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What is the Best Indoor Electronic Basketball Pop-A-Shot?

Any basketball arcade game, when purchased, brings with it many different features that will make your choice even harder.

Unlike hoops, arcade games are more sophisticated accessories, not only in terms of how they work but also in composition and structure.

Most of the features on cloister games can be extreme, especially for anyone who isn’t familiar with the product.

Therefore, it’s critical to first grasp one or two basics on basketball colonnade games before proceeding to pick the right set for you and your family.

Arcade games have been designed for kids and adults. Models meant for children tend to be smaller. Besides, many designs in the junior category are cheaper or built with lesser durability in consideration.

Models for adults, however, are more full-sized and durable. Stronger materials are integrated into the frames, boards, and rims to make sure the designs last long enough to be worth every penny from your pocket.

All in all, there are a variety of arcade designs that suit persons from any age group.

In today’s article, we aim to provide first-timers with basic information on arcade basketball games. Aside from that, we’ll be sharing general information about the best sets to go for, and the smartest way to know which ones to select.

Here are the top five basketball cloister games you should consider purchasing.

Lifetime - TOP PICK5 out of 5 stars
Pop-A-Shot4.8 out of 5 stars
Harvil4.7 out of 5 stars
ESPN EZ Fold4.6 out of 5 stars
Giantex4.5 out of 5 stars

1. Lifetime

If you are looking for a basketball arcade design that is comfortable with your wallet and still as rewarding as a real thing on hard court, then Lifetime suits you best.

Lifetime is a grand design, built for any player regardless of their age or skill. The 12 different in-built games provide quite a variety for individual and grouped players.

Mobility is not an issue with the Lifetime arcade. The supporting frame is foldable. It’s also powder-coated to prevent rusting. It’s strong, durable, movable, and flexible.

The conduit diameter of the Lifetime is between 1.5 and 1.75 inches. With such margins, the arcade can be assembled anywhere you want it to be, the office, the home, or the backyard if you’d like your game more in the open.

Installing the frame and a few other parts will take you little time. You won’t need extra tools for the frame. However, assembling the hoops, scoring bar and board will require some additional tools.


  • The ramp rag is built from sturdy nylon. It’s not only washable but also durable.
  • A peripheral netting prevents basketballs from bouncing on the ground and falling too far. It’s tough but flexible.
  • Dimensions of the Lifetime are 90 inches in length, 52 inches in width, and 90 inches in height. Nonetheless, some buttons make height adjustability between 90 and 84 inches possible.
  • Visual sensors monitor your score progress throughout the game.


  • You need extra equipment to install the boards, scoring bar, and hoops.

2. Pop-A-Shot

With ten different basketball games to enjoy, Pop-A-Shot gives you unlimited opportunities to thrash your opponent. The game has four basketballs. It also comes with six audio selections, a state-of-the-art visual sensor system, and a clear displaying unit.

Pop-A-Shot is the perfect game for any player, even those who are new to the sport. The game will improve your shooting skills from first trials as a beginner to more skillful throws when your shooting frequency has taken a turn for the better.

The frame is made of steel. The pipes are 1.5 inches in thickness, thus sturdy and flexible. The framework gets its stability from uniquely designed anterior and posterior frames that are adjoined tightly. The entire structure is solid.

The thick backboard is durable and impact-resistant. The build of the arcade is strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure without giving in. Overall, the Pop-A-Shot is a professional game that’s built to last.


  • The ramp, side nets, and hoop nets are made of quality nylon that guarantees players a distraction-free game.
  • The portability of the design is improved with wheels that are fixed to the bottom of the frame. You don’t need to fold it when moving over short distances.


  • Assembling the game takes some time.

3. Harvil

Harvil is another electronic game that’s structured to last. The steel build is powder-coated, and the board carved out of natural wood.

The cloth on the ramp is tough but flexible. The main parts of the Harvil basketball arcade are the two metallic hoops, board, ramp rag, and flexible netting for the hoops and margins.

Measurements of the frame are 81 inches in length, 41 in width, and 81 in height. The outer construction is neatly finished from the open anterior frame to the posterior framework.

The flexibility of the design is made possible with the connecting tubes passing between middle appendages. Aside from being flexible, the Harvil is exceptionally tough and long-lasting.

This basketball game can be folded and carried to any destination with minimal effort.

Larger hoops are included in catering to 7” basketballs. Visual sensors monitor your score when balls are successfully swished through the hoops.

The scoring count is accurately displayed on an LED system.


  • The board is made from natural wood, which hardly gives in to damage or destruction from termites, moisture, and heat.
  • The Harvil gives you eight different basketball games to enjoy.
  • It’s foldable. You can easily disassemble the game when transporting.


  • The ball sometimes gets stuck on the goal because the net rests too close to the goal.
  • Some purchasers have experienced problems with unfitting or missing parts during assembly.

4. ESPN EZ Fold

The ESPN EZ basketball is the right game for anyone with an inkling for a more professional game. The backboard of ESPN is large to provide a bright and accurate display.

