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What is the Best Basketball Tracker & Shot Counter?

Basketball is one of the most lucrative sports globally; some of the wealthiest sportsmen are NBA players. But their success came through hard work, endurance, and commitment to perfect their gaming skills.

Unlike in the old days, where training was hardcore, and you had to have a trainer, today, we now have mobile apps and gears that can help upcoming basketball players to improve on skills on their own in a more interactive way, thanks to the modern-day technology. 

If you are reading this article, you probably are a player who is looking to improve his or her shooting skills.  Nothing is more important than investing in your favorite sport because, in the end, all you will get is the desired results and excellent game performance.   

Any basketball skill, whether dribbling, hooping, or shooting, has its innovative trainer guides software or app on the market already; all you have to do is look for them. In this write-up, we have done in-depth research about basketball shot trackers on the market.

We have reviewed three of the best shot trackers available, take your time and go through the entire post, and you will be in a better position of making the right purchase.

The Shot Tracker
5 out of 5 stars
Wilson X Connected Basketball4.8 out of 5 stars
HomeCourt4.7 out of 5 stars

1. The Shot Tracker

Our best pick is the Shot Tracker, which comprises a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Goggle play store, net sensor, and wrist sensor. The wrist sensor is built inside a wrist band and tracks your shots.

The net sensor is attached to the net and records all your shots and misses throughout the training session. Lastly, the app receives all the data and stores them giving you real-time feed. The sensors are connected via Bluetooth.

Perhaps the best feature of this app is that it has a user interface that can allow you to access a massive library of workouts and drills from the best shooting coaches and trainers in the world. This will play a significant role in improving your shooting skills.

It doesn’t matter if your basketball court is outside or indoors, the shot tracker will do its magic regardless. The sensors are fitted with lithium-ion batteries; the technology behind such a battery is responsible for the extended battery life.

As a result, you should be able to complete the training session without the battery dying on you.  We highly recommend this product to all those who want to improve their games in the shortest time possible.


  • It is easy to attach the sensor to the hoop net.
  • Long-lasting sensor batteries
  • Highly accurate also our best choice.


  • Lack of spare parts.
  • The net sensors are reported to be flimsy.
  • Lack of spare parts.
  • The net sensors are reported to be flimsy.

2. Wilson X Connected Basketball

Unlike other inventions, the Wilson X Smart Basketball has all the sensors and functions inbuilt in the basketball, which feels and looks real. But before you can use the ball, you need to download and install the app from the play store.

Many users like this product because a live internet connection is not necessary for it to work. The mobile app also has some stimulating sound effects like crowd cheering and countdown; all this makes your training session livelier.

One accessory you need to have is a set of speakers or earphones to connect it to the phone to hear what is going on inside the app while you are training.  The app has four modes; free-range, free throw, buzzer-beater, and game time mode.

In free mode, all you have to do is shot around the app will track where you shot the ball from, and also, it will count your makes and misses. Free throw mode will allow you to practice and perfect your free throw skills at your own pace.

In buzzer mode, time is set, and the countdown to zero begins. If you make a shot, extra time is added on the clock, and the further from the net you shot, the more your time is multiplied.

Game mode tries to mimic the real game, and the app will randomly guide you on what type of shot to make. With such gear, there is no need for a trainer. 


  • No live internet connection is needed.
  • The sound effects make the training session more intense.
  • The gear is highly reliable.


  • The ball is 28.5 inches although it is advertised as 29.5 inches.
  • Some users have raised their dislike in the internal non-replaceable battery.

3. HomeCourt

As far as real-time data is concerned, HomeCourt is highly accurate and reliable. It was specifically designed to be a training app for iPhone users, and it utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to track and record real-time events in your training session.

Setting up is quite easy; you need to download the app on your iPhone then mount it on a stand facing your basketball court, and that will be it. Go on and train, and in the stats, the application will give you some recommendations.

For example, it may suggest to you how many angles up or down you need to add to get the right release angle, Also, about your release time, you will be advised by how much time you need to cut or increase your release time.

Just like Shot Tracker, this app is also loaded with training drills from professionals; you can also see other mates’ workouts in real-time. There are three versions of the app available; free version, HomeCourt plus, and unlimited pro version.

With the free version, you will be able to do 1000 shots a month, while with the unlimited version, you will have access to all the features the app has to offer. And also stand a chance to win gifts on global challenges.


