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It may be difficult for a lot of people to get a slam dunk if they’re not tall enough – but believe it or not, anybody can do it. One thing that you need to know about though, and that’s your vertical. Anybody can practice their vertical jump regardless of height, and add inches to your vertical arsenal to help block those shots, grab rebounds above everybody else, and be on top of the world as you’re hanging from the hoop! But how are you supposed to do it? Well, fortunately, Jacob Hiller has come up with a course to help you train for that perfect jump, and we’re going to review it.

Not Your Average Course

Well, there are your jump programs out there that can help you train to increase your vertical jump, and all of them promise to actually help you. But it’s really uncertain whether they truly work. Therefore, we’re going to see if it’s worth it to get this training program, because everybody’s different. And so is every course. We’re going to look at the Jacob Hiller Jump Manual course a little closer than most people look into the average course though.

Who is Jacob Hiller?

Mr. Hiller is an accredit athletic coach who focuses on increasing performance of professional and entrepreneur athletes alike. He literally tried to get and use every single method of increasing his vertical jump, and all of them didn’t really give him the results that he wanted. Therefore, he found out that he could use a wide variety of exercises after deciding to see what he could do on his own. He ended up stumbling onto a routine that allowed him to get nearly a 4-foot vertical jump. The next thing you know, he realized the potential this had to help others, so he created the Jump Manual to improve and help those who struggle with high jumps and slam dunks how to do it – even if you’re the “little guy”.

Jump Manual has been around since 2008, but it’s still one of the most successful programs out there. Literally thousands of people and even some celebrities have used it to their advantage of the vertical jump. Jacob himself is now a decade older, but he can still achieve an amazing vertical that leaves others under its wake! That says a lot for a program to help others that much.

Perks for Joining the Jump Manual Program

Most jump programs have a certain amount of information trickled down to you. Jump Manual however is more like a book. It’s broken down into numerous chapters that can help you achieve the goals of the program better. It utilizes the exercises, warmups, and even nutritional information that can help to increase your vertical more. This helps you get a better understanding as you work through the program, and you are getting more information and a personal experience than you would with other programs, which just gives you exercises that you can literally do at any time. And you can take all of the information with you.

The Website is an Eyesore

The most common complaint is how outdated the website is. It’s been around for ten years, so it’s not that responsive, and hard to use on a mobile device. The video quality isn’t that great either (it could be better), but that’s literally only because there have been a lot of changes in the last 12 years since the program came out in terms of technology and web design. Also, you may have some issues with the graphics overall – they’re outdated as well. However, this doesn’t mean that the website is bad when you consider all of the information that you get to use throughout the course, and for the future.

Member’s Only

Once you get into the member’s only section of the Jump Manual, you’ll get a chart of 14-days’ worth of workouts. You’ll have to do Plyometric jump exercises, which can be used with things like medicine balls and teach you how to literally explode with your vertical jump. The reason for these types of exercises, is because by working out for an hour and a half (including warmups and cooldowns) each day, you can boost the takeoff – the most important part of a super-high vertical.

Leg Workouts (Lower Body)

You’ll do two of these lower body workouts, which use both weight exercises – such as power squats, and deadlift exercises. Again, these are designed to optimize your initial burst, but they also can help you to strengthen your lower body muscles. You’ll do about four sets, and this can take anywhere up to 2 hours if you have to go to a gym, plus the warmups and cooldowns. You can do bodyweight exercises as well if you can’t make it to the gym, but this is said to affect the abilities and performance increase that powerlifting would do.

Training the Core

This is one of the most important things you’re going to do about 4 times during your exercises. Using Pilate exercises like planks, and other core improvement workouts can enhance your overall endurance, stamina, and increase the power you have in your body. It also helps to strengthen your body as you work on powering up your legs. Core workouts are super important for literally all workout routines these days.

Make Sure You Stretch

Stretching is used a lot during warmups and cooldowns. The reason for this is because your body can work your muscles and help tissues heal properly when you’re doing your workouts. Even when you’re doing your off-workout days, you need to stretch well in order to help your body repair and rebuild more lean muscle tissue. Stretching is extremely important also so that you don’t damage your muscles or cause permanent tears that may ruin your careers, tear ligaments, and more. So, use these because it will help with the overall process – including not being so sore from each workout.

Are Jump Manual Exercises Easy?

The main thing about this, is that due to the fact that you have to incorporate weight training, this isn’t always available for some people. Of course, you can use bodyweight exercises as replacement, and even use numerous at-home remedies. If you use your imagination, it shouldn’t be too hard. Their top competitor is actually a course that uses nothing but bodyweight exercises instead. Instead, you can greatly benefit by using this course in a shorter time because you’re using actual weights.

Another thing is the workout schedule. You’re going to need to do this 14-day routine for more than just two weeks. As a matter of fact, to completely benefit from everything in this course is going to take you about 3 months of nonstop workouts to completely benefit from it. This is something that you will need to endure if you’re really wanting to improve that vertical and dunk on your opponents. Of course, to help you stay motivated, we recommend that you keep working on your vertical jump by practicing with a basketball too.

Does it really work?

Well, this is something that you need to understand – if you’re already jumping at about 40 inches or so, you’re probably not going to see extreme increases to your vertical. However, in just 12 weeks, you may be able to improve your vertical jump up to ten inches as Jacob Hiller can guarantee with this course. It has been around for more than 10 years, and it’s had hundreds of thousands of copies sold, so there has to be some proof that it is one of the few programs that actually works!

Not for Everyone Though

Of course, this isn’t your average run of the mill course, but it also doesn’t work for everyone. Different types of basketball players have different jump styles. Some leap with a single leg, and they’re great at having a better vertical by jumping from one foot instead of both of them. In terms of those who jump with two feet, this is a slower push off compared to single leg jumps. But nonetheless, it’s still possible to increase your vertical in this regard, but definitely from powerlifting. When it comes to the way that you jump, the jump manual may be better for you to do if you’re working on your two-foot jump. While the jump may not be as quick, you can definitely soar a lot higher, but you’re going to rely on heavy weightlifting in order to accomplish this.


There are many things that you can get when you utilize this jump training program. Not everyone is good at deadlifts and squats, or even weight training, so it may be a longer process to work on for you. But if you do, and you endure this course, you’ll get a lot of info on how to train yourself to jump higher, and sometimes even further. You also get a complete nutrition plan that will help you to achieve the results and make your workouts easier. For the price, it isn’t that bad when you can take all of that with you!

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