Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

What are the Best Affordable Budget Basketball Shoes?

Many basketball sneakers will look good at first glance and even provide excellent traction and stability for the first few days.

However, as time passes by, the sneakers tend to wear out, the soles flap apart every other day, and the cushioning thins until the shoe is nothing but a mere demarcation between your foot and the asphaltic terrain.

The process of finding new basketball shoes that are more affordable than your older picks but of considerably higher quality is a task that’s frustrating and hardly rewarding, especially if you are handling the process on your own.

Many brands try to convince players to purchase their shoes. A few designs are genuinely durable and high-quality. Two-thirds of the designs in markets, however, is made up of inauthentic sneakers that will make your purchase indifferent from your previous fails.

We decided to create an original article with a list of the best basketball footwear, most going for less than $100 but still as durable as the fair share of premium designs.

Finding an affordable basketball pair of sneakers not only guarantees durability but also offers you the best pick you can always go for whenever your old pair is completely worn out.

Here are the five most affordable basketball sneakers to go for today.

Adidas Harden Vol. 3 - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Under Armour Curry 3Zero 34.8 out of 5 stars
Nike PG 34.7 out of 5 stars
Nike KD 124.6 out of 5 stars
Adidas Harden Vol. 44.5 out of 5 stars

1. Adidas Harden Vol. 3

These sneakers from Adidas were designed not only to provide reliable footwear for basketball players but also to help improve the playing styles of all-round players. They are more accustomed to moving around the court all the time.

The shoes are lightweight options, thus the best selections for fast and agile players who relish in maneuvering through the defenders’ line to score.

Additional lockdown is added to the designs to minimize the discomfort that’s common with side movements of a player’s feet.

Adidas Harden Vol. 3 is the perfect choice if you are looking for footgear that will give you better control, even when charging ferociously toward the opposition for attack.


  • These shoes provide great traction that gives you grip and total balance in the game.
  • Laces will provide closure and minimize side movements of feet within the shoe. The lace closure is elastic for flexibility.
  • The outsole is made of durable rubber.
  • Midsoles of Harden sneakers are boosted to provide extra support and stability.


  • The shoes are too narrow hence uncomfortable wear for some players.

2. Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3

These sneakers are designed to offer players remarkable performance even as they embrace the stylish make that complements their playing styles.

A safe landing is made possible with the advanced Micro G technology that has given the designs better bounce even on uneven court surfaces.

Uppers of this footgear are made of a tough conglomerate of leather that’s more durable and resilient to withstand prolonged use on hardwood court surfaces as well as asphaltic surfaces.

Besides offering durability, the uppers have perforations that improve ventilation of sneakers. Breathability is critical for any outdoor game because of hot weather.

Extra cushioning has been done on the ankle collars to create more stability and make the sneakers more comfortable.


  • Improved traction is made possible with the rubber padding and herringbone structures that are designed on the outsole.
  • A sock-liner made of EVA foam provides comfort and cushioning in inner parts of the sneakers.
  • The uppers have numerous perforations for ventilation.
  • A shank in the mid-foot section of the inner shoe provides support to the foot to prevent rollovers.
  • These shoes are perfect for outdoor and indoor courts. Their outsoles are made of tough rubber that can endure the harsh asphaltic turf.


  • none

3.Nike PG 3

The Nike PG 3 is the perfect choice if you are a fast-paced player, who not only finds strength in speed and agility but also support.

Moving at lightning speed around the court requires lightweight shoes that barely hinder mobility.

Nike is built using light materials that provide agility and mobility for a quick player and a comfortable upper that generates enough support to improve the player’s support and overall performance. These sneakers are improvements from the PG 2 designs.

The uppers are made of breathable material that not only provides ventilation for the player in outdoor weather but also critical support for mobility.

These designs have lower-cut contours that provide free room for players to move their feet.


  • The shoe is a perfect and comfortable fit for players with different size requirements.
  • These are lightweight sneakers that provide more agility and better mobility for players.
  • Uppers have breathable perforations to provide ventilation.
  • The lace-closure mechanism provides a complete lockdown for protection.
  • Traction on the outsole gives the player stability.


  • These sneakers are firmly cushioned.

4.Nike KD 12

Besides being affordable options, the Nike KD 12 sneakers are well cushioned with Zoom padding that provides safe lockdown and protection from impact.

These shoes are available in different sizes to fit any player. Quality fabric is used to construct the upper. The material is not only tough but also perfectly fitting to provide comfort and support for the wearer.

The outer sole has a thick Zoom padding that provides a lot of stability for players as well as a reflective bounce that minimizes impacts from jumps when shooting the ball.

Perforations on the upper provide airspaces for ventilation. These shoes are unisex designs built for all-round players who can change the entire outcome of the game with their unpredictable styles of play.

KD 12 is the perfect combination of quality, durability, grip, and comfort.


