Best Weighted Basketball Gloves

What are the Best Weighted Dribbling Gloves for Basketball?

A basketball match is exciting not only to watch but also to take part in. With the right gear, the thrill can be elevated, and challenges that are common with any competition for glory and victory, lessened. A decent pair of basketball gloves could do plenty more for your next match, and also comfort.

You have probably come across players with glove-dressed hands. If you haven’t used them in a match before, then you shouldn’t be surprised; they may not be wearing them to look or feel good, but for a more seamless sporting experience.

To get ahead of your opponents, you will need to brace your hands, feet, and mind for the struggle; a basketball match will demand plenty of energy and skill from you, and I can’t think of any better first step than with the right pair of gloves.

Basketball gloves are available in a wide variety and have all been designed to serve different purposes. Some are handy for better gripping, others controlling, and even shooting the ball. What you intend to get your hands support with will determine what works better for you.

Considering all the available options out there, however, choosing the best of these gloves could get confusing. Each brand offers useful features and could serve you differently. How, then, can you make up your mind on what to go for?

In this article, we’re going to check out top basketball gloves in the market, and what distinguishes each brand. Whatever delivers more of what you’re looking for could win the day. We’ll also discuss a few things that you should have in mind and keep in check during your next shopping for a better experience.

The following is our list of the top five basketball gloves:



The POWERHANDZ Anti-grip gloves do come with power, at an affordable price! These superior weighted gloves are made from genuine cowhide. You may find them to be quite durable and also comfortable for your hands. What’s more is that they are flexible and should, therefore, be great for any match.

If you need some extra shooting power, then your muscles will appreciate these weighted gloves, which boost energy and speed in the hands. They also help with endurance and dexterity, and come with increased durability, thanks to their four-nylon stretch. 

You may find the POWERHANDZ to be easily breathable and fitting due to their inner Lyra gussets fabric. Being anti-slip, these gloves can help with ball control, keeping it in your hands. Their anti-friction materials are good for performance in a match, even though they may pose a challenge in training.

They also offer good wrist support with Velcro adjustable straps. The gloves’ flex points have iron sand weights, which offer great weight distribution. A few setbacks noted with this model, however, are that their packaging may not be as good, and some deliveries have come mistaken.


  • Easily breathable
  • Anti-slip
  • Durable & flexible


  • Poor packaging
  • Mistaken deliveries

2. Ball Hog Gloves (Weighted)

If you’re thinking of getting something for your performance, simple and affordable, then the Ball Hog could work for you. You may find these gloves to be great for dribbling and shooting. They are anti-grip and well-weighted, for better ball handling, catching, and thus, to avoid dropping it.

These gloves come with some added weight, in sand and iron packed pockets, which increase hand resistance and boost speed. You wouldn’t want your pair to fall off in the middle of a match; the Ball Hog gloves offer a good fit, not the best, but are comfortable. 

They come in different sizes, meaning that different people can find them useful. Being non-slip, you may find them great for honing your skills and enhancing your capacity as a player. These gloves are simple, as earlier mentioned, but just like most other things, they come with setbacks.

Their fit is not the best, and while they may not fall off during a match, you may not be able to maintain a perfect grip on the ball at all times. Their weight is also not well distributed and comes more around the wrists only.


  • Affordable
  • Anti-grip
  • Non-slip


  • Poor weight distribution (they’re weighted only on the wrists)
  • They don’t offer the best fit

3. Ball Hog Gloves (Unweighted)

Basketball enthusiasts may love this pair by Ball Hog Gloves. Unlike the previously discussed weighted model, these gloves are great for anyone in the preliminary stages of basketball training. If you are ready to take your skills up a notch, then this unweighted model could be what you’re looking for.

Since they are unweighted, you should find them easier to use in dribbling, rather than shooting, which requires energy. You may be disappointed, though, if you’re looking to hone your shooting. With this pair, you can take your time to make yourself better, with enhanced ball handling, thanks to being non-slip.

They are lighter than the previous model, and can, therefore, boost your hand speed. You may find it quite easy and fun using these gloves as you get accustomed to them; they also help with agility and hand flexibility, which is great for control and dribbling.

The Ball Hog (unweighted) Gloves are simple; as noted, you may find them pretty easy to use. Some users found them to offer a good fit, although the same comes as a setback, as reported by others. They are also a good quality pair!


  • Affordable 
  • Great quality
  • Simple design


  • They are unweighted
  • They don’t offer the best fit


A little upgrade on looks? Seibetron has got you! There is no harm in looking and feeling good out in the court; you may love the color array that this two-tone model comes in. These gloves, being quite popular in the market, come twice as heavy as compared to ordinary models. 

