and comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight materials make the shoe perfect for fast-paced guards.
  • These sneakers make affordable options for lower or average budgets.


  • A guard in search of a model with better impact safeguarding features should look for other designs. The cushioning is firm thus will provide lesser protection.

3.Nike PG 3

Reviewers love almost every detail in this shoe.

The moon-crater traction design provides a better grip on most court surfaces. However, the break-ins on the shoe take longer.

An effective kind of technology known as the Zoom Air provides cushioning around the front parts of the feet. The mechanism gives the shoe a bouncier and more responsive feel.

Besides, the heel section contains durable foam that provides excellent protection from impact.

While you should love everything this shoe entails, there’s one thing you should know. The design is perfect, but the looks seem a bit undesirable for the court.

The materials of PG 3 sneakers look cheap. Nonetheless, the shoes are comfortable to wear for the game. They guarantee a safe and successful game on the playing ground.


  • Nike PG 3 sneakers go for $110 only. This design is an excellent performer, and it’s guaranteed you’ll find them comfortable and fitting.
  • The Zoom Air technology gives the player a responsive feel that’s bouncy and thickly foamed around the heels to protect them from impact.


  • The moon-crater traction design takes longer to provide support during break-ins.
  • These shoes barely survive the harsh terrain of outdoor courts.

4.Nike Lebron 16

Before the Lebron 16, Nike dealt in the Lebron XV designs. Lebron 16 designs are enormous improvements from XV models.

Guards interested in premium designs that guarantee durability should go for these Nike designs.

Nike designs most of its gear from quality materials. The brand has stayed in the market for a long time owing to its consistency in quality and clientele satisfaction.

The unique and supportive traction on the Lebron pair works perfectly on an outdoor ground as well as an indoor court surface.

The versatile cushioning on these designs provides a reliable grip that warrants player stability and comfort.

All the Nike Lebron 16 shoe sizes fit perfectly for any player. The tiny outrigger structures on the sideways also improve the wearer’s stability.


  • Battleknit designs give the shoe elegance. Besides, tight and close structuring enhances the durability of the design.
  • Lebron 16 is one of the best shoes on the planet. The sneakers are perfect for wing athletes who attack powerfully and explosively.
  • Improved traction on the soles guarantees stability on any court surface.


  • Some players find these designs expensive.

5.Puma Clyde

The Puma Clyde Hardwood sneakers provide unmatched performance on both indoor and outdoor court surfaces as they are explicitly designed for guard players.

These sneakers offer the most precise fits for players of any size. You are assured of a comfortable pair of footwear that will not only get you maneuvering through the defenses safely but also will they favor your stability over that of any other player.

In terms of traction, these shoes warrant a safe and hard grip on the court surface regardless of whether they are being worn on an indoor or outdoor environment.

Materials of the Puma Clyde Hardwood will endure any kind of weather or abuse.

The midsole of these sneakers will also last a very long time without giving in to wear or tear along the way.

Besides, the lightweight composition makes the Puma Clyde sneakers the best designs for guards who aspire to move fast and flexibly around the court.


  • High-quality leather makes the fair share of construction materials in the Puma.
  • The unparalleled traction guarantees stability and safety when running or jumping for the ball and when making a shot.


  • The simplistic design of the cushioning makes the shoe lesser in comfort and protection from impact.

Factors to consider when choosing the best basketball shoes for guards

Every basketball athlete plays a specific role in the game. Depending on your favored role and position, make sure you purchase basketball footwear that befits your nature of play.

Guards require agility, speed, comfort, and grip to improve their reactions when getting to the ball, and when shooting.

Shoes that provide more effortless flexibility in movement will get the guard doing all sorts of tricks to the defense. Combine speed and the efficiency of a lightweight pair of sneakers, and you’ll be astonished at the wonders your combo will be capable of accomplishing.

Nonetheless, your specific position as a guard can change from time to time. Therefore, you may find yourself training for a different guard position at the start of a new season.

A guard with a better mastery of throws will complete more jump-shots hence their need for basketball footwear with thicker cushioning that can guarantee a better absorption of shocks and vibrations.

A shooting guard needs more accuracy to minimize the rate of missing the goal. The quick changing of directions while shooting or dribbling the basketball will require shoes with better traction and grip on the ground.

Take a closer look at the factors you should look for in a reliable basketball shoe, designed particularly for guards.


A guard will be significantly hampered by a pair of sneakers lacking in proper traction.

All guards know that the firm grip between the sole and the court surface provides the best and most comfortable condition for players to move around while making abrupt stops that favor the change of direction when shooting or passing.

In a nutshell, a pair of sneakers with better traction quickly gets you past the defense, provides you with the best contact material to make any sudden halts on the opposing side, and creatively slam a shot or dunk without risking any part of your limbs in the process.

The stability and support you get from a heavy drag guarantees excellence in the game, especially for a guard who needs the balance the most.

