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What are the Top Authentic Kobe Jersey Picks?

If you play basketball, you probably know Kobe Bryant because he is one of the most legendary players to play basketball. The man was a legend who was given The American pro basketball player award, and he played for The Lakers, one of the best basketball teams on this planet for 20 years. 

Kobe was one of the all-time greatest NBA championship players. The successes linked to Kobe on the Basketball court are genuinely impressive, and this gives him millions of fans across the globe, and to honor him, a lot of sports gear has been made in his name.

Therefore, there are many Kobe Bryant jerseys in the market today to commemorate this legendary player who died in the tragic helicopter accident together with his daughter, who was also a star that was going to take this world by storm. 

The jerseys can be used for training or casual wear, so the selection is dependent on what the user wants to do with the Jersey. Out of the many products in the market today, we have compiled the best eight and extensively discussed them. 


1. #8 Bryant Lakers Mamba City Editions 

This is a black sleeveless number 8 Basketball jersey. The Jersey is mesh, which therefore makes its breathable and quick drying. The breathability will ensure, and more comfortable experience for the wearer, and you remain fresh.  

This jersey is made out of high-quality material switches that are very durable, and therefore you won’t have to replace it soon. Jesse is lightweights; therefore, using it will not inconvenience you.

This is a sleeveless Jersey that you can use for various locations can use it for games, training sessions, or just as casual wear. 

The jersey is designed in a way so that it is loose and comfortable. The porous nature of the material used to make images will help you ready sweat when you’re playing; therefore, it will cool your body, helping keep your concentration up in a game.

The material is breathable and elastic with the inside lined with soft cotton, which is friendly to the skin; it has low friction so you can wear it without irritating your skin. Loose Jersey allows you to make free movements without any restrictions.

This Jersey is available in different sizes; therefore, there is something for everyone despites your body size or height.

2. Men’s Kobe Jersey Los Angeles #8

The second product on our list is a purple sleeveless #8 basketball jersey. This is one of the Laker’s most favorite jerseys, and there is no better Jersey for you. This is a jersey used in the 1997-1998 season, and that was a good season for the Lakers.

Jersey is made out of 100% polyester; therefore, it makes it incredibly easy to clean. The polyester also makes this lightweight, which would be a good thing regardless of whether you plan to use Jersey to play or casual wear.

The Jersey is designed so that it is breathable. This is very important because it makes the club thing very comfortable and it keeps you fresh. This is because your body will remain well-aerated, even clothing, because of the room left for free air passage.

The materials that were used to make this Jersey are high quality, and therefore the Jersey is guaranteed to last long, and you will also be able to take the torque of being used as training gear. This is, therefore, one product that will not worry you about replacing.

The name and the number this Jersey are Stitched. This is a good thing because no matter how much you wash or use the Jersey, the name and the number will not come off. 

This is generally a comfortable, well-aerated jersey that is guaranteed to serve any purpose you wanted it to serve, be it as sports gear or casual wear. This is also easy to clean because of the polyester, and therefore you don’t need to worry about that.

3. Lakers Kobe Basketball Jersey

This is a black sleeveless Number 24 Kobe Bryant Jersey. The Jersey has a really unique black look that is guaranteed to get attention and, who doesn’t like to look nice?

The material is 100% polyester, and therefore it is very easy to clean and lightweight, which will allow you to move comfortably without the additional weight of the jersey. It is also light, so it will not cause you to sweat unnecessarily in a hot environment. 

The Jersey is also sweat absorbent, and therefore it will keep the sweat off your skin when you play or when you’re training, which will give you a more comfortable experience in the dust will boost your focus and performance.  

This jersey is also quick drying; therefore, even if it absorbs the sweat, it will not get wet; therefore, your comforts and freshness are guaranteed. This makes it the best for playing because no matter how much you sweat, you will not feel the jersey getting heavy. 

The jersey comes in many different sizes, and you can get whichever fits you. It is a flexible piece of clothing that can be used for various occasions. You can use it for your training you can use it for a game, or it can just be for casual wear as you visit friends or family.

4. Unsigned Kobe Bryant United States Olympics

This is a blue Jersey that has a white stripe above the ribs. It is a Jersey that was used by Kobe Bryant when he played for Team USA in The Olympics. This Jersey does not have any brands or logos printed on it, and therefore you can print on it however you like.

This is a Custom Made Jersey, which you can print in whatever way or number you want. In case you are looking to get an autograph from an excellent basketball player, then this Jersey will be the best option for you.

