How to Deflate a Basketball

How to Deflate a Basketball Without a Needle or With a Needle?

You may have already known the ways of inflating a ball. But sometimes, you will need to learn how to deflate basketball as well. Although increasing the basketball is very common, deflating may not be a needed one. But sometimes you will need it; that is why you need to see why you might need to deflate a basketball in the first place.

Why would you need to deflate a basketball?

The reason for learning how to deflate a basketball lies in why you need to do that. The reasons could be-

Over airflow into the ball 

The most common reason why you may have to deflate the basketball becomes overinflated basketball. A basketball may be overinflated with air when one may be some mistake while inflating the basketball with a basketball air pump

There are many problems with an overinflated basketball. The ball will not be suitable for playing basketball. Once the ball has too much air within the ball, it will start to bounce way too much. The player will not be able to control it to good dribble and throw. The bounce of the ball will take the ball further than the actual distance. 

Not only that, the speedy bouncing will hamper the player to make any shot. This will make any player lose their temper as they will end up a missing shots that could be too easy for them. Although people may find dribbling with an overinflated basket a lot easier, it is not suitable for professional playing at all. 

You also may wonder how the ball become overinflated? It could be because of someone who inflated the ball at the beginning. If the person who is inflating the ball does not make a proper measurement, the ball may end up getting too much air into it, making it overinflated. 

Also, the environment can cause overinflation on the ball as well. If the climate suddenly changes in temperature and altitude, it could mess up with the air pressure of the basketball, making the force more pressed. Also, if the weather is hotter than before, the basketball air will become hot and will make it inflated more. 

For storage

You may also want to deflate the youth basketball for storage purposes. If you are going to move somewhere or go somewhere far for a match, it might be proper for managing the storage with all the inflated basketball. That is when you may want to deflate the basketball and take an inflation tool with you to make it inflated later before the match. 

How to deflate a basketball

There are few ways you can deflate an indoor basketball. But before you do that, you need to make sure that you have all the right tools for doing that because if you use something wrong, it could permanently damage the ball. the things you will be needing for deflating the basketball are-

Inflation needle 

There is a specific type of needles available for deflating the basketball. They are very cheap and can be found everywhere. These needles are made specifically for deflating purposes. They are made in a way that will not damage the balls. You should be careful about using any other types of needles. There are a lot of people who may use paper clips or regular needles for this purpose. But using them, it will make the deflating the ball properly, but it could as well damage the ball permanently by making a big hole somewhere. That is why you need to use the inflation needles to eliminate any types of warnings. 

Air Pressure Gauge 

Another important thing you may need to deflate the outdoor basketball is an air pressure gauge. It is a miter that will tell you the pressure of the air inside the ball. This gauge also has a needle attached to it that will help you to deflate the ball. 

Now that you know both of the instruments that can be used for learning how to deflate basketball, we will see how to use them. You do not have to own all of these instruments to deflate a basketball. Rather, you can only use one of them, and it will serve the same purpose. Although using an air pressure gauge can save more trouble as you will able to measure the air inside the basketball easily with it. But the needle is cheaper, so you can save some money as well. 

How to deflate basketball with inflation needles

Below mentioned are the steps you need for making use of the inflation needles for deflating the basketball. 

Step 1 

The first thing you have to make sure of is that the air pressure of the basketball is right or not. That is why you need to check the air pressure of the basketball. If you see that your basketball is bouncing way too much than usual, you may think that the ball has too much air to it. Also, you can make another check is that you can bounce the ball to your chest level, but if it reaches more than your waist, you can come to a conclusion is that the ball is overinflated. 

Step 2

First, you need to moisten the needle after grabbing it from your basketball duffle bag. You can use any lubricant or even saliva to do that. It will make the needle insertion into the ball easily. 

Step 3

After you are moistening it, you can insert the needle into the air valve. You have to insert the full needle inside the ball.

Step 4 

After inserting, you will see that the air will start to come out of the ball. Once you think that enough air has come out, you can remove the needle.

Step 5 

Check the air pressure once again to make sure that the air pressure is enough for the ball. 

How to deflate a basketball with an air pressure gauge

The next way of deflating a basketball is by using an air pressure gauge. Below mentioned steps are that you can use for that. 

Step 1

The first thing you have to do again to check out the pressure just like before you did. Or you can use this air pressure gauge to that. The air pressure gauge includes a miter to measure the air inside the ball. With that, you will be able to see how much air you will need to take out of the ball. 

Step 2

you need to moisten the needle that is attached with the air pressure gauge with water or any other lubricant for the needle to insert into the ball with ease. 

Step 3

 After inserting the needle, you have to press the release valve that is attached to the air pressure gauge. Once you do that, it will make the air of the ball released. You need to take out all the needed air from the basketball.

Step 4

After you are done with enough air out of the basketball, you can slowly take-out the needle of the air pressure gauge slowly without causing any damage to the basketball. 

Final thoughts

That was all for how to deflate basketball. With these simple steps, you can easily deflate all of your basketball. Both of the ways are safe for use, and they will not damage your balls. But you need to remember the warning about using any needles. It is always better to use inflation needles as they are made for safely deflating the basketball. We hope our help will be enough for you to solve all the problems you have regarding the matter.

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