Biggest NBA Fights

What is the Biggest Basketball Fight in History?

Sports are always so intense to watch, but it may get more fervent when there’s a sudden fight break out. Although it is not the right image for the game to have a fight scene, no one will ever deny that it does not start an exciting moment, mostly for the views. Like every other game, NBA has some intense brawl broken out on several different occasions. If you are a fan of the NBA, you are naturally will think about knowing the biggest NBA fights of all time.

In NBA, it is not the best idea for the players to start fighting with the opposite teammates for various reasons. One is definitely that it will not bring any good for the team as the fight only consume time. Also, there is severe punishment for that as well. Indeed, no one would like to suffer in a long period for the sake of a few minute grappling. Nevertheless, the temper mixed with emotion gets the best out of people, and hence, a fight happens! 

Here we are going to tell you about the top few biggest NBA fights from different years. We do not promote any sorts of conflicts between people buy this. 

Top Five Biggest NBA Fights

Indiana Pacers VS Detroit Pistons 

When it comes to NBA fights, one of the most known ones from history has to be the fight that happened in a game in 2004 between Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons. That fight is so renowned that it has its name of “Malice at the Palace.” The fight brought out some of the most significant changes in the history of the NBA as well. 

The fight started when Ron Artest of Indian Pacers and Ben Wallace of Detroit Pistons were engaged in a hard foul. Right after that, they started the scuffle by shoving each other’s few times. It should have ended after that, but things got out of control when a fan of Detroit Pistons threw a beer at Ron Artest, and he lost it right there! Artest jumped into the stand and started to charge at the targeted audience, and that started another rumpus between the teams and the audience. That was a scenario to talk about for the NBA history.

Afterward, many punishments were given to those who were involved. Suspensions, fines, lawsuit, and other happened. It also caused some injuries. After the fight, the NBA created some rules regarding the limitation of alcohol in the game and some other security matters between the teams and fans. 

76ers and Celtics 

The next one on the list of biggest NBA fights is not because it was horrendous or anything. What makes this fight between 76ers and Celtic from 1984 a historical moment is the involved players. It is quite rare to see top players of the league get into some feisty brawl, but when several famous players get into one big fight, you know things are about to make big headlines on every news outlet that people are going to read for many years.

This fight in 1984 had some famous names like Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Mosses Malone, and Charles Barkley. The fight starts with Erving and Bird, who had some beef beforehand. After having a physical foul, they were seen nose to nose, changing some verbal argument, and about to throw some fists. And just like that, in few minutes, some punches were thrown at each other. 

When Charles Barkley got into the scene by grabbing Bird to separate him from Erving, instead of things changing for the good, it went the opposite direction. Erving definitely did not like that matter, so he started to throw more punches at Bird, and that made basically everyone jump into the scenario and take the fight to the next level. It is said that this fight is still boiling into the rivalry of these two teams. 

Kobe Bryant VS Chris Childs 

As we talk about famous names getting involved in NBA brawls, we should make some mention of the legendary late Kobe Bryant. Although he was known to be one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, fans of the players know he had a hard time controlling his temper every now and then. But that does not give any excuse to Chris Childs being all innocent between what happened that day of 2000!

When the game was going smooth and exciting, things took a turn when a clash happened between the two players. While Kobe was in an offensive position and Childs was trying to do his defensive work, the two had some moment of disagreement that led Kobe to do a light push at Childs with his elbow. And Childs surely did not take it any lightly. 

Afterward, Childs threw two punches to Kobe on the chin, and it went downhill from there as Kobe pushed Childs as well. The fight did not go any further from there as people rush into stopping both of them. Although Kobe could not have the upper hand in the fight, Childs surely did throw some punches on the chin to have a good story to tell his future grandkids. After the incident, both Kobe and Childs were taken off from the game, suspended from some other games, and even had to pay a fine for it!

Alonzo Mourning VS Larry Johnson

One of the most severe fights of history in the NBA has to be the ones that happened between Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson in 1998. These two players were known to be the strongest and biggest at that time and them joining in a fight does not some any less serious. What makes it more interesting is that they seem to have some beef beforehand when they used to be teammates!

In the middle of the game, the two decisive players were engaging in a round of shoves. And after a few of them, none of them backed off; instead, they threw some punches in each other’s direction. When it comes to NBA, we do not get to see much punching happening. Although the punches threw by Mourning and Johnson were missed cases, it was a playoff game, which makes things a little bit weird!

But what makes it more memorable is that Jeff Van Gundy, who was coaching the Knicks at that moment, was seen hanging off from Mourning’s ankle! It is what you are imagining, and he did it throughout the whole brawl to make it more insane and talk about! 

Bill Laimbeer vs. Charles Barkley

You have already read the name of Charles Barkley once before in a fight, right? It seems like this dude really loves to get into fights by the name of stopping it! However, his name this time comes right into the spotlight, even doing the same thing. Being passionate for the game, Bill Laimbeer and Charles Barkley engaged in a nasty fight in a game of 1990. 

The fight broke out when Laimbeer threw a ball on Rick Mahorn’s face, and somehow Barkley was very offended by it. He stormed in Laimbeer’s direction and gave him a harsh shove, and that led both of the team into some shoving and punching. It eventually went to the ground and getting punished for the actions.

Final Thoughts

That was all about some of the biggest NBA fights. As a fan, it is normal to be curious about these matters, and we are glad to enlighten you with the information. Surely, as you see more matches, you will get to witness some yourself.

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