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Basketball Double Rims vs Single Rim Hoops

A double rim basketball hoop may sound weird, but some players love to practice with a double rim hoop. Have you ever seen them? Well, they are generally found on playgrounds and some special types of public courts. But what are they for, and is it really good to practice on a double rim? Well, there are a bunch of questions that are needed to be answered. Don’t worry; as now you are here you all of your complications will be cleared in a blink. So, buckle up, and let’s start our journey.

Well, you may have heard many myths about the double rim double basket hoops. But actually, a double rim is used to make the hoop stronger. You see, double rims are stronger than the single rim. They can withstand the outdoor elements more than others. In fact, the strength of double rims can also handle the extreme play, and players use to hang on the rims.

Besides, the thickness of the rim makes the ball bounce more, for which scoring can be a bit more difficult. So, the game will be more interesting as the ball will bounce out instead of going in. But is it really good to play basketball on a double rim, or it can ruin your skill? Let’s find out!

Is It Good to Play Basketball on a Double Rim?

Due to the hardness, many players think that a double rim basket is not useful and hurts a lot while playing. Well, it can be really frustrating when you will notice that your scored ball has bounced out without letting you know.
But honestly, playing on double rim basketball has several good benefits. As you know, shooting in a double rim is hard, and it can bounce the ball out, but it can improve your shooting skills in a greater way. It will sharpen your shooting ability so that you can hit your targets appropriately.

At the initial stage, you may find it hard and may seem completely different from the regular ones. But when you begin to play, things will be streamlined. It can force you to change your shot so that you can acquire the perfectness of your gameplay. So, I suggest changing your ordinary basketball hoop to a double rim basketball hoop. It will be really beneficial for you to improve your skills. Okay, words aren’t going to be satisfying until you find the evidence, right? Let’s have a look at the beneficial part of using double rim basketball hoops.

Shot Arc

As I have explained earlier double rim is thicker than a single rim, the thickness of the rim will allow you to target the center. Due to the thickness of the, it gains more tendency to catch every ball that enters in the center, especially if they are shoot at a lower angle. Didn’t you see that the ball moves around the hoop and doesn’t enter inside? Well, that won’t happen if you are playing on a double rim basketball hoop. Once it is shot at the center, the rim will immediately take it inside. The case may be a bit different for the angelic shots. You might have heard many times that an announcer says “in and out.” This thing is frequently heard when the match is played on double rims.

As a shooter, the best solution to this is to put more arc on your shot. If you shot on a higher arc, this may make the ball travel down to the rims. In this case, a higher or steeper angle will increase the chances of your ball go inside the rim and bounce it out.

If you have a look at the good shooters, you will notice that they typically shoot at the higher arc. This not only enables them with a better chance to score but also ensures that the ball will go through the hoop. These high arc shots are undoubtedly harder to block. Generally, it will give you a better ability to reach the next level of shooting.

Shooting Touch

Almost all great shooters have this unique skill. Shooting touch is actually the opposite of the shooting brick. With the benefit of this, you will be able to shoot the ball gently and lightly. It will increase the chances of going through the hoop; even you shot the ball off by a little bit. If you notice that the ball has slightly bounced on the rim, it will become prone to enter into the hoop. Instead of hitting the rim very hard, this will help you in greater ways.

Since the sturdiness of a double rim is more than a single rim, this will allow the shooter to shoot with more touch so that most of the shots can go in. Even on a double rim layup, instead of just throwing the ball, a player will learn how to toss the ball gently.

Double Rims Helps You to Learn Perfect Shots

The hardness of a double rim shot will make your shots more perfect. The more you try to score in such a basketball hoop, the more you will adjust your shots and perfect your form of shooting. This will include the more arc and a better touch that I stated earlier. If you have played a lot in the double rim, you can return to a single rim to see what benefits you have obtained. I guarantee you will find playing in a single rim will become easier than before. Well, that is a clear indication of your improved skills.



A double rim basketball hoop is undoubtedly beneficial for every professional player. So, you should also practice them. So, avoid the era of the single rims and join the double rims. You will notice the benefits. Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand factors; if you are still confused or have got something special to share, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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