  • The training app is loaded with many training drills that you can access anytime.
  • Users find the recommendations given by the app to be beneficial.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to analyze the data; this means it is highly accurate and reliable.


  • You will need to incur the extra expense of purchasing a tripod stand to secure your phone in position. 
  • It operates from a fixed position.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Basketball Shot Tracker

Given the increased popularity of the basketball game, creative minds are coming up with new ideas in gears and apps that can help players improve their gaming skills and become pro athletes. 

As a result, the market is filled with all sorts of gear, and choosing the right one to meet your specific needs could be daunting to many. To save you from the hassle, we have prepared for you a buying guide.


The most important thing to remember here is that different basketball shot trackers come with different price tags depending on the nature of the device’s complexity and functionality. 

Knowing your financial ability is the key to making the right purchase. Do not buy the low-end gears because they are cheap; they always end up being expensive. It would be wise to go for high-end gadgets, as they are highly functional, and in the end, you will get your desired results. 

One going thing about basketball shot trackers is that they are generally cheaper compared to hiring a trainer. Stick to your budget; do not overstretch your financial limits.

Accuracy and reliability

One thing that has made shot trackers gain popularity among players is their reliability and accuracy; therefore, when you select one, make sure they do deliver. You need a mobile app that is accurate all the time to track your progress correctly. 

The sensors need to responsive, especially for the Shot Tracker, where the wrist sensor is connected to the net sensor, and they both have to work unison to track your shots and misses accurately.

The benefit of using a reliable shot tracker is that when the recommendations are given to you, they would be right. By correcting and working on them, you will be improving on the real the problem.

Thanks to the everyday improvements done on various shot trackers, a considerable number of them can be relied upon to produce accurate information.

Skills you need to improve.

For you to perfect your basketball games, there are quite a several skills you need to polish. Some of the skills include; hopping, dunking shooting. As a pro player, you need to master all the skills. 

For most players, having all the skills at the best has proven challenging, and this has increased the necessity of gears like a shot tracker. If you are having doubts about your shooting skills, then you are in the right place.  

The above gadgets and apps are the best and will help you improve your skills. In no time you will be a pro provided you follow all the instructions given.

Age of the player

The shot tracker that a mature basketball player will use may differ from the one a kid will use depending on the gadget’s complexity. Some devices may be more complex for youngsters to use or interpret the graphs, not to mention handling.

Therefore, before making that purchase, you need to know whether you will be using it, or are you buying it for your kid as a gift. This will help you to narrow down on your product list thus saving your time.

Always make sure that you help your youngster try and understand how the gadget works where they seem not to understand. 


If you want to be a pro basketball player, the last thing you need is an app or gear that is hard to use. You need a mobile app that is easy to read stats and interpret the charts or graphs. 

Talking about user friendly, there is a lot to consider starting from the app’s user interface to connectivity. Sensors may be connected to the receiver via Bluetooth or WIFI; each has its ups and downs.

For instance, Bluetooth is more preferred because it is cheap as it doesn’t need an active internet connection, while the WIFI connection is considered to be quite expensive. However, they can send signals over a long-range compared to Bluetooth. 

Make sure that you can easily operate and use the shot tracker without. The good thing is that they always come with an instruction manual.


Durability is another crucial factor you need to consider, keeping in mind that the gear like the net sensor in Shot Tracker will be subjected to constant hitting by the basketball. You need something that can withstand such an environment.

When considering the hardware, you need to note that the material used in making the gear determines how reliable and sturdy the gadget will be. Devices made using metals will serve you for a longer time compared to those made using plastics.

When it comes to the software, you need to make sure that the applications run smoothly, and you are always updating it to ensure that you are always getting the latest workout drills and training guides. 


It is without a doubt that modern-day basketball inventions have revolutionized the training sessions. Today many players are training all by themselves using various gears and apps as their guide.

The benefits of this are endless; first, you get real-time feedback and recommendations on how you can improve on your skills. Second, you will save money as you won’t be paying any trainers.

To get the most, you need to buy and use the best option, which has been proven by the professionals to give results. Of the three gears on our review, we highly recommend that you purchase The Shot Tracker.  

The sensors are fitted with a lithium-ion battery, enabling them to have long battery life, allowing you to train until the end of the session. Also, the gear can be used for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

You will also like the seemingly endless workout drills from the top trainers who will help you dramatically improve your shooting skills. Above all, the Shot Tracker is an accurate and reliable training gear; don’t hesitate to order yours. 

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