Hand Checking NBA Rule

What is NBA Hand Check Rule Change

In every sport, some rules have to be followed strictly. As we see in every gaming, if one player or team does not follow the official rules, they will get a punishment or, as it is called a penalty. Basketball is also a game that has various kinds of regulations. Some rules are here since the beginning, and some were created due to the requirement of time. This one rule was created way after the official NBA seasons started, and this rule is known to be the hand checking NBA rule.

The Hand-checking rule in NBA is quite controversial due to various reasons. Most of the controversies came because of the time of the implementation also the opinion of other people about the rule. Nevertheless, it is an official rule of the NBA, and players need to strictly avoid unwanted circumstances. As for the fans, if they want to enjoy the game and understand everything. They need to know the rules thoroughly. 

Just like any fans will memories the rules and see if any foul has been made, one needs to learn about the hand-checking NBA rule. So, if you do not have any knowledge on the matter, keep reading ahead to know everything about the law.

What is the Hand Checking NBA Rule?

Before you understand the rule of hand checking, you need to know what is hand-checking, to begin with. The hand-checking movement is quite simple to understand. When an offensive player is dribbling the ball to their basket, the defensive player will try to stop them. The defense player will somehow use extend their hand to impede the movement of the offensive player. That is known as the hand-checking concept. They are trying to defend themselves by hands. 

In a simple matter, this seems to be a tactic for defense. But if it is not maintained correctly, it could cause a foul as well. As we know, basketball is a game of contact. No matter what you do, you have to make contact with the other team in order to play the game. But not all touch is considered to be alright. Some connections can be lawed as an offense and can be called a foul where the penalty or other punishment is given. 

So. when a defensive player is trying to defend their court, and an offensive player comes with the ball, he has to stop the offensive player. Suppose he tries to do that with the hand-checking way and somehow make contact. That is called a foul. To prevent fouls from happening, the hand checking NBA rule was established. Although not all hand checking will be considered to be foul, the referee’s decision here is the primary source of the consideration. 

But the hand-checking incident is not as simple as it may say. Instead, it is a bit complicated to understand. According to the official rule of the NBA, hand checking is described as-. 

“B. Contact initiated by the defensive player guarding a player with the ball is not legal. This contact includes, but is not limited to, forearm, hands, or body check. (Official NBA Rule Book, Rule No.12, Section I)”

To make it simpler, a defender cannot make contact with the offensive player to stop them from going to the basket. They can extend their hand to prevent the movement, and they can touch some exceptional places, but other than that, they cannot make any further contact r it will be considered a foul in the game for the player. 

When Were the Rules Implemented?

As we have mentioned before, the hand checking NBA rule did not exist since the beginning. Before 2000, hand checking did not have any rule, instead, used as a regular thing. But during the 2004-05 season, the hand-checking rule was implemented to decrease hand-checking in the game. This rule was added to open up the game and make it more reliable. It came to know as the rule that changed NBA forever. 

What is the Penalty?

If the rule has been created, that means there is going to be a penalty or other punishment. Like all the other foul, if a player causes a hand-checking foul, according to the hand-checking NBA rule, there will be punishment for the player or his team. 

The penalty system or punishment in basketball is not like other sports; instead, it is different. When a player does a hand-checking foul, this is going to be considered a personal foul. If a player does six personal fouls, he will be foul out of the game and has to sit on the bench for the rest of the match. But if there are five personal fouls in one team, the other team will get a free shot as a penalty.

What was the Reaction?

After the hand checking NBA rule was implemented, many people did not like it in the beginning. Indeed, the ones who were behind establishing the rule were with the rule, and some people did not find the rule to be peculiar. But the majority of players thought that it was an unfair movement. They commented that Michael Jordan did not have to have the hand-checking rule for his game. People started to say that how this rule would make the basketball match lose its beauty and could become duller. Also, people said that the game has become softer due to the law, and the offensive team has gained more advantages than the defensive team. But the rule still exists, and the game is still ongoing.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the hand checking NBA rule. The rule is a bit complicated and controversial, but it is a part of the basketball history and rules, and people need to understand it to enjoy the game properly. Without understanding the rule, fans cannot understand the game either. That is why we have come out with this explanation. We hope that our explanation and the information we have provided will help everyone to understand the rule.

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