All in all, sneakers designed with poor traction steal your stealth and speed. A guard will slip more often with a shoe with a weak grip, only to risk an injury or suffer being benched for eternity just because of a poor choice of playing gear.

Herringbone designs

The herringbone design on the outer sole improves the traction of the footwear.

It works exceedingly well for any player owing to the multi-directional nature of the traction that boosts stability and balance.

Companies provide herringbone designs in different variations. Nonetheless, all the patterns are designed with the same goal in mind, to boost the wearer’s strength and improve their pace.

A good grip on the court surface allows you to stop abruptly and make a throw from a more extended range and keep the opponent distracted with the crossover.


Any type of cushioning should guarantee comfort for the guard or any other player.

Heavy athletes prefer going for heavily padded sneakers because their weights require thick paddings that warrant protection from impact and stability when making long throws.

However, most guards weigh lesser compared to heavier or bigger players, thus need minimal levels of cushioning and safety from impact.

Softer cushioning within the sneakers will negatively affect your agility as a guard in terms of quickness, speed, and efficiency.

Guards need tougher cushioning that guarantees more responsive game experiences as well as the lightweight composition that keeps guards faster and more flexible on their feet.

The feet of any player ought to stay comfortable the entire game to guarantee longer playing time.

Remember, cushioning on the sneakers should hold more firmly than usual because softer cushions hinder mobility and speed in the game.

Go for sneakers with more responsive padding to aid in shock absorption and still keep you undeterred when maneuvering on the court space at lightning pace.

Which material should you consider for the padding?

A lot of material is put into the midsole part of the shoe. The section takes a lot of rubber and thus space. Besides, it is the only part that determines how the overall cushioning and comfort of the shoe will be.

The best constituents for your shoe are foams of EVA, TPU, and amalgamates of any types of foam or thermoplastic polyurethanes. A midsole with these materials will keep the player’s feet in comfortable playing condition.

Zoom Air technologies also help with improved bounces and responsiveness that help with the absorption of impact, to guarantee stability. 

Are the sneakers fitting? (Size)

Before picking the shoe, measure the size of your tootsies against that of the shoes you intend to acquire to get the right designs that fit correctly.

A guard needs a properly fitting pair of sneakers that guarantee the absorption of impacts to minimize soreness and injury around the feet.

Picking the right size warrants comfort, support, and flexibility in movement.

Most players believe that loose sneakers have more breathable spaces compared to tightly fitting ones.

If the sneakers do not fit you correctly, chances that painful blisters and calluses will form on your toes or heels are very high.


If a shoe fits correctly, you’ll want it securely fastened around your foot.

Perfectly fitting sneakers that lack secure fasteners will affect your concentration owing to how uncomfortable, and frequently you will be taking time off the game to strap or tie the laces.

The lacing or strap system on the shoe should be easy to put to use and secure enough to hold both feet firmly within the sneakers.

Besides, a secure lockdown keeps the player’s feet comfortable. Another advantage of a lockdown system like the lacing type is the breathability that comes with the airspaces on the meshed upper.

An adequately ventilated shoe is vital for any game, particularly an outdoor one owing to the dynamic nature of weather. It could get rainy or sweltering in a matter of minutes.

How supported is your ankle?

An ankle injury could keep you benched for weeks or months, depending on the extent of the damage.

A key player missing an important game, especially in a competitive league, could affect the entire team’s performance.

Make sure you’ve tested the type of footwear you intend to acquire for supporting capability and protection around the ankle.

The style used in designing the sneakers, features for lockdown, and different levels of cushioning all provide support for the ankle as well as relieving heels from stress and pressure.


The intensity of a basketball game demands a significant amount of sacrifice from the player, in terms of muscle strength, endurance, and fitness of the feet.

Basketball sneakers for any guard should withstand the harsh terrain of most outdoor and some indoor courts that are often accompanied by rain, dust, pebbles, tarmac, concrete, and collision.

Durable materials will keep the shoes in playing condition for seasons.

Besides, the choice of material determines the breathability condition of the sneakers.

Sneakers with thicker material on the uppers and laces have smaller airspaces that are barely breathable. Such designs can lead to the accumulation of heat and sweat within the shoe, and consequently, cause a bad odor or smelly feet.

The best basketball sneakers for guards are the Nike Lebron 16 sneakers.

These shoes are prime over the rest because of the unique traction from the tiny side-by-side outriggers along the outer sole that provide a deep suction, to keep the shoes firmly held onto the court surface.

Despite the versatility with cushioning, the padding on these designs is not only comfortable but also entirely reliable to favor guards who require lightweight options with thinner padding.

The Battleknit design on premium material is breathable. The Nike Lebron 16 gives the player remarkable support and balance needed for a fast-paced game with unpredictable stops and crossovers.

Hurry now, and get yourself these impeccable shoe designs, for there’s no better investment in a pair of sneakers that will last longer than the stylish Lebron 16 from Nike.

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