The hoops and rings are flexible and equally strong to keep the game going for years. The frame is made of durable steel. Dimensionally, it is 81” long, 48” wide and 80.5” high. It’s also foldable.

The entire ESPN frame is sturdy and impact-resistant to withstand fast-paced games. Assembling and disassembling the foldable arcade will take you a few minutes.

The two hoops give you better practicing options and different scoring opportunities. If you need to improve your touch with fast-paced scoring mechanisms, precise visual sensors, and a clear display screen will help complement your style to the very core.

An easily accessible controller is included in the anterior frame. It has many options for power on and off, changing game levels, and controlling your score.


  • Eight playing modes are made available for two participants. You don’t have to complete a continuing mode, as the playing options allow you to start new games at your convenience.
  • Additional accessories to the set include four rubber balls, a pump, and a pin.


  • There are a few durability problems with the ESPN set; some parts arrive damaged or non-functional.

5. Giantex

The steel framework is powder-coated for prolonged resistance over elements that facilitate rusting.

Giantex is 80 inches long, 42 inches wide and 81 inches high. Essential parts of the game include a ramp rag made from polyester, a tough peripheral netting, and a quality backboard holding the hoops.

The height and length of the model can be adjusted to fit in any space with a ceiling as lofty as 81”.

You can monitor your scores through the electronically powered display that’s directly connected to the two scoring detectors, to give you accurate goal data.

An electronic comptroller is attached to the front framework, with multiple controls for play selection, power, start or stop, and score management.

An audio system with clear sound is directly connected to the goal system to make your experience more thrilling and entertaining.


  • The Giantex bed is a polyester incline that’s smooth, flexible, and impact-resistant.
  • It’s an affordable arcade game, thus the perfect selection for anyone who’s planning on a fixed budget.
  • The colorful display works simultaneously with the scoring detectors and audio system to give users a fulfilling and entertaining experience.


  • You need to add more weight to the base to keep the design still.

Choosing the right basketball arcade game

Two basic types of arcade games are designed to cater to adults and kids. The first category for adults is made up of full-sized designs.

Games designed for children are often compact. Despite the distinction, all arcade games are subdivided into individual, double, and multi-player sets.

Other common arcade types include commercial and home designs that come with unique options for users.

Primary constituents of any basketball arcade are the frame, fabric for the frame, side nettings, hoops, the backboard, and basketballs for the hoops.

Some electronic models come with scoring detectors and electronic scoreboards for display.

When looking for a perfect basketball arcade game, there are several factors you must consider. You should check the material used to construct the frame, to know if it’s durable enough to last the family for years.

Aside from knowing your materials, make sure every detail in the packaging list matches the description. Cross-referencing these items will make the assembly process an easy one.

Here are some key factors you need to look into before making any decision on the product to select.

Materials used for construction

The common mistake many buyers make when purchasing arcade games is assuming the type of construction involved, in favor of the professional feel of the design.

Steel is a durable metal, thus frequently used to make most arcade designs. It’s not only safe but also lightweight and easier to put together.

Steel arcade games are usually reinforced with powder coatings to enhance durability and protection of the metal from rusting, damage or corrosion.

Disassembling a steel framework takes less than an hour. The dismantled parts can easily be transported to any destination without a hassle.

The ramp is an integral part of any arcade game. It’s the resting and collection point for balls after shooting.

Many ramps are built with nylon or canvas. Some manufacturers use synthetic textiles for their ramps.

The side netting prevents the basketball from falling. Many arcades feature nylon marginal nettings owing to their elasticity, durability, and unparalleled toughness.

High density or medium density fiberboards are preferred materials for backboards. These components are tough enough to endure vibrations and impact from rubber basketballs during shooting.

Besides, these fiberboards are impenetrable to heat or moisture. Durability is guaranteed with these materials on board; hence, breakages, warps, and damages from prolonged use or inadvertent falls are uncommon.


If you are in search of a basketball arcade to use at home, you should go for a foldable design. Such an arcade is not only compact but also lightweight. Moving it won’t be a problem.

A home arcade should have an adjustable height to give you an easy time when modifying the structure to fit in any space within the house. Make sure the loft of your ceiling provides adequate room to fit the basketball arcade game of your choice.

Height insertion, posterior middle appendage, the hind top appurtenance, and bottom frame should be flexibly adjoined as well as designed with suspenders, push dials, and additional holes alongside the length, height, and width.

The layout of the backboard is very critical to the whole design. It should be properly fixed to the rim, with the right gap between the board and the rim to prevent the ball from getting stuck. The attachment should also be sturdy to minimize vibrations of the structure.

Standard arcade designs contain additional hardware accessories in the delivery packages.

You should find in these cap nuts, screws, an insertion, plug, Allen key, and a wrench to make fastening and assembly an easy task. The loft spacer is an important accessory during adjustment.

If you are to maintain a smooth adjustment with height, you must line the push dials in the right way when putting together the frame.