The jersey itself is Sleeveless, which will be suitable for playing basketball. The material used to make it is breathable, ensuring that you will be comfortable when you put it on. The material itself is soft, and it will be friendly to your skin.

The material is high quality, and so despite the rough conditions you use it in, the jersey will still last long without the need for replacements. It can be used for training, as casual clothing for a party, it all depends on what the user wants it for.

5. Lakers Men’s Kobe Jersey 33

This is a white Sleeveless that is red at the ribs. It is a nice look that works for a lot of people.

This jersey is 100% Polyester, which makes it lightweight and very easy to clean, so if you use it to play, you can use it on a dusty court without worrying too much about the cleaning.

The polyester used is of high quality. This ensures that the Jersey will last long, and it also reduces the wear and tear as you play vigorously in it.  

Another essential factor to note about this Jersey is that it is soft. This makes it skin-friendly, and so even if you play alright a lot, there will be no friction between the Jesse and your skin; therefore, you will not get blisters or any other friction-related injuries. 

The Jersey is lightweight. This is a good cause when you play, and you need to be free and as relaxed as possible, therefore, like this will help you be more comfortable out on the course or even if you’re at a party or social gathering.

The comfort of this jersey has been assured because the Jersey is made breathable. Therefore, there is free air movement inside it, which will keep your skin fresh the sweat away from you.


For this product, the name says it all. It is a #8 Jersey that was met as a tribute to the legend that is Kobe Bryant. It is a sleeveless Jersey with a 3D print of Kobe Bryant the front. This is a Jersey that was made in memory of Kobe Bryant.

This Jersey is machine washable; therefore, you should not worry about cleaning it. Even if you don’t have access to a washing machine, the jersey is made out of polyester, so it is pretty easy to clean. It is also quick to dry, which comes effective when you’re playing and sweating or even after washing it.

The Jersey has meshes. The meshing makes it breathable, and the breathability makes it comfortable. It will allow for free air movements, which will help your sweat evaporate therefore keep your skin cool and fresh, which will help you concentrate more on the game.

Another advantage of each being polyester is that it is lightweight. The lightweights mix your movements more effortlessly, and it’ll keep you more generally relaxed.

This is also another Jersey that can be used for many different occasions, be it playing games training or casual wear to go for a party or a walk.

7. Men’s Lakers #8 Kobe jersey

This is a purple sleeveless #8 basketball Jersey. That Jersey has stripe meshes. This meshing allows for free air passage in the jersey, and the evaporation of sweat; therefore, it will keep your skin cool and fresh.

This Jersey is made out of 100% polyester, making the jersey easy to clean and Lightweights; therefore, it can be used on dusty courts.

The polyester is of high quality; therefore, it’s insurance that the Jersey is Durable. It is also soft then lose; consequently, it will be comfortable, and the constant friction between the jersey and your skin will not be harmful to your skin.

This Jersey is also moisture absorbent. This means that when you play and sweat, it will not accumulate on your skin; instead, it will be absorbed into the cloth. The cloth dries quickly; therefore, the sweat will also not accumulate in the fabric. This will mean that the jersey will not get more massive because of the sweat, and you will remain comfortable.

8. Lakers Jersey for Men #8 Kobe

This is a white Sleeveless Lakers Jersey. It is made out of 100% high-quality polyester, which is guaranteed to be durable. To play, you can, therefore, use it because it can take rough gaming conditions. 

It is easy to clean so that it can be used on an outdoor court despite its white color. The white color is elegant, it can be used playing games, or you can use it as casual wear for your day-to-day movements. 

The material is also drivable, which will allow for free air movement and freshness of the skin. It is also a quick brain; therefore, when you play, and it absorbs your sweat, the switch will dry off quickly, and you will remain in good shape. 

The name and the number are stitched, and therefore they will not get off when you use the Jersey or wash it. It is important to note that this Jersey size is larger than the normal. So when you go out to shop, we should pick the smaller sizes to ensure that it does not turn out to be too large.

Factors to consider when getting Kobe Bryant Jerseys

Kobe Bryant was a legendary player who did wonders on the basketball court; this is where you would probably want to get a jersey with his number and name written on the back; you also get to feel like a superstar. 

Even though this seems straightforward, some aspects need consideration before you go and purchase a Jersey.


There are many Kobe Bryant jerseys out in the market today, and they all have a different range of prices. The selection of the right jersey is kind of dependent on the buyer’s personal needs, but some general factors need consideration.

