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What are the Best New Basketball Anime Manga Cartoon Series?

There two ways we usually choose to entertain ourselves. The first way is watching good animated movies and the second way is basketball games. But how about watching both of these at the same time? Well, there are some Japanese animes that are made on a story on basketball. Those are some of the popular shows that got thousands of views every day. Besides, it allows people to gather in-depth knowledge about the rules and regulations of basketball. Well, that’s true. In fact, all of those animes are made in such a way that they can entertain the viewers with a wonderful storyline. So, today, I am going to talk about some of the greatest basketball anime to watch with family and friends. Let’s get started.

Okay, wait, as they are made on basketball, you might be thinking that all of them are going to be the same. Actually, that’s not going to happen. The script of all animes is designed specifically so that they can give the viewers the utmost enjoyment. Even though they are made on basketball where you will see a team will be chasing for the championship. So, stop thinking about these types of quotes, and let’s have a look at our list.

Best Basketball Anime

1. Slam Dunk Basketball Anime

Animes within a love story have been shown many times. But this basketball anime has crafted that love story in a unique way, and you will fall in love with it to see the madness of one-sided love. It is about a boy whose name is Sakuragi Hanamichi. He had a hard-luck during his junior high school because 50 girls already rejected him.

Even after repeated failure, someone inspires him to impress a girl at his school. At there, he saw a girl named Haruko Akagi, who made him fall in love on the very first day. Well, the first communication was started by asking, “Do you like basketball?” and to impress the girl, Hanamichi says “yes.” All the story begins then. Akagi asks him to join the basketball team of Shohoku and blindly follows what she asked even though he knows nothing about basketball.

But soon, he found Akagi has a crush Rukawa Kaede who was a good basketball player. That’s it, Sakuragi was determined to impress Akagi with his basketball skills and started to train hard. And Rukawa and Sakuragi become the rivals of each other. Thus, the story begins. You have to watch the rest to know who wins.

2. Dear Boys (Hoop Days) Basketball Anime

You might have seen numerous animes where you will see mild basketball games that don’t have any hustle or struggle. But this anime is not like them. The story is not as hard as it was heard. It is pretty simple. The hero Aikawa Kazuhiko leaves his school where he used to play for the school’s basketball team and then joins Mizuho high school. Here he finds everything that goes opposite to what he expected.

The team had a conflict, and the coach leaves the team due to that. This makes the player disappointed.

But Okinawa tried hard, and his hard work motivates his teammates more than ever. After that, they hired a lady coach who was pretty strict about the rules and regulations, but in the end, the boys end up making a strong relation between them. The ultimate drama of this anime will increase your love for the anime world. So, don’t waste time watching the entire show.

3. Ahiru no Sora Basketball Anime

Well, it is a new basketball anime indeed. It shares a tale of an unending struggle that you may have to face to achieve what you have promised to your family. Sora Kurumatani is the leading role of this story, whose height was a bit short to play basketball.

The basketball anime shows that Sora, at his little age, was shooting the loops, and at that time, he also made a promise to his mother that he will become a brilliant basketball player just like her. This promise made him determined to reach his goal. That’s why he started to train himself and improve his skills through consistent practice. Despite his short height, he becomes to gather a great skill of playing basketball.

For achieving what he has promised, Sora joined the basketball team of Kuzuryuu High School after taking the admission in there. He was surprised to learn that the students of Kuzuruyuu High School were experts in everything except playing basketball. Thus his struggling days started. Sora made some new friends name Chiaki Hanazono and Momoharu Hanazono, who was once interested in playing basketball.

Sora once challenges the entire team to play against him. He then surprised everyone by outplaying each and every one of them. This inspired the team, and the story begins.

4. Kuroko no Basket

This anime series has three seasons. It started its first season in 2012, which became extremely popular, and later they decided to publish more. The story expresses a tale of the basketball team of Teiko Middle School. Their impressive skill and flawless gaming technique made them extremely popular.

Due to that, people called them the “Generation of Miracles.” But even after their amazing skill and techniques, they were known to only a few peoples.

At a certain point, the Miracles get dismantled due to their graduation. Kuroko then joins Sirin High School and builds up a strong basketball team there.

Kuroko finds a player named Kagami Taiga, who was naturally talented and hardworking for basketball. Kagami joins Kuroko in his team, and together they again start to lead their team, “Generation of Miracles.”


Each of these anime is great and will surely give you a wonderful moment. You can enjoy them in your leisure time with your friends and family. All of them are related to basketball that will help you to learn new techniques along with some unknown rules. Hopefully, you will enjoy them a lot. Let us know which one you love most from them.

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