  • These shoes offer great traction, thanks to the contoured outsole that improves stability and grip on court surfaces.
  • Nike KD 12 sneakers are comfortable. They not only fit perfectly but also provide excellent coverage and protection around the ankles.
  • The shoes are unisex designs, thus recommendable for both men and women.
  • KD sneakers are affordable. The acquisition will be worth your dime.


  • The front part of the shoe sometimes peels off after a few weeks. The shoe lacks in durability.

5.Adidas Harden Vol. 4

This pair of sneakers is the fourth design in the James Harden signature category of footgear.

The shoes are designed for fast-paced players who move more frequently around the pitch owing to the lightweight material composition.

The lightweight build not only provides the ideal responsiveness during bounce but also remarkable comfort and stability throughout the game. The uppers are made of light textile that is perforated with small spaces for breathability.

Harden Vol. 4 sneakers can be securely fastened with unique laces that provide a tight fit that keeps the wearer comfortable.

Low-cut contours will give your feet unrestricted flexibility and mobility. The mid-foot stripe will provide a complete lockdown that will not only give you enhanced stability but also support that warrants balance.


  • Laces on the uppers provide the closure that gives users total comfort during the game.
  • Low-cut delineations are designed to offer unrestrained mobility and flexibility around the ankles.
  • Mid-foot stripes offer lockdown that guarantees safety, balance, and support.
  • Traction on the outsoles provides stability and an improved grip on any surface.
  • The Harden Vol. 4 sneakers are affordable acquisitions that don’t disappoint in quality.


  • The cushioning on the outsoles and midsoles does little to offer protection from impact.

Factors to consider when choosing affordable basketball footgear

When designing basketball shoes, a lot of attention is given to the sneakers in terms of comfort, the preferred style of the wearer, and the kind of performance desired to be achieved by the players.

The sooner you understand the specifications that best fit your style of play, the easier it will be for you to be substituted into the main team in permanency.

Your first concern before deciding to pick a pair of sneakers should be getting to understand how best you play, your most favored position in the game, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Are you a player who’s more accustomed to long-range throws? Which is more comfortable for you, maneuvering around the court with agility or relying on the power of aggression?

Some players are better when it comes to doubling the score by making many throws and dunks with accuracy, while others will do best if left to the back to man the opponents and leave them all drained and goalless.

No player loves to play overstuffed with footgear or worse, lacking in any way.

If you gain a better comprehension of your style of play and the areas you thrive best, you’ll find that it’s easier to pick a pair of sneakers that are equipped with all the features you require for ideal gameplay.

A basketball shoe can be dissected into three major sections: the outsole, the upper, and the midsole.

These sections have different features that affect the performance and durability of the entire shoe, thus knowing which specifications befit your requirements as well as style of play warrants you a better choice of gear.


Many shoe outsoles are made of rubber. A few sneakers, however, are designed with synthetic components.

The outsole is the shoe section that gives it traction. If your shoe has better traction in both indoor and outdoor courts, then the outsole is well structured.

When choosing the right basketball footwear, make sure to check if the outsoles are flat. Besides, a wider outsole provides the shoe wearer with improved balance and stability.

A better grip will be achieved only when you procure shoes with the right outsole design. Shoes with hexagonal designs on the outsoles will offer a better grasp on the court surface.

The patterns will keep your feet secure and ensure you don’t slide around the court when running with the ball.

Many basketball sneaker designs are created for any indoor court. Indoor floors are more forgiving compared to outdoor court surfaces.

If you intend to take your game exclusively to outdoor court surfaces, you should go for a pair with thicker rubber on the outsole because uneven tarmac works pretty fast at eating away rubber.


You will find a lot of cushioning in the shoe’s midsole. For this reason, the midsole is an integral part of any footwear because it holds the most of the shoe’s protection.

Foam is the most common material used in preparing the cushioning for the midsole.

Different types of foam are used. There is basic EVA and the compressed type of the same EVA. Both options are lighter than polyurethane.

The upside of polyurethane, however, is that it’s denser with better durability compared to foams of EVA.

Several brands have gone a mile further by integrating special cushioning techniques into midsole structures, especially around the forefoot and heel.

The heel and toe are the most sensitive parts of the human foot. Providing additional cushioning in these areas offers better protection for players, particularly those who play outdoors.

With better cushioning in these areas, the foot can withstand extreme stress that’s part and parcel of any basketball game.


Whenever you’re making a selection of sneakers based on the type or quality of upper, you need to ask yourself the question of height: Which loft do you want for your shoe?

Essentially, there are three shoe categories based on height. Each category appeals differently to players, depending on the preferred playing styles of the athlete. There are low, mid, and high lofts.

  1. Low

This category is designed for players who move fast with agility. The lofts are shorter, and the shoes are generally lighter. However, the shorter lofts provide little support for the ankles.

  1. Mid

Shoes with mid lofts are relatively higher. Besides, they offer more ankle protection and support than low-lofted designs.