The price is mainly dependent on the type of material used to make the jersey, and therefore the range is wide. The cost of the Jersey should also tell you a lot about its quality. Generally, cheap commodities tend to be of low quality because the manufacturer did not put Expensive high-quality raw materials into it.

Some jerseys go for $49. 99 while others go up to $ 54.99. Depending on the amount of money available, a fan can get the jersey he or she wants. But do not just look for a cheap one because it might have some issues with its quality and authenticity. 


Kobe was a legendary player, so you could want to get a Lakers Jersey that has his number and name in the back if you’re a fan. 

There is a chance that you could be areally big fun, and you want more you could want to buy an actual Jersey used by Kobe Bryant, and this is where I bring in the authenticity. 

An authentic Kobe Bryant Jersey is bound to be way more expensive than any other Jersey. While the regular jerseys cost around $50, and authentic Jersey would cost you about $300. 

This will be totally worth it because you will get dizzy, which you could use as a trophy or even wear in your training. Any basketball player would want something to do with Kobe Bryant’s Jersey, so make sure the product you get is authentic and not just a rip-off. 


In his years playing for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant used over 20 jerseys. This is because of the constant change in the Jersey used by the Lakers. The jersey got changed almost every season, and they mostly were purple or yellow, but some other colors also came up. 

Some of the many different colors used by the Lakers over the years include; the yellow jerseys that were used between 1996 and 97, which is the year Kobe started playing.

As the years went on the Jersey got changed, and the color also so now if you’re looking for a Kobe Bryant Jersey, there is a long list to pick from. 

There are purple jerseys, white, Alternate black, Alternate blue, alternate Sky blue, long sleeve alternate black jerseys that I used in the 2014- 2015 season.

So the selection of color is just dependent on what you like or the color your team was; you should probably get a color that matches your team for uniformity in training. If you’re getting the Jersey as a gift for someone, then select their favorites color from the ones available.

Material and Feel

This is a cloth that you’re going to put on your body and not as a trophy in your house. Therefore, you need to make sure that the material used to make the jersey is skin-friendly. 

A suitable material would be soft; therefore, even when you run and continuously rub it on your skin, there will be absolutely no friction; consequently, you will not get injuries. This will make you more comfortable, and it’ll improve your game and confidence. 

The materials will also be light, but you do not have to take the extra weight along when you play. It should be thin and breathable so that you don’t get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Mesh also helps a lot when it comes to aeration, so you should probably make sure that it is meshed to allow free air movements inside the Jersey.

Intended Use

A lot of different superstars have released brands, and then fans get superstar Jerseys for various reasons. Some people get them so that they can hang them in a house like a portrait, and others get them to use as casual wear while others get them to utilize as training gear. 

If you’re planning to use the Jersey for training, you should carefully assess the Jersey’s quality and durability because it will be used for gaming. You should also consider how you would clean it because you have to be neat.

If it is just a trophy that you will put in a frame so that you can tell people about a legend, you can let loose a bit on the quality because it won’t do any work. Or you could get a high-quality jersey so that you keep it with pride.


This is another factor that seems a little obvious but is very important, especially if you are getting the jersey to use for training. Basketball jerseys need to be just large enough, not too large that they are oversized and not too tight that they make you uncomfortable.

A jersey that is too tight will not leave enough room for air movement, and therefore sweat will accumulate on you and the jersey making your experience horrific. It may also cause blisters or damage your skin. If it is too large, it will impair your concentration and performance.

The size should be looked into if you are purchasing the Lakers Jersey for men. These jerseys are different from the others since they are generally more massive than the others. So if you get your size, it will be too big for you so you should get one that is a bit smaller so that it fits perfectly.


There are many products in the market that were branded from Kobe Bryant. He was a once in a lifetime kind of athlete, and he will be remembered forever, legends never die. The many Jerseys that are a reminder of him will remain to motivate and encourage young talent to reach its full potential.

The Kobe Bryant jerseys, especially numbers 8 and 24, which are the numbers Kobe used are some of the most popular jerseys today, and you should probably get one for yourself if you are a player or a basketball fan. 

I would personally recommend the #8 Bryant Lakers Mamba City editions for those looking for a jersey, which is the first product on our list. The product is breathable, quick-drying, and durable. Its design makes it loose and extremely comfortable soft, and stylish. So do not waste any more time, get yourself a jersey today.

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