The posterior frame gives the backboard a supporting rest. Many arcade designs have two protractible T-shaped legs that have enough width to fit the backboard.

Anterior frame appendages are critical aspects of basketball arcade games. The height of any front frame should be modifiable to your liking. The lofts of the posterior and anterior frames should be autonomous of each other.

Mode of scoring

Infrared detectors are included in most arcade designs. The sensors automatically detect a ball passing through the hoop and consequently update and display scores on the LED boards.

The sensors are often accurate. The detector should have a 98% accuracy.

Some designs come with audio systems that provide audio ports, which you can easily connect to sound speakers for more entertaining gameplay.

Goal systems are usually connected to central controllers on the front shafts of the arcade. These controllers have different dials that provide a start, stop, on, and off options.

More advanced arcades have buttons that allow players to modify game levels, depending on their liking or abilities.

Aside from the power and start buttons, dials for volume management are provided on some controllers.

As soon as you press the start dial, the displayed score is reset to zero. Also, the display bar uses a lithium battery that can be recharged when it’s died down.


There are single basketball arcade games that come with one hoop on the backboard. The double and triple designs have two and three loops, respectively.

You can purchase the double or triple arcade if you are accustomed to some company or prefer battling it out with friends and family folk.

Hoops come in different designs. The most common, however, is the hoop with a rigid metallic rim, a nylon netting hanging peripheral to the rim, and a loft insertion.

The hoop comes preassembled. You should install it yourself onto the backboard before prepping it up for use.

Make sure you have everything you need to install the hoops correctly. Check the kit for screws, washer sets, and nuts that are integral when fixing the girdles to the backboard.

If you are unsure of the steps to follow, check the installation guide for clarification. Reviewing tutorials on assembly can be helpful too.

Choice of basketballs

The basketball arcade game is incomplete without quality basketballs.

The choice of basketball differs. Purchasing an arcade for your kid is different altogether from the procurement of a bigger design meant for you and your adult buddies.

Basketballs for kids should be firm and soft. Besides, the balls should not contain any allergens that are likely to affect the child’s health.

Generally, basketballs for arcade games should be gentle on your skin and free of potentially dangerous chemicals.

A standard arcade will be provided with 4 to 7 small basketballs. The diameter for each ball should be 3”.

Other accessories that come with the ball are a small pump and a needle.

The right basketballs should retain air for 24 hours, give or take. After each day, make sure you’ve pumped the balls with sufficient air to maintain the required pressure.

Selecting your preferred game level

Many arcade designs come with 5 to 12 different game types. Some game selector bars have audio ports that provide channels for audio through speaker connectivity.

Each game level has its set of points that should be attained for the level to be cleared. Levels to be cleared and their rewarding points are aspects that are crested in the firmware core.

Check-point, horse, and one-to-one are some of the games you’ll find interactive in most of the basketball arcades.

Advanced arcade models have wireless connectivity that allows players to use their smartphones or tablets to select game types easily.

What’s your budget option?

Basketball arcade games can be grouped in three ways, cheap options, the averagely-priced models, and the fancy designs.

Matching quality with the price is often believed to be in ascending order, thus the pricier the design, the better the make.

Nonetheless, you’ll be surprised to find that some moderately-priced designs are just as good and durable as those in the premium category.

If you plan on purchasing a reliable arcade, a model that will serve its purpose and still give you the fulfillment of the real deal, you can still do so, even with an inflexible budget.

All in all, you should go for a quality option, a selection made of nothing but quality composition. The conventional formula is somewhat applicable: If you are determined to find a quality arcade, you better invest in a premium design that will serve you to your last days.

Warranty information

Many purchasers often raise complaints about poor quality or damaged parts and the inability to return week-old arcade games to their manufacturers.

Buyers who face the problem have one thing in common; they fail to check the warranty information of the arcade during procurement and when signing for delivery fulfillment.

Make sure your arcade game has an exclusive guarantee of at least 12 months. With the warranty option beforehand, you can enjoy your arcade without worrying about any damage or inadvertent fault that may force you to return the item to the manufacturer.

You are well covered with a comprehensive warranty.


A word of advice, do not forget to cross-check your packaged model with the items listed in the product description.

Procurers sometimes discover that some screws and nuts are missing when it’s already late and almost impossible to contact the seller to send missing items.

Checking if everything you need has been included in the delivery list will save you the extra cost or hassle of purchasing new items.

On that note, I’d recommend you to go for the Official Pop-A-Shot basketball arcade game.

The arcade comes with not only ten different games to play but also four rubber balls for the basket.

Quality visual sensors, state-of-the-art display systems, flexible playing controllers, and a remarkable audio manager will give you an all-round experience for the rest of your life.

Aside from being a high-quality basketball arcade game, the Pop-A-Shot is an affordable design that gives players the unique advantages of a premium arcade but at an affordable cost that won’t rip your pockets.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and grab this amazing acquisition while stocks last!

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