The upper’s material is long enough to provide adequate coverage of the ankle without entirely enclosing the better part of the lower leg.

Mid-top shoes provide more flexibility for players as well as balanced support.

  1. High

The upper is high enough to wrap the whole ankle and provide protection.

Also, the upper provides better balance and stability. However, shoes with high uppers tend to be heavier than other designs, thus inconveniencing fast players.

Knowing your style of play will make the upper selection process easier.

Faster players who move around the court should go for low-lofted uppers, while forwards, who strike aggressively, should pick designs with higher uppers, as these provide more stability for a more competitive player.

Security on the uppers

Laces are commonly used to provide closure on the uppers. Some designs have zipper and strap closure mechanisms, either independently or as additional closing features to laces.

Zippers and straps provide better support to the ankles. Shoes with higher uppers gain a better advantage with straps and zippers.

Besides providing stability, these closure mechanisms provide additional layering to cover the laces. Notably, these reinforcements add more weight to the shoe, so be careful with your choice of straps or zippers, especially if you are an agile player.

Which is the best shoe for your playing position?

Is there a particular shoe type that works better for the forward than the guard? The following is a list of the preferred basketball shoes for players in different court positions.

  • An all-round player

If you are an athlete who moves around the court and can play in any position comfortably, you should find an even ground, one that’s balanced.

Your shoe selection should be neither too high nor too low. The best shoes for an all-round player are mid-top designs that provide not only support for the ankle but also a lot of space for mobility.

Mid-top basketball shoes provide great flexibility that is recommended for hybrid athletes who move around the court a lot.

  • Forward player

A forward is the underlying strength of the team. Forwards should be powerful and aggressive to strike hard and create a better winning chance for the whole team.

High-top sneakers are the best recommendations for forwards because the shoes provide adequate protection and support that is required of a professional forward.

  • Guards

A good guard should be fast and agile in his position. Shoes with low tops provide less protection for the ankle but are lighter, thus easier to move around. They complement the player’s agility.


Owing to the variation that’s provided in the affordable shoes for the basketball category, athletes find themselves stranded and undecided on their choice for footwear with the available size options.

A shoe that befits your style of play as well as performance is of no use if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Size should be the first thing to look at before purchasing the footgear.

There are unisex shoe designs that are designed for both male and female players. Besides, there are distinctive designs for women and men.

Ensure you’ve checked the brand and the labeling on the shoe to know if it’s a unisex design or a distinctive one for either gender because different shoes for men and women have the same size stickers but realistically dissimilar by one or two sizes.

Try out the shoe size of your choice if possible, to avoid purchasing a small or larger design.

Taste and look

Basketball shoes should not only be selected based on the materials used to make their designs but also their look. Is the shoe attractive? How does it complement your gameplay? If your sneakers are intimidating your opponents, the better.

A signature look on top of remarkable excellence on the court will make you stand out.

Your aesthetic element starts right from your choice of color to intricate or basic designs that appeal to your style and taste.

Standing out from other players would mean going for bolder colors embedded in more complex patterns.

When playing for your school team, you can pick a color that matches the colors of your school.

Aside from wearing basketball sneakers on the court, you should try adopting the footwear as part of your lifestyle.

With signature sneakers on your feet every once in a while, be sure to look cool and classy. You not only stand out with well-designed sneakers but also make a lasting statement that defines your sense of style and love for the basketball game.


The sneakers you purchase should get you through an entire season. If they can’t, then they are not worth any of your credits.

You’ll know that your shoe is near its deathbed when the seams and fabric flex out. Loose fabric barely holds an athlete’s feet, let alone protect them from the harsh turf on outside courts.

More fabric on the shoe will provide prolonged durability but will generally be heavier around the foot. Lighter options are easier to move around in but will wear pretty fast, especially in an outdoor court.


Your skill set as a player determines how long your shoe will last and how comfortable it will be during the game. A professional player in the NBA will go for a different shoe compared to a junior high school athlete.

The difference in their competition creates varying needs, thus the disparity in selection.


Once you’ve known particularly which shoe design befits your style of play and needs as an athlete, put together all the selections to determine the one that’s not only a quality foot accessory but also an affordable pick.

Essentially, you need to compare the performance of the shoe you pick and the price for which it is offered to know how affordable each can get without compromising on quality.

I particularly see no reason why you shouldn’t try out the Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3.

The shoe is the best bang you can get that’s worth your buck. At an affordable price of $90, the sneakers boast of excellent traction that provides stability and support required for proper balance in any game.

Comfort is key when it comes to performance. The Curry 3Zero 3 sneakers barely disappoint as they provide comfort for a player in the entire game.

If you are an athlete who prefers lightweight sneakers that come with supportive uppers, then the Under Armour Curry 3Zero 3 is your best pick.

Hurry and grab yourself these budget-friendly options that will not only improve your performance in the game but also last you the entire season.

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