What does this mean to you? Comfort! The Seibertron gloves are pretty comfortable, thanks to their synthetic leather material, and practicing or playing with them may feel fun. The heavy-duty material not only makes them durable but also distributes the necessary weight. 

The weight enhances agility and speed by strengthening your fingers and hands; this also delivers a good shooting effect. The gloves are also made with flexible TPR, or otherwise known as thermal plastic rubber, which offers a tight and secure fit to the writs. What’s more, is that their index fingertip allows for use on a touchscreen.

They offer a good grip, which helps with catching and handling the ball. You may also find them pretty easy to clean and quite affordable. One of the notable setbacks with this pair, however, is that there have been reported issues with the sizing, which you should get right before purchase.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • You should get the sizing right before purchase, following reported issues

5. Haploon

These gloves by Haploon have been designed to help with dribbling. If you are a beginner at basketball, therefore, you may find them great; the same can apply to expert and seasoned players who would like to train on them. They offer a great fit, adjusted by Velcro straps, and come with a limit of 180 pounds.

You may love how easily breathable its palm-protection cloth is. Its inner cotton is also quite soft and comfortable. Along with the package, comes a basketball training kit. Within, are rubber blocks, which protect the palms and help enhance finger strength, which should enhance better catching and grabbing.

It comes in great quality, and while it’s available in an only extra-large size, this pair is generally meant to make you a better player. One other notable setback with this model, however, is that there have been reported delivery issues.


  • Good quality
  • Great fit
  • Great for dribbling


  • There has been reported stress on the fingers

When purchasing basketball gloves, it is important that you keep in mind a few factors that could help with choosing the best from the available options. These factors will help you eliminate what works for you from what doesn’t.


You can tell that a pair of gloves is quality, depending on the materials used in its manufacture. Different materials will serve you differently. Getting something durable should see you through matches of using your gloves. 


Do you have a pair in mind that you feel deserves whatever you had set aside for purchase? What if it costs more than you had intended to spend? In this case, it would be a good idea to look at other features and weigh how useful they are. If a product serves most to all your sporting needs, then go for it.


Depending on the materials used in its manufacture, each model of basketball gloves will deliver different levels of comfort. Comfortable gloves will make playing quite easy, and fun. You wouldn’t want to feel like taking them off in the middle of a match or change your pair within a short time.

Another factor that you should consider along with comfort is your gloves’ fit. Straps help keep your gloves tight and secure around your wrist so that they don’t come off when you’re out in the court. Because of the activity and energy involved in a match, it’s important to keep the gloves intact.


Standing alone but also affecting comfort is breathability. Your hands should get adequate air circulation while dressed in the gloves. This will reduce sweating and enhance comfort. Without easy breathability, making the dribbles, dunks, and facing your opponents may feel a little tight and tough.


You must have noticed that weight is an important factor in determining what type of gloves you go for. What do you intend for your pair? If it’s dribbling, then you may want to get something light for better ball handling or control. If it’s shooting, then weighted gloves will give you the energy you need for shots.


With durability and weight in mind, flexibility is important to enhance your gameplay. Rigidity is among the worst things you’d want to happen if you intend to make those scores and win trophies. Being able to move your hands along with the ball easily should make your match fun and give desired results.

You could consider plenty more factors before purchasing a pair or more of basketball gloves, but do not forget to put your preference first, because what works for you is what should always take the day. Have fun shopping and playing!

Bottom Line

For what reasons do you need basketball gloves? There sure is something for every enthusiast! A good, quality pair should help with plenty of skills like dribbling, ball handling, and even shooting. Comfort, affordability, and design are also other factors that come into play when looking at these gloves.

There are, however, many available options out there. Each brand is good in its own right, and as discussed, there are ways that you can make your shopping experience more seamless and even fun. That aside, however, why don’t we conclude with a single recommendation of what you can get?

Your next match could do better with the gloves by POWERHANDZ. Here is a quick why:

The POWERHANDZ Anti-grip gloves are affordable. They are made from genuine cowhide and are not only durable but also comfortable. What’s more is that they are flexible and should, therefore, be great for any match. They boost energy and speed in the hands. 

They also help with endurance and dexterity, and come with increased durability, thanks to their four-nylon stretch. They are easily breathable and fitting due to their inner Lyra gussets fabric. Being anti-slip, these gloves can help with ball control, keeping it in your hands. 

Their anti-friction materials are good for performance in a match. They also offer good wrist support with Velcro adjustable straps. The gloves’ flex points have iron sand weights, which offer great weight distribution.

What more could you be looking for in a pair of basketball gloves that the POWERHANDZ doesn’t offer? Try this product today!

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