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BoingVert Vertical Program – Animal, MethodX & Savage

So, you’re not the tallest basketball player in the world – so what?! You can still dunk if you buy the right program. However, there are some that are great, while some training programs that work, and then there are those that end up just being marketing ploys. Some people also get mad because they choose a vertical jump training program that you just can’t fix because you already have a high vertical leap yourself (meaning you’ll get slightly different results or less drastic improvements than what a program can guarantee). Either way, there’s one popular jump training program that claims to be the best, but is it really? We’re going to find out in this BoingVert jump training program review!

Marketing Strategies

While the Boingvert program is newer, it made big hits on YouTube by having an almost identical following of real reviews and affiliates alike. That unfortunately makes it harder to see and believe which one is telling the true review or not. However, there are complaints about it from a lot of people in regards to it not actually working.

What Does BoingVert Do?

This program claims to be everything to help you increase your vertical jump. With a two-part program, you are going to train your body for explosiveness and power jumps that will give you a huge edge when stacked against your competition. The main thing to consider though, is that more than anything, you’re going to learn jump training combined with weight training to get your results – this is something that literally almost every jump program does as its basis to provide optimum results. This means that Boingvert is essentially another cloned jump program to many others that have the same thing. It’s just a two-part program instead of a huge multi-course platform.

It’s Like Jump Basic Training

In the Army, you would learn physical fitness training (among other skills that utilizes your fitness to the extreme) for about 12-16 weeks depending on your job title. With the Boingvert program, you’re going to spend the next 16 weeks busting your butt, but most of it (11 weeks to be exact) will be exercises that can help you get into better shape, and increase your physical strength in your legs so you can join. That means you’re going to spend about 6 months (or more) developing and perfecting your jump technique if you include the basic weight training.

The Program Isn’t What It Used to Be

Back when it originally launched, Boingvert didn’t originally have a strength training program attached to it. It was literally just plyometric (jump) training and nothing more. However, in 2016, they wanted to give their customers more after having numerous negative reviews (due to the lack of results since their customers weren’t doing strength training on their own). This led to them building another part of the program, which only did the strength training. It didn’t make the program more in-depth, and it didn’t make it more detailed (nor did it make it much better). They did give you two PDF files and workout videos, and they ended up releasing the program for only seven bucks – far less than what other competitors charge for their programs.

They did add new “packages” that offer different levels of training compared to the original regular package. Depending on what package you are going to get, you’re going to do more weight training. That’s about it. The original BoingVert Animal program for example, is just a 16-week explosive power jump program, but it’s just modified from the original plan that came out in 2011. Other programs include:

BoingVert Monster

This program is basically the newer version, and is only an 11-week training component to help you create your burst strength. This one actually should be done after your first initial 16 weeks (WHAT? More training? – exactly). Anything to get more money from your wallet.

BoingVert V3 Air Warfare

This is a 12-week program that provides a mix of both Animal and Monster programs in one. Nobody knows why this program actually is available, when you’re getting parts of the same thing originally from both of the first programs. However, you need to get this out of the way to get more results.


This confuses a lot of people, but the MINIS program is additional programs that help you in various ways. You get BoingDGT (meaning Don’t Get Tired – just a marketing ploy for endurance training), BoingCORE (Core training information), BoingDIET ( supplemental and nutritional info that’s supposed to help you with training your jumps), BoingDESK, BoingSWISH, BoingMIND, BREATH, COLD (training in the cold), FORM (to help with jump forms), SECRETS (supposed trade secrets from the pros), and FLEX (for increasing flexibility and stretching).

What About Prices?

The original package was only $7. But it’s come a long way since then. And now it’s more than that for even just the basic training program (only ten dollars though). However, if you purchase the Animal plan by itself, you’re going to miss out on a lot of what the full program offers. That’s just where they get you through!

If you’re wanting to spend the extra to do the full program, then you’re going to have to pay almost 80 dollars, which combines a lifetime membership. Of course, the Monster course alone isn’t worth that much, and you can literally take what you learn with you in the future yourself for free – so that choice is completely up to you! The lifetime plan includes all the MINIS and the other things – as well as gives you any updates to their programs for free. Because of the price alone, you can probably find cheaper alternatives to purchase out there.

Not a Significant Upgrade

Nothing has essentially changed in the Animal program – it’s literally nothing but the 2011 jump training program with a new name. You do get a program portal though, but the original PDF files and the workout videos are just as old as they were in 2011. The least they could have done in many user’s opinions is provided real updates to the workout vids and the PDF’s (let alone the program).

You can literally get more than this with other programs. Not only that, but many people have negative thoughts when they consider the whole program, because they just kind of half-arsed the entire experience.

Why Such a Bad Rap from People?

In most cases, there are in-depth reviews that measure out pros, cons, and everything else. However, BoingVERT is one of the worst programs out there, and part of the main reason is the entire experience for users of the program. What do we mean? Well, the navigation of the portal and website are not the standard, and are so far under par, that they lack in every way possible.

The portal is completely confusing when it comes to navigating the website and the entire program – especially for those who have never used it before. You literally have to select thew Animal portal, and then choose the individual sub-portals throughout the program. The worst part? You may even have to watch the introductory videos on how to find the program you’re looking for on their website! If they made the user experience better, they could save a lot of time (and your money) by making it easier to use. Lacking a linear form of progressing through your course makes things even harder as well.

Text Galore

When it comes to the course itself, the FAQ of their website, or the original PDF’s, they’re literally just text. There was no work done to make it more engaging for their customers – just words. No pictures, guides, graphs – NOTHING. This makes it one of the deadest things you could ever use to provide you training for exercise. That sounds counterproductive in itself, doesn’t it? If you like to read a lot, this is perfect for you. But then you have to figure out how to do each thing as it’s telling you to. Unfortunately, this also destroys the credibility of the course itself. It looks as though much of this information is stolen from literally every other course on the market, and that they wrote it down instead of creating media to follow along with it better.

Download Limits? What?

Another thing is that you can ONLY download your files up to 5 times in a year. Many people make mistakes, and sometimes download something twice. Unfortunately, this will take the extra downloads off of your download limit. No other program out there has a limit on downloading a PDF per year. When you’re paying for something, it should be unlimited right? If you’re going to use something that everyone else is doing (like the training itself), then you should allow at least the same unlimited access that all other jump programs provide. The PDFs are even so horribly written that they have numerous errors in them. It even tells you to buy packages that don’t exist anymore.

Who is the Mastermind Behind This Mess?

Shawn Myszka is the one who made the program for BoingVERT. He is actually a conditioning and strengthening specialist who helps football players and other athletes and he’s even certified by the NSCA. When they did the revamp in 2016, he teamed up with Kelly Baggett to create and add the weight training part. Kelly is the author of a very popular book made in 2005 called the Vertical Jump Bible – which has helped numerous athletes and created the base training guides that most jump training courses offer. So why then, if the program was created by two true professionals that are actual experts at this field, is it so awful to maintain and maneuver?

The Workout Logs are Horrible Too

While it’s great that they literally created a guide for you to use as a workout plan, they could be much more innovative. As it stands, once you purchase the program, you’ll have to download the Animal LOG file (which counts against your downloads). Then you have to print it out, which is nearly a hundred pages long (that’s a lot of ink). What’s worse, is that it’s very unprofessional and disorganized too.

Each section is a different phase, much similar to a military workout regimen. You start out with the physical prep phase, which helps you to help with your muscle stability for three weeks (4 days of rest). The jump mastery program is the next one, and this helps you more than literally the rest of the program. You also learn force absorption which helps you to utilize stored energy… yes… your chakra. Your chi. Your whatever. This part’s literally about using stored energy for burst based on where your knees bend to help you jump.

Monster Madness

The monster madness is literally just a general strength, and burst strength plus power workout which utilizes low-rep counts and heavy lifting (like deadlifts, squats, etc.). Then you’ll work your way up to super-burst workouts. This is actually one of the most difficult parts in terms of physical endearment, but it is probably one of the more beneficial parts if you push through it and use it frequently. It also helps to develop very strong muscles and workout your tendons to help with your “snap” rather than the typical squat exercises. When you download this log book, you’ll notice that all of the pages are in black… so if you’re going to print this out, you may want to invert the PDF or you’re going to run out of black ink a lot.

The Good and the Bad

In a nutshell, the pros are that the exercise videos aren’t bad, even though they’re old. And the program is actually really cheap if you just want the basic package. You also don’t miss out on details because this course literally covers EVERYTHING in complete detail. You actually can learn a great deal. If you’re not a gym coach though, or don’t want just an additional weight program slapped onto your original package, then they should have made the course a little more original. Not only that, but the worst part is that the course is extremely hard to follow. Therefore, you get the user experience you pay for